Oh Noes! Hoelzer Reich Banned By Zuffa!

    Update : In addition to releasing a statement long after the horse had bolted, HR has also re-jigged its website. Among other curiosities, the label, which once boasted of sponsoring over a dozen fighters, now only boasts one: Marcus Sursa. D’oh!

In an outrageous act of censorship which has no historical parallel…

WEC chief: No Hoelzer Reich for Zuffa fighters
Maggie Hendricks
Yahoo! Sports
December 8, 2009

World Extreme Cagefighting general manager Reed Harris told Cagewriter that Zuffa fighters will no longer be allowed to wear Hoelzer Reich clothing in their fights. (Zuffa owns both the UFC and WEC.)…

Zuffa Bans Nazi-Themed Sponsor Hoelzer Reich
Bleacher Report
December 8, 2009

Zuffa Bans Hoelzer Reich as a Fighter Sponsor
Kid Nate
Bloody Elbow
December 8, 2009

Zuffa bans controversial clothing brand Hoelzer Reich from future UFC, WEC events
John Morgan
December 8, 2009

‘German history enthusiasts’ upset at HR banning (sad trombone)
Jim Murphy
The Savage Science
December 8, 2009

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