David & Lilith: Down the Memory Hole

They certainly don’t muck about on Stormfront. Formerly the reigning King and Queen of ex-Klansman (1978–1987) and convicted criminal Don Black‘s Internet business ‘Down Under’, David Innes and Lilith Peterson really are dead parrots. Thus both David, a former host of ‘Thunder Down Under’ (a Stormfront Internet radio show), and Lilith, a former moderator of the Australiasian forum, have now not only been removed from Stormfront, but all of their posts — over three years’ worth — have been expunged from the record too. This suggests, among other things, that Black and his fellow supremacists are not exactly ‘grateful’ for the three years of unpaid labour the racist Perth couple donated to the promotion of all things Stormfront. (In addition to radio and Internet, the couple also hosted monthly Stormfront BBQs at their private residence, as well as distributed racist propaganda from the likes of (another) former Klansman David Duke.)

The beginning of the end for the pair may be found in their initial challenge to The Old Man of Australian fascist politics, Dr James Saleam. As leader of Australia First and — prior to his imprisonment for arranging a shotgun assault upon the home of a political opponent — a former leader of the now-defunct National Action, Saleam is without doubt the pre-eminent figure among local fascists, and to question his standing as such is to invite upon oneself a world of trouble. Further, Saleam has survived over three decades as a fascist militant, and one simply can’t do so without cultivating both enemies and friends; in this case, influential friends, such as disgraced former Sydney academic turned professional racist Andrew Fraser.

As well as obtaining a massive amount of media attention several years ago for declaring, among other things, that blacks are criminal degenerates — and therefore unwelcome immigrants to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Australia of his imagination — Fraser also obtained the opportunity to establish links with like-minded ‘intellectuals’ in the United States. Of particular relevance in this context is the mob associated with American Renaissance. Fraser addressed the ‘AmRen’ conference in 2006 (on “Reversing the Racial Revolution: Reinventing a Responsible Ruling Class”), and his asshattery is described by conference organisers as follows:

Next to speak [after Nick Griffin, fuehrer of the British National Party] was Andrew Fraser, a former professor of public law who was suspended last summer from teaching at Macquarie University in Australia for defending the “White Australia” policy and for insisting on the reality of race differences. In his talk, “Reinventing a Responsible Ruling Class,” he argued that the West must return to the republican tradition in which governing elites are loyal to their people and to past and future generations. Today[‘]s rulers are an arrogant, exploitative class of managers who have no sense of ethnic ties, and are therefore willing to let in alien populations.

Prof. Fraser proposed specific policies to make citizenship more akin to family membership. He argued that the vote should be granted only to heads of households, and that each head of household cast a number of votes equal to the number of people in the household. This would give families with children greater power in elections, and force rulers to consider the interests of future generations. The law should give greater weight to precedent, thus enforcing respect for past generations. Whereas lawyers used to be a natural aristocracy of civic-minded statesmen, they are now motivated by profit. One way to give lawyers more civic spirit and make the profession more independent from corporate interests would be to let lawyers elect judges. Prof. Fraser added that the proper role of the churches and universities, which are now at the forefront of the multiracial revolution, is to give society a sense of ethnic identity and of ties between the past, present, and future. He concluded by hoping for the return of the “old-time civil religion that once fused the history and destiny of our people with the realm of the sacred.”

Nonsense yes, but of note because it’s nonsense of the sort popularised by the pseudo-intellectuals at AmRen and that embraced by related forces in the US, especially those gathered around David Duke, Don Black and Stormfront. Together, these seek to legitimise a White supremacist discourse within popular culture. One measure of the increasing success of this project is the recent appearance (April 4) of James Edwards on CNN. Edwards is a “promoter of neo-Nazis, segregationists, Holocaust deniers and Klan associates, but was introduced on CNN merely as a Memphis radio host” (Into the Mainstream: Radical ‘Cesspool’ Host a Commentator on CNN, SPLC Intelligence Report, No.126, Summer 2007 (July 17, 2007)).

In Australia, a natural ally of these forces is Australia First. This is partly why Andrew Fraser spoke at the Sydney Forum last year, and why he will do so again in August. In comparison to Fraser, Innes (who was briefly scheduled to speak alongside Fraser at this year’s conference on the subject of employing Internet technologies to further the White nationalist cause) is of little significance, and has in any case contributed as much to Black’s coffers as he was probably ever going to. These facts, combined with Saleam’s behind-the-scenes lobbying, effectively sealed David and Lilith’s fate: they were simply more trouble than they were worth. Interestingly, despite his appalling treatment by Stormfront, Paul Innes — David’s brother, known on SF as ‘Steelcap Boot’ — remains as quiet as a mouse, as do the dozens of David’s supporters who only weeks ago were commending him for his many fine efforts on Stormfront’s behalf, as well as his general work in promoting the ‘White nationalist’ cause.

With comrades like these, who needs ZOG?

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    Why do you dislike this man so much? I think he is a nice bloke.

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    Tony / Andrew / Mick / Whomever,


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