Collingwood is good and old forever and Vince is a big fat l o s e r

How good was that? The soon-to-be-ex Federal Treasurer and his “beloved” Bombers were once again shot down by the Magpies today: the first time since 1997 Collingwood has defeated Essendon twice in a season, and just the fifth win of 19 games played between the two sides since 1998. This was a deserved victory that was made all the more sweet by the fact that Collingwood was in fact playing against two teams: one wearing red and black, and the other yellow.

Magpies storm home to sink Bombers

A stirring final term from Collingwood kept Essendon at bay as the Magpies held on for an important 29-point victory in their round 16 AFL clash at the MCG on Saturday afternoon.

Trailing by 39 points at the long change, the Bombers mounted a spirited fight-back to draw the margin back to within nine points deep in the third quarter, but the plucky Magpies fired in the final exchanges to close out the match 18.14 (122) to 14.9 (93)…

    Combien bon était ce ? Le trésorier fédéral bientôt-à-être-ex et ses bombardiers “aimés” ont été abattus de nouveau par les Pies aujourd’hui : la première fois que depuis 1997 Collingwood a défait Essendon deux fois dans une saison, et juste la cinquième victoire de 19 jeux joués entre les deux côtés depuis 1998. C’était une victoire méritée qui a été rendue plus douce par le fait que Collingwood en fait jouait contre deux équipes : un port rouge et noir, et l’autre jaune.

    L’essendon sont des porcs militaristes de guerre qui ont mérité de perdre

    Une limite finale d’agitation de Collingwood a gardé Essendon au compartiment comme Pies tenues dessus pour une victoire 29-point importante dans leur désaccord du rond 16 AFL au [MCG] samedi après-midi.

    Traînant par 39 points au long changement, les bombardiers ont monté un vif combattent-en arrière pour dessiner la marge de nouveau à à moins de neuf points profonds dans le troisième trimestre, mais les Pies courageuses mises le feu dans les échanges finals pour se fermer hors de l’allumette 18.14 (122) à 14.9 (93)…

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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2 Responses to Collingwood is good and old forever and Vince is a big fat l o s e r

  1. Vince says:

    Essendon est toujours la derniere equipe du Victoria a avoir gagne la coupe de Premiership. La derniere chose que Collingwood a gagne est une cuillere en bois.
    D’ailleurs, Essendon a gagne 16 Premierships, pas 14 comme certaines equipes minables.

    Ce n’est pas surprenant, egalement, que beaucoup de supporteurs de Collingwood sont racistes et intolerants, alors que les supporteurs d’Essendon ont extremement bon gout et sont tres ouverts d’esprit.

  2. @ndy says:

    So French, so chic, so silly.

    While the Left Bank philosophers may, as masters of the obvious, be able to point to the fact that the Mighty Magpies have only 14 premiership flags in our possession, Carringbush has played in 40 grand finals, and knows well the heartbreak of defeat — just as the international proletariat does. And just like the international proletariat, the fighting spirit of Collingwood is inextinguishable, its will indomitable, and its final victory, whether over the imperialist war-machine of Essendon or its hellish allies in the business establishments of Carlton and Melbourne, is assured. For this reason, its toothless followers will inevitably triumph, just as racism, sexism, homophobia, capital, state and patriarchy will be abolished; each additional flag signifying another inexorable step in the international proletariat’s achievement of its own *aufheben*.

    In summary: 18.14 (122) to 14.9 (93).

    Go Pies!

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