Remembering Nicola Tommasoli

May 17 in Verona, Italy, a rally to remember Nicola Tommasoli, murdered by boneheads on May 1.

Stencil (PDF)

“But I’m NOT a Nazi!” // Nicola Tommasoli, slackbastard, May 6, 2008
Nicola Tommasoli: A Death in Verona, slackbastard, May 6, 2008
More media on the murder of Nicola Tommasoli, slackbastard, May 8, 2008
An ‘untimely death’ in Verona, The View from Bologna, May 11, 2008

Oh yeah…

Meanwhile, in Berlin, fascist scum are making a fashion statement: Thor Steinar. “The changing demographics of [the far right] scene are reflected in the strategies of Germany’s far right party, the National Democratic Party. Since 2005, the party’s official policy includes ties with neo-Nazi brotherhoods called Kameradschaften, which actively recruit youths. The NPD hands out CDs with music by such rightist bands as Nordwind — named after a World War II German offensive — to attract the youth vote in advance of elections in Eastern German strongholds like Saxony. These CDs are also available for free downloading online.” Smart stuff. Funnily enough the shop, Tønsberg, which is carrying the label, is located on Rosa-Luxembourg Strasse. Rosa Luxembourg was of course murdered by members of the Freikorps in 1919, a proto-fascist organisation. The area was also formerly part of Berlin’s Jewish quarter, so it’s a double whammy for the far right. (Oh, and it’s located at number 18.)

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