Potty-mouthed priest is a global media *

Personally, I think Crazy Frog Presents Potty-Mouthed Priest has huge potential. In the meantime…

Offbeat: Real, Strange News

Emil Steiner
The Washington Post
August 2, 2007

[Potty-mouth makes it to Number 2 on WP journo’s Thursday Top 5]

2) Dean Gets YouTubed
Some (Michael Richards or former Sen. George Allen, to name a few) might argue that we were better off a couple years back before YouTube caught every foot-into-mouth insertion. The latest victim of our modern age is the Rev. Msgr. Geoff Baron, Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, who was filmed unleashing a “torrent of expletives and racist abuse” on a group of young skateboarders outside his cathedral. That very un-Christian outburst of course found its way onto the popular video sharing site, and Baron is now on leave.

Catholic priest’s unholy YouTube outburst
The New Zealand Herald
August 2, 2007

Melbourne skateboarders drove Monsignor Geoff Baron over the edge – and it ended up on YouTube.

CANBERRA – A Roman Catholic priest who unleashed a torrent of expletives and racist abuse against skateboarders outside his Australian cathedral, only to have the outburst filmed and placed on YouTube, has been put on leave…

Priest reaches the masses
Peter Lalor
The Australian
August 2, 2007

GEOFF Baron, the suspended Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, has gained international fame for his foul-mouthed, racist and tasteless outburst at a group of skateboarders last year. Footage of the incident made it on to YouTube and resulted in the potty-mouthed priest being stood down. An article about Baron was the fourth most read item on the Guardian Unlimited website yesterday and more than 17,000 people have watched the video.

Blanton’s and Ashton’s
A slice of life
August 1, 2007

Not sure why this made it onto CNN. Must be a slow news day. But around here it’s all grist for the mill. Here’s the YouTube video of Roman Catholic Monsignor Geoff Baron having a hairy hissy fit in Melbourne, Australia, cussing a blue streak, and tossing in a few racist remarks just to round out the performance…

New Humanist Blog
Australian priest in trouble over racist rant on YouTube
August 1, 2007

Now this is in no way reflective of the Catholic Church as a whole, but it’s difficult not to raise a smile when a man of the cloth is caught red-handed misbehaving. Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron, the dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, has just been suspended after a video was posted on YouTube of him entering into a foul-mouthed racist rant at some teenage skateboarders trespassing on his church’s property…

Holy Smoke
Monsignor Geoffrey Baron: Spreading the word
July 31, 2007

I arrived at the Catholic Herald this morning to find the young staff cackling over video footage of Monsignor Geoffrey Baron, the cathedral [Dean] from Melbourne who was secretly filmed verbally abusing a group of teenage skaters trespassing on church property…

Reasons You Will Hate Me
Get orf my altar!
July 31, 2007

Things a man of the cloth might say when provoked by a mob of unruly teens:

a) ‘Oh, I say. Do give it a rest’
b) ‘I wish for you to depart this house of god immediately. And please be taking those modern-looking modes of wheel transport with you’
c) ‘Your taunting fills me with unbridled rage, though I draw strength and comfort from my solid relationship with Mr. Jesus’
d) ‘Unsubscribe’

After Grog Blog
July 31, 2007

How did I miss this?

Naturally everyone’s firing up. Shitty kids coming over all righteous, an exploding Monsignor making a complete idiot of himself and then apologizing profusely, indignant supporters on both sides, and where there’s a public rumpus there’s always a professional outragist just a harumpf away.

You can’t buy that kind of entertainment…

[Tony, the cheeky bugger, then proceeds to re-publish an edited version of my transcript of the scintillating conversation between priest and flock… without mentioning the source. What am I, chopped liver? …er, actually, while my status as chopped liver remains uncertain, I was completely wrong to claim this: see comments. Sorry Tony. Now get off the fucking property!]

Coo-ees from the Cloister
Cathedral Clanger
July 30, 2007

Many of the Cloistered are just now going to pre-cenal recreation and reading the news about the Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne, who was been filmed verbally abusing the skaters on Cathedral property in an incident about a year ago…

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5 Responses to Potty-mouthed priest is a global media *

  1. Tony T. says:

    Hang on a tick, Slack, I certainly read your blog on Tuesday as I looked around for priesty articles, but I downloaded my transcript directly from the Herald Sun archives where I have an account. The only thing I added into my post were the line breaks.

    Here is the exact reproduction as it came outta the Hun:

    Reverend Monsignor Geoffrey Baron approaches skaters outside St Patrick’s Cathedral.
    Baron (pointing away from cathedral): Move.
    Skater (off-camera): Do we have to go?
    Baron: Move.
    Skater: Yes or no?
    Baron: Now. Now. Off the property.
    Next scene.
    Baron: Get off the property.
    (Baron appears to smack a skater across the head.) Get off the property.
    (Gasps, laughter, voices)
    Skater (off-camera, to Baron): Calm down mate.
    Skater (struck across head): Oh, you f…ing c… Oh, what the f… I’m gonna f… you up.
    Baron: Move. Move.
    Skater: We’re going.
    Next scene
    Baron: Get off the property you f…ing c…s. Get back to where you come from you – fool. You don’t belong in Australia.
    Skater (off-camera): Stop being a f…in’ racist p…., ya f…in’ faggot.
    Baron: You don’t belong here.
    Skater: Don’t touch me, you p….
    Baron: Get off the property. Move, you f…ing fool.
    Skater: Are you a priest? Are you a priest? What sort of a priest is racist? What type of priest is racist?
    Second skater: Calm down mate.
    Baron: Get off the property you f…ing fool.
    Next scene
    On the footpath outside cathedral:
    Baron (pointing to a skater on footpath): Little foreigner there, look at the sleepy eyes, black hair, sleepy eyes.
    (Baron waves as a bottle appears to be thrown near his head)
    Skater: At least he’s got hair, you f…in’ bald p….
    Baron: Look at you, four-eyes.
    Skater: Oh, you’re a joke, f…head faggot.
    Baron: Fool. Fool.
    Second skater: Why don’t you calm down, just calm down.
    Baron: F…ing c… Get off the property.
    Caption: Peace offer: Monsignor Geoff Baron gives holy communion at St Patrick’s.

  2. Tony T. says:

    And just in case you reckon I could have gotten that from anywhere, and why would I pay for it anyway, here is a screen shot of the article from my Newstext page.

    I’ve been blogging long enough to know to do ‘the right thing’ with regard to acknowledging sources. If I’d used your gear, I would certainly have said so.

    Although, I certainly wouldn’t have used the hideous ‘hat-tip’.

  3. @ndy says:

    G’day Tony,

    My apologies. The shame that I feel and the embarrassment, I can’t really describe.

    Note that the screenshot doesn’t contain the transcript, which is a pity, as it appears obvious that it’s Nikki what done it — minus the two refs to arseholes and sperm. Presumably, this could be justified on the basis that a general readership — including male minors — should not be exposed to such obscenity.

    Arf arf.

    Anyway, again, I apologise.

    Although not to those skateboarders.

    (Fucking cunts.)

  4. Tony T. says:

    The Herald Sun print version often contains articles with extra segments (charts, conversations, timelines and various other add-ons) that are intended to further illustrate the point of said articles. This is all fine, but for us bloggers, who want to access their goodies, the papers too often leave out the extras in the on-line version. The quickest way to access complete News Limited articles is via Newstext, which is why I have the account. Otherwise I would have to type the bastard out from the morning paper.

    Anyhoo, the conversation is indeed in that Nikki article, it’s just that it’s at the bottom of the piece and my screen wasn’t big enough to capture both the Newstext header, and the conversation, which is here.

    For the record, I think both the priest and the skateboard superheroes are dicks. Which is great, really, because nothing quite cheers me up like good old fashioned spite & bad manners.

  5. sula says:

    That (above) isn’t an exact reproduction of what was said. It misses a lot of the lines… particularly the unbelievably filthy questions and comments like “stained by the sperm of these boys who have fucked you!” and “is your arse sore from being fucked by all these cunts?”

    A bit beyond the pale for a priest!

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