The Most Dangerous Men In Australia

Well, according to ZOO (Issue 75, August 6, 2007, pp.40-44) anyway, are:

Dävid Palmer, Imperial Wizard of the Australian Ku Klux Klan : THE NEO-NAZI!
David Innes, anti-immigration writer and radio DJ : THE WHITE SEPARATIST!
John Drew, Australia First Party : THE ANTI-IMMIGRANT ACTIVIST!

Australia is proud of its multiculturalism and fair-go attitude for everyone, no matter where they’re from. But recently there has been an increase in right-wing activity across the whole country, from a Ku Klux Klan recruitment drive in Geelong (“We just want to promote our own race, which is the white race”, one leader, called the Exalted Cyclops Brian told the Geelong Advertiser) to protestors calling Townsville the “Ku Klux Klan capital of Australia” over “the black deaths in custody” trial of Queensland copper Chris Hurley.

Th foiled terror attacks in London and Glasgow, and the arrest of foreign-born Gold Coast doctor Mohammed Haneef, heightens the risk of inflaming tensions still running high since the race riots that gripped Sydney in December 2005.

Most people would say that anyone who calls Hitler their hero must be a deranged lunatic, and yet One Nation’s now-thwarted success and the Cronulla riots show how just a handful of right-wing extremists can deeply influence the wider community. With this year’s federal election fast approaching, what effect will this bizarre racist rhetoric produce?

ZOO spoke to three of Australia’s most extreme white supremacists — not to promote their views in any way, but to uncover the depths of hatred still clearly present in Australia.

ZOO also spoke to two anti-racism activists who dedicate themselves to combating this kind of race-based paranoia: Cam Smith, from anti-racism group Fight Dem Back, formed in 2005 to expose neo-Nazis in Australia and New Zealand; and Jeremy Jones, the Director of Community Affairs for the Jewish Affairs Council, who has been writing about extremist groups for 20 years.

Palmer calls himself ‘Der Führer’ and his ambition is to rid Australia of multicultural ‘mongrels’ and Jews…

    “Jews and other races are destroying our nation by interbreeding. It destroys our Australian Anglo-Saxon European base culture. We call it multi-mongrelism.

    The KKK appeals to people because the hoods provide anonymity to our members who are lawyers, policemen, teachers and tradesmen. We integrated KKK members with the Australian Nazi Movement, which I formed, to make the National Socialist Defence of Australian People. The NSDAP is against non-European immigration…”

What his critics say:

    “The self-proclaimed leaders of Australia’s extreme right are a motley collection of under-achievers who deal with their personal inadequacies by trying to make life miserable for others. Sometimes they adopt the clothes and insignia of ratbag organisations from other countries and other historical contexts, and it is easy to see why the Australian Ku Klux Klan is viewed as a handful of thugs wearing clown suits. They seem deaf to the irony of purporting to be Australian nationalists when they adopt Nazi rhetoric — we fought against the Nazis, in case they have forgotten.

    Racist activity in Australia rises and falls but every few years, these pathetic individuals emerge from the sewers of Australian society, seek and fail to make political or social inroads, argue among themselves over who is the real führer, then disappear. When active, however, their words intimidate, threaten and take away from the quality of life of whichever group they target.” ~ Jeremy Jones, Director of Community Affairs for the Jewish Affairs Council

David Innes goes by the name “Baron Von Hund”. Ran the Downunder Nationalist Resource website, and broadcast a white nationalist radio show over the net until last month…

    “We’re losing our nation. By 2025 we’ll be close to being a minority in our own country. Every creed on earth deserves a place to call their own. I’d like immigration reduced.

    We were working just fine under the White Australia policy until the capitalists decided we needed a greater workforce and cheaper labour. I’m fearful that Asians are slowly outnumbering the European traditional people, the majority, who built this nation…”

What his critics say:

    “Innes is off his rocker. I’m surprised he agreed to be interviewed by ZOO. He usually denies having anything to do with any of this. I asked his wife, I said to her ‘I’m white. If I was a nationalist, could I call myself a white nationalist?’ and she said ‘No, you have to be racist’.

    By definition, theirs is a racist ideology. All of his numbers to justify his arguments, Innes has just pulled out of his arse. I’m sure when we were fighting against the Nazis, we weren’t fighting for neo-Nazism. It’s ridiculous.

    This country is a multicultural country and that’s not going to change through their hate propaganda or acts of low-level violence and harassment. Such as the attempt by a convicted white supremacist called Jack van Tongeren, leader of the Australian Nationalist Movement, who tried to drive all Asians out of Western Australia by fire bombing Chinese restaurants in the ’80s.” ~ Cam Smith, activist from anti-racism and anti-Nazi group Fight Dem Back

John Drew is an activist and campaigner for the Australis First Party, whose ambition is a new White Australia policy; former state policy coordinator for One Nation in Queensland…

    “One Nation dumped me because of my radical ideas. They wouldn’t endorse me for a seat, so I joined the more radical Australia First.

    I wanted to abolish all funding of Aboriginal policies in Queensland, just hand it all to the Commonwealth. I wanted to abolish the state office of multicultural affairs. I don’t believe in multiculturalism, simple as that…”

What his critics say:

    “John Drew is off his nut. He’s involved in the Patriotic Youth League, the Australia First youth division, yet he’s in his 50s; he’s a bit old to be involved in a youth group.

    The worst aspect of what they do is corrupting young minds with right-wing rubbish they know isn’t right. They indoctrinate their own children, if they have them. They have long-term plans where every action they take is directed towards preparing for a ‘race war’.

    They’re a dangerous minority, whose material is appealing to young people.

    Youngsters are initially attracted to these fringe groups because of the messages they give out but when they realise the truth, that it’s not really a Jewish immigration conspiracy that’s causing problems, for instance, why they can’t get a job or why they’re not doing well in school, they can’t get out of these groups easily.” ~ Cam Smith

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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41 Responses to The Most Dangerous Men In Australia

  1. John Drew is not a National Socialist. I [used] to talk to him a lot and I can say that he is [not?] [an] idiot or stupid. I really think that he has great ideas and that he should be a good role model for any socialist. He help[ed] me to form a branch of the Australia First Party in Warwick just last year but Alex dissolved it before anything could happen. Actually the Stalinist League has a lot in common with the AFP and PYL. Now why do I think Fight Dem Back will be trying to destroy the SLA because of what I just said?

  2. lumpnboy says:

    Um, what do you have in common with the Australia First Party and Patriotic Youth League, Peter?

  3. Lumpen says:

    I’ll give you a clue: they’re both found in Snickers. But the brown stuff they’re covered in isn’t chocolate.

  4. AussiePride says:

    Fantastic exposure for White Nationalism. Two out of three ain\’t bad, with Palmer letting the team down once again.
    It\’s great to see all the patriots were willing to show their faces and have their names published, while the scared, weak little Marxist mouse \”Cam Smith\” chose to hide his identity.

    For a White Australia!

  5. @ndy says:

    Coward’s Pride – FIGHTING CHANCE
    (from: Thus Hope Fades CD)

    There’s fear in their eyes but you call it pride
    I can see through your fucking lies
    You talk of a worldwide revolution
    Some kind of bullshit final solution
    There’s no room for your hateful creed
    Your kind are a dying breed
    It’s been fifty years since we beat you back
    Now it’s time we fucking attack!

    You better fucking run
    You better fucking hide
    Fuck off Nazi scum
    Fuck your coward’s pride

    Your heroes all preached perverse hate
    And they all met their final fate
    At the gallows or the knife
    They paid for their crimes with their worthless lives
    Still you preach their dreams of evil
    We won’t let your creed kill any more people

  6. Dr. Cam says:

    Two out of three ain’t bad? Last time I checked John Drew had been kicked out of Australia First and David Innes’ recent actions have got to make him a race traitor. King!

    I thought I might mask up for this occasion – somehow I got the feeling that splashing my face all over Zoo would create tension at the next cross lighting I attended. From the hostility you’ve displayed here, “AussiePride,” I suspect I was correct. And I’m not a Marxist – haven’t even read Marx. King!!

  7. Well, the AFP and SLA are both wanting to retain Australia as a independent country. We want to increase trade restrictions. We want to build heavy industry. We want a minimum wage of ten dollars a hour and a 35 hour week. Plus we want a active youth group that informs and educates the young masses about Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism.

  8. @ndy says:

    MaKeS pErFeCt SeNsE tO mE.

    hEaVy InDuStRy PLUS TeN dOlLaRs A hOuR PLUS tHiRtY fIvE hOuR wEeK = sOcIaLiSm.

    ThE yOuNg MaSsEs ShOuLd PuT dOwN tHeIr SkAtEbOaRdS aNd PiCk Up ThEiR sTaLiN.

  9. Luke says:

    Mr. SLA,

    I think you’ll find that the minimum wage in Australia as at 1 December 2006 was $13.47 per week. Looks like someone got there first.

    Oh and that would ‘an’ active – not ‘a’ active. If you’re going to create a Stalinist society again, you should probably make sure that grammar is consistent and correct. How are the young masses supposed to understand Marx, Lenin and Stalin if they can’t ‘reed and rite proper’?

  10. Luke says:

    Correction: that would ‘be’ an active – not ‘a’ active.

  11. easy comrades we just dumb every thing down to meet the young peoples standards like mine. being smart and being able to read and right properly is so over rated.

    anarchists are all apart of the evil plan of the anti normal people’s alliance. education is just away for the capitalists to control people and it must be stop.

    the young comrades are being exploited under the new ir system. I read in The Guardian (cpa news paper) that one group of 15 year olds had no awards and had no panalty rates. plus they had to pay 50 dollars to get a job.

    The Stalinist League policy is to dumb down socialism, life and every thing. Every thing must getting dumber for the masses. It is just like Americanism one step more.

  12. Oh My,the anarchist wannabees are hard at work whining. THE RACISTS ARE COMING,THE RACISTS ARE COMING! Repent the end is

  13. Dr. Cam says:

    Tom Metzger! Are you here to fix our TVs?

  14. lumpnboy says:

    Contemporary racism in its ‘mainstream’ forms, often even when it seems to become overt, tends to exist framed by its own disavowal: they only believe in equality, not special privileges for minorities; they just have a sense of humour, not like those politically correct people who need to lighten up; they sincerely believe they just think we should all be treated the same, by which they mean all equally conform to what they wish to retain of the status quo; we should all just act like Aussies, regardless of where we come from or the colour of our skins; even they just want to be separate but equal, a sicker version of cultural pluralism as neo-apartheid project; etcetera. Discourses that self-consciously racist and/or fascist types often opportunistically deploy – as has been obvious in arguments in this very blog, or I think would have been had they been articulate enough to communicate them.

    So the desire to resist any organised racism and to expose and combat self-consciously fascistic groups also faces the kind of issues which arise in the article above: marginal nutters as villains seeming to alibi nice multicultural capitalism by their exceptional status, fascism as the other of a (liberal or whatever) democracy seen as the horizon of the political possibilities of our time.

    Rather than just repeating the formulas of anti-fascism, I think we need to develop a new critique of the limits of anti-fascism-as-ideology, beyond previous attempts from eg. Left communists or other radicals.

    I’m not saying I know how to do this: I’m saying I think the development of an effective and radical opposition to racism and fascism requires some rethinking on the part of anti-fascists. Apparently Peter isn’t really in the category to which I am attempting to appeal, but hey, what do other people think?

    Also, Peter, does the Australia First Party really want “a active youth group that informs and educates the young masses about Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism”? Is that really what you have in common?

  15. AussiePride says:

    Dr Cam, I say two out of three isnt bad, cause Im taking the article at face value. The punters reading it would have never heard of the three being interviewed (except perhaps Palmer), let alone know of the subsequent developments regarding Drew and Innes. On that basis, Drew and Innes get their message across in quite a positive manner, while Palmer will forever be the \”White Nationalists Burden\”.

    And all the wise cracks in the world (I thought I might mask up for this occasion – somehow I got the feeling that splashing my face all over Zoo would create tension at the next cross lighting I attended.) doesnt hide the fact that you, unlike the three White Nationalists, were too chicken shit to reveal your identity. You arent even equal to one of these proud Australians toe nails.

    And by the way, why do you have the title \”Dr\”. Are you an honorary proctologist at the gay Mardi Gras?

  16. Dr. Cam says:

    So… what you’re saying is that you think it would be wise for me to attend and participate in neo-Nazi meetings after having my photo in a nationally-distributed magazine… I mean, really. I know intelligence is not exactly a strong point for your lot, but that’s just fucking stupid.

  17. I take the position of the League. That is that racists must be shot along with their masters the capitalists. Our enemies like the revisionists and capitalists will be purged and replaced with comrades when we come to power during the revolution.

  18. AussiePride says:

    We know what you look like. Any more excuses chicken shit?

  19. Darrin Hodges says:

    Ham it up Cam, ham it up.

  20. wee jin suk says:

    Title: Same ball on different pitch ie the main stadium, major Bundesliga.

    So you are into Antifa and that are you Andy?

    Here are a few central antifa links for u and your buddeyes..

    From a flyer I picked up a couple of months ago when on a shagging holiday in Nuremberg, Augsburg and Munich all in Bavaria where the president of the Bavarian Catholic Youth Association has a box of condoms next to the bed, naughty girl, should get Ratzinger on to her before she sobers up:

    Considering all the Hip-Hop fans in Germany and the trouble they got into last time, and the way they locked Skrewdriver in jail for playing a gig (see Cottbus 4), I would like to nominate Germany as the country least likely to re-offend on the fash front.

  21. antifa is run by the anarchist/trotskyist scum. they are the enemies. its all a big plot against the working class.

  22. lumpnboy says:

    @ndy, I m sorry if this is long and a bit confused and directed at someone who is not you, but your frequent commenter, Peter Watson, is starting to upset me a little – something which I didn t really think possible. This is my last attempt to have any real engagement with him, so I d appreciate it if you let it stand.

    Peter, I don t think you re serious and I don t think you re honest.

    And what antifa are you referring to? Does it matter to you if you abuse and defame people who are involved in genuinely courageous struggles against racism and fascism? Does it matter to you if you vilify and slander people who are resisting very real and very violent fascist groups, at considerable risk to themselves and to people they care about? People who are trying to make sure that racism and fascism don t take effective form as organised fascist movements/parties? Does it matter at all?

    I get the sense that you are either playing out some schoolyard and adolescent conflicts as fantasies of Cold War politics, or else that you have been damaged somehow and are trying to manage your suffering by abusing your way into getting some recognition precisely from those you attack.

    But I have read your blog-posts condemning not merely anarchists and trotskyists but also homosexuals as part of your fantasy evil alliance, as people who according to you need to be killed in concentration camps in the middle of the Australian desert.

    I m sorry if this is just a game to you and I ve misunderstood, but my sense of humour is draining away, my capacity to enjoy the absurdity of your contributions, or to very occasionally and very broadly agree with some anti-racist sentiment, is diminishing constantly.

    This is @ndy s blog, not mine, but I come here in part because it is a blog written by someone who tries to take fascism and racism seriously, and who does so as part of a commitment to developing and pursuing a radical politics which would seek to undermine the kind of societies constituted by racism, and resist the social dynamics which lead to fascist movements. The discussions here often interest me insofar as they relate to these goals, or even, given some who comment here, just provide evidence of how various far Rightists and racists are choosing to present themselves, the political choices they are making.

    I m not going to argue in any detail against your idea or joke, whichever, of the Anti-Normal People s Alliance secretly controlling things, run by homosexuals and trots and anarchists and according to you worthy of being killed – if you believe it you need sympathy and help, if it is a joke I would like you please to stop, come up with something else.

    In recent times fascists have assaulted antifa people, killed people, for being black or lefties or gay or homeless or in mixed-race relationships or opposed to fascism, and they would like to do it a lot more. It is not an issue I think particularly funny most of the time. I m not finding it funny when you pretend that @ndy wants to create a neo-nazi dictatorship; it obviously can t be taken seriously but it is unpleasant to have you take these issues so lightly, with so little concern for reality. I suppose I could just stop reading your comments but I find them difficult to ignore, which is a bit ridiculous on my part.

    Also a bit ridiculous, maybe, is my emotional response: I m not offended or outraged so much as just becoming a bit upset. You write here so often, I want you to engage seriously with people, to take the politics of what you are saying seriously, acknowledge that you are abusing actual people committed to anti-racism and anti-fascism, and that you are trivialising the entire history of fascism. Saying you hate racism and fascists doesn t make this OK – your condemnations of supposed conspiracies by anarchists and trots and homosexuals, your fantasies of killing anarchists and trots and homosexuals, your declarations tolerating and displaying apparent sympathy for the Australia First Party – your comments have started to make me feel physically sick. Maybe this is giving attention you crave, maybe you want to upset people who take the discussions on this blog at all seriously – I don t know.

    I fit so many categories of people Hitler killed, often in concentration camps I guess like the ones you say you fantasise about creating in Australia – the Nazis would have classed me as homosexual hence someone to be killed (sort of like you with the stories on your blog of bashing homosexuals for being involved in your fantasy conspiracy), as jewish, as a communist and an anti-fascist. I feel no real threat in this country now – muslims and Arabs and not-rich not-white people have so much more to fear from racism and fascism, and from the state in general, in this country and in many others. But precisely because of the real threats faced by real people, even if not me at this moment, your rubbish is not funny. I m tempted to just ask you to stop, but what I would really like is for you to try to seriously and honestly engage in discussion with people about these issues, if you actually care about these issues at all. It is hard to tell if you do care, because your vehement statements against racism and fascism are so confused and muddied by your declarations that we are all secretly working to oppress the proletariat and bring about a Nazi dictatorship, and by dozens of other bizarre and contradictory comments you have made here and elsewhere.

    I don t know what you want or need, Peter; are you getting it from your participation here? Will you even try to take this a little bit seriously?

    Best wishes,

    Benjamin Rosenzweig.

  23. Darrin Hodges says:

    I have wondered if Peter Watson isn t some bizarre and elaborate hoax. Some of the things on his blog (reds and futurama fans?, come on!) are so hilariously funny that you can t imagine the author being serious. He also seems unable to operate a spell-checker.

    I suspect Benjamin that your keystrokes above will just go whooosh past Peter. What s the bet he ll come back and say: Benjamin is run by the anarchist/trotskyist scum. they are the enemies. its all a big plot against the working class?

    I feel no real threat in this country now – muslims

    And Benjamin, do you really think there is nothing to be concerned about in Islam?

  24. lumpnboy says:


    I was talking about relative threats to people from the state, and from racists and fascists primarily in Australia, and noting that the odds of someone being subjected to racism and/or state repression, certainly in Australia, are far higher if one happens to be say \’of Middle Eastern appearance\’ (as conventionally coded) than if one is understood to be say Jewish.

    And that the sheer fact of being (perceived to be) Islamic is more likely to attract such attentions than the fact of being (for example) almost anyone else in Australia, at the moment.

    As a broader question I think movements of what we might call \’political Islam\’ are worth being \’concerned about\’ – as are Christian fundamentalism, Zionism, and any repressive or theocratic tendencies along parallel lines. More broadly still, I think religion is ridiculous and inherently problematic – not least because, you know, there is no God.

    Parts of Peter s blog are indeed hilarious. I only hope that this is intentional.

  25. Dr. Cam says:

    AussiePride: Mate, you should be so lucky as to have gazed upon my visage.

    Darrin (re ham, not islam): I would Daz, but I fear an official rebuke from the ZOG if I were to ham it up much further.

  26. Darrin Hodges says:

    Yes, I hear ZOG can be somewhat capricious at times.

  27. I am very much telling the truth. I do not treat this like a cold war movie. The Stalinist League believes that anarchists are a fake and smoke scream made up by the alliance. The trots are revisioinist scum and all they do his bash and kill people. You people killed by Grand father and Grand mother. die in hell. That is why I AM WANTING A POL POT STYLE MARXIST-LENINIST STALINIST government in Australia. When we get into power we must kill the threats to the socialist revolution.

    The anarchists will be a threat and they are stupid. Like, you can’t skip from capitalism to communism. I, Peter Watson, am not a hoax.

    Antifa is a front for the interests and aims of the Anti Normal People’s Alliance. These so called battles between the member groups of the alliance are fakes. The Nazis, trots and anarchs are allies of each other. They are all a threat to the SLA and must be dealt with.

    The biggest threat to you enemies are us Stalinists.

    “I get the sense that you are either playing out some schoolyard and adolescent conflicts as fantasies of Cold War politics”
    Actually friends and I do that around Warwick. Half of my friends and I dress up as Soviet soldiers and I get to be the Soviet president leading and directing the Soviet attack. Matthew gets to be the US president and his friends dress up as US soldiers. We all attack each other with water guns, rocks, sticks etc. We also play spy games.

  28. Darrin Hodges says:

    damn, shoulda put some money down.

  29. lumpnboy says:

    @ndy, as the final sentence should make clear, this will be my final abuse of your hospitality for this discussion – if you allow this one, and I’d understand if you didn’t.

    Darrin – I wouldn’t have taken the bet, unless you offered very good odds. But I have never thought that Peter or his writings were simply a ‘hoax’, even if for some of them that would actually have been reassuring.

    Peter – if you are really being serious, if you think what you say literally reflects reality, then I think you are living in a very strange world. It feels weird to state the obvious, or ask these kind of questions, but, if the word still has meaning, then seriously:

    (i) In your reply to me, you repeatedly use the word ‘you’ – “You people killed by Grand father and Grand mother”, “The biggest threat to you enemies are us Stalinists” – and I’m not sure what exactly you mean: why would you say that I am I an “enemy”? Or a “trot” or a “revisionist”? Why this automatic aggression?

    (ii) Your assertions are a bit grandiose, don’t you think? However one judges Stalin and stalinism, stalinists, in the sense you seem to mean, are hardly much of a threat to anyone at all these days, are they? Any political movement in this country, for example, that can be dwarfed in numbers of politically-active people by both self-declared anarchists and self-declared ‘trots’ is not a movement likely to be seen by anyone as their number one enemy, or as a threat of any kind. (I say this as someone who has spent a reasonable amount of time with pro-Stalin leftists in eg. Nepal.)

    (iii) Whatever one thinks of anarchists now or historically, those to whom you seem to be most directly referring are most certainly not the tools of a secret conspiracy directed against ‘normal people’. Anti-fascists are not “a front for the interests and aims of the Anti Normal People’s Alliance”. Antifa, those who use this as the name covering group activity, do have politics which you probably disagree with, but you can disagree and even condemn without pretending that some evil conspiracy is at work. But then this whole “anti-normal peoples alliance” notion of yours – a conspiracy of seemingly far-reaching power (controlling schools for example) and wide-influence, able to deploy as its tool seemingly diverse forces such as anarchists, trotskyists and nazis – hasn’t been noticed by anyone else at all, has it? Again, whatever one thinks of the people involved, they exist and act the way they do for reasons which have nothing to do with any such conspiracy. Your insistence on this fantasy by itself is almost guaranteed to ensure that no-one takes anything you say seriously.

    (iii) As someone who writes as much as you do about wanting to put people in concentration camps and kill them, it seems odd that you would condemn ‘trots’ on the basis that “all they do his bash and kill people”. This is beginning to seem more than just stalinist dogmatism: you yourself seem to explain this hostility in personal terms. I hesitate to continue this discussion along this path, but since you yourself have raised it, can I ask: Who, exactly, killed your grandfather and grandmother? (Unless this is not a spelling mistake and you domean that people were killed by your grandparents.) This is not the first time I have seen you write of your grandfather. Is this really the reason for your anger, your commitment to what you think stalinism is, your desire to kill so many people?

    I don’t think that you’re a ‘hoax’, Peter. I think you are someone who seems to be dealing in a confused way with a number of problems, and with a degree of fantasy – fantasies of power, of revenge, of conspiracies – and it is all-too-tempting to attempt some kind of pop psychology analysis based on the texts you have made available. Texts which seem to invite such analysis, which seem to scream of some suffering. I do have trouble telling exactly which of your statement are intended to be taken seriously, which you believe, and quite often I have trouble telling how you can believe these things, as you say you do and taking you at your word.

    (iv) For these reasons I’m not seeing this as a joke – certainly not as just a joke – on your part, even if your writings seem to contain their own humour – which, however odd, I find somehow reassuring. But really, for someone who claims to hate racism and racists, the Pol Pot regime is not a good choice of idol: the mass murder of people for being ethnic Vietnamese, and the attempt to use anti-Vietnamese racism to create justifications for a military assault on Vietnam, are not the actions of anti-racists.

    (v) The writings on your blog mix these supposedly ‘real’ themes with discussion of your school-yard conflicts – real or imagined – which makes it difficult to tell how or if you separate these elements in your understanding of what you believe ad are saying. But the anti-homosexual themes in your writings – ‘the homosexuals’ as tools of the evil alliance conspiring against ‘normal people’ – are kind of unpleasant. (For what it is worth, the Bolsheviks were the first government to remove all anti-homosexual law on the principle that it was none of the business of the state what sexual activity was conducted by consenting adults.)

    Lastly, if you have any interest in continuing this discussion in any serious way, maybe we can find a way to do that somewhere other than @ndy’s comments pages. Let me know if you have any interest in doing so.


  30. @ndy says:

    “I do have trouble telling exactly which of your statementS are intended to be taken seriously, which you believe, and quite often I have trouble telling how you can believe these things, as you say you do and taking you at your word… The writings on your blog mix these supposedly ‘real’ themes with discussion of your school-yard conflicts – real or imagined – which makes it difficult to tell how or if you separate these elements in your understanding of what you believe aNd are saying.”

    There. All better.

    Peter — you may wish to reply to Benjamin more directly, eg, via his blog:

  31. Who, exactly, killed your grandfather and grandmother? (Unless this is not a spelling mistake and you do mean that people were killed by your grandparents.) This is not the first time I have seen you write of your grandfather. Is this really the reason for your anger, your commitment to what you think stalinism is, your desire to kill so many people?

    Comrade George [taught] me about Marxism-Leninism Stalinism. You anarchists and gays killed him. That made me hate you people for the rest of my life and wanted revenge. All that I do is for grand dad.

    So when I kill you Benjamin it will be for him. Another reason is that you revisionists destroyed the great USSR and [Pol] Pot\’s nation.

  32. john drew says:

    As time passes the wisdom of my reported words in Zoo Magazine will be obvious to all Australians. Feel free to discuss these matters with me via the dedicated online form soon to appear on my personal web site.

    John Drew… Brisbane secretary… Australia First Party (NSW).

  33. john drew says:

    All the far left loonies fear my success as a radical right poltical activist. Lots of rumours circulate about me but most are not true.

  34. @ndy says:

    Contrast this fear with being pulled off by a very fit and athletic male who keeps himself in absolutely wonderful physical condition.

  35. [Peter Watson] says:

    [Peter is silly.]

  36. [Peter Watson] says:

    [Peter is silly.]

  37. Antifa australia needs people like you, im trying to expand this group’s fame in australia, want to help?

  38. john drew says:

    The success of John Drew as a far right poltical activist is guaranteed. Now I play even better tennis as I train and practice regularly with a young, fit player nearby. He thinks I am fabulous for a 58 year old.

  39. john drew says:

    My personal web site is at

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