Bad news for Belgian boneheads in Blood & Honour

Bad News:

THE FLEMISH BRANCH of Blood and Honour (B&H) has cancelled all its scheduled activities for the rest of the year. The nazi bonehead outfit is in crisis and will not plan any more events until further notice.

Wehrwulf28, the shadowy figure who announced the decision, made in early February, organised the last B&H gig in Schoten, near Antwerp, on 26 January. The concert, a benefit for an unnamed “political prisoner”, was a shambles. The audience was tiny and the German nazi bands Sense Of Pride and Hate Soldiers failed to appear. Afterwards, one of B&H’s main activists stormed out of the organisation.

The resulting internal dispute meant that B&H Flanders did not participate in the so-called Day of Honour in Budapest on 9 February, which commemorates Hitler’s SS. It also called off its own SS memorial event scheduled for 15 March in Lommel.

B&H Flanders seems to have lost much of its reputation in nazi circles following the chaos at its ISD Memorial, which commemorates the bonehead icon Ian Stuart Donaldson, in Wolfsdonk on 27 October 2007.

Campaigns by the Flemish Anti-Fascistisch Front (AFF) against nazi activities have also taken their toll. The AFF has increased its media profile and as a result hardcore Flemish nazis have greater difficulty than ever finding venues. “This is more than we can bear”, declared one Flemish B&H activist on an internet forum.

The Belgian police are also clamping down on B&H. In January, the nazi online shop “Flemish Lion Versand”, was forced to shut down.

Later that month, the shop’s website announced: “Our site is currently under construction. We should be back soon. Please excuse us for our downtime; a statement on this will be posted soon. If you have any orders running which were paid for but not received, please contact us … and we will take care of this as soon as possible. Any emails sent between 28 November and 5 January have been lost.”

The shop had been online for six months and was hosted by a Dutch nazi living in Arendonk, Belgium. It seems likely that he was one of the nazis whose homes were searched by the police in November. The raids uncovered guns, large quantities of hate rock CDs and other nazi material including books, posters and stickers at various locations.

Source : From Wim Haelsterman, AFF/Verzet – RésistanceS in Brussels, Searchlight, April 2008. Note that while “Flemish Lion Versand” may be down, neo-Nazi label Pure Impact continues to grow, and its product is distroed locally through Deadset Music (along with occasional titles from Nordisc Records, Nordland Records and RAC Records). Pure Impact evolved out of German label Rock-O-Rama. When that label was forced to fold in 1994, German businessman Herbert Egoldt helped to establish another label in Belgium, Pure Impact, which continues to distribute racist and fascist musical product throughout Europe and the world.

Good News:

Sun 20/04/08 – Some 300 neo Nazis from the Blood & Honour group gathered in Bellegem, near Kortrijk in the west of Belgium, to commemorate the birthday of Adolf Hitler… As usual, the venue of the concert was communicated very late. The group rented the hall of a café under the pretence of holding a bachelor’s party for friends. The owners of the café were astonished when groups of boneheads arrived. The police knew that a commemoration for Hitler’s birthday April 20 was planned in Flanders, but the local police were only informed of the neo-Nazi gathering at the last minute. The concert Saturday evening proceeded without incident. On the bill were music groups from Flanders, the UK, Estonia and the Czech Republic. The Flemish branch of Blood & Honour organises neo-Nazi gatherings in Flanders several times a year.

In Adelaide, on July 18, Blood & Honour Australia will be holding its second annual Mid-Winter Fest, starring Bail Up!, Quick & the Dead and Ultraviolence. Highlights from last year’s affair was the mass saluting of a true hero of the white race, Rudolf Hess, Bail Up! belting out their hit single ‘Bomb the Boats’, and venue management saying ‘fuck off’ to one person who wandered in off the street, not knowing what the gig was about, and complaining about all the Nazis. Apparently, management was much too happy with the profits they were making from the sales of alcohol to give a shit.

Local (Newcastle) neo-Nazis boys Blood Red Eagle have also released a NEW SINGLE, ‘Warriors of Genghis Khan’; they’ve apparently abandoned ‘Viking Rock’ for ‘Mongol Rock’.

More Good Bad News:

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  1. skinoioi says:

    nazi is a german political group, not a whole lot of racist people. they are what we like to call:skins.

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