More media on the murder of Nicola Tommasoli


    (AGI) – Verona, 8 May – There has been confirmation of the arrest of the five youths accused of [having] punched and kicked Nicola Tommasoli to death on the evening of May Day in Verona.

    The investigatory interrogation took place, as expected, in Montorio prison following the hearing after Verona’s Investigating Magistrate, Sandro Sperandio, decided against granting house arrest to the youths, all aged between 19 and 20, because of the danger of a repetition of the offence or flight. The foursome: Raffaele Dalle Donne, Guglielmo Corsi, Federico Perini and Nicolo’ Veneri, exercised the right of no reply. Andrea Vesentini, on the other hand, spoke with the magistrate, giving his version of the events. Vesentini’s arrest was confirmed on the sole ground of avoiding a repetition of the offence. Vesentini, according to a statement by his legal representative, spoke of the fatal evening of May Day, maintaining that the beating arose from an insult directed at Guglielmo Corsi, one of the group of five. ‘Ti spacco la faccia’ (I’ll split your face open), was the phrase that precipitated the blows and it was apparently uttered by one of Tommasoli’s friend, the famed ‘codino’ (pigtail) mentioned in the witness statement (he had his hair gathered in a pony tail), addressed by Corsi who asked him for a cigarette. The brawl followed immediately, with an attempt by Vesentini to separate those involved. Then came Tommasoli’s fall to the ground and the flight of the group of five. A different version from the one given by Tommasoli’s friends, who spoke of an out and out act of unprovoked aggression. Another element which will weigh in any judgement on the five is represented by the results of the autopsy carried out yesterday morning on Tommasoli. First reports speak of a huge haemorrhage at the back of the head, and of some broken fingers, of bruising all over, especially on the back. Other examinations should follow with results in a matter of weeks. On the basis of the witness statements and the results of the autopsy, the judges will have to decide whether to make an accusation of voluntary homicide or manslaughter, or of intentional murder.

(Post-)Fascist Gianfranco Fini, leader of the National Alliance and the Lower House in the Italian Parliament, has got himself into a spot of bother by claiming that the recent burning of an Israeli flag at a protest in Turin is “much more serious” an offence than the beating to death of Nicola Tommasoli by a gang of boneheads in Verona. “Appearing on a television talk show, Mr Fini said the rise of neo nazi gangs was less disturbing than the activities of left-wing activists. “The anti-Israeli protests at Turin and the nazi attacks in Verona are not comparable. This neo-nazi group should be punished, but what happened in Turin is more serious.” A group of activists burned the Israeli flag during the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state last week.” Which, if you value pieces of cloth over and above the life of a human being, makes sense… I guess.

Bill Hicks:

I personally do not believe in burning the flag. It’s a personal belief, but I’ll tell you something, I think people are overreacting, oh, just a little bit. “Hey buddy, my daddy died for that flag.” Well, I bought mine. Sorry. You know they sell them at K-Mart for three bucks, you’re in, you’re out, brand new flag, no violence was necessary. “Hey buddy, my daddy died in the Korean war for that flag.” What a coincidence – my flag was made in Korea!

Obviously, there’s been a very large amount of coverage of Nicola’s murder in the Italian press, as well as the blogosphere, but my knowledge of Italian is even worse than my knowledge of Spanish, so unfortunately, it remains obscure to my eyes. Two articles from the English-language press:

Italian Rightist Sparks Outrage
Jeff Israely
May 6, 2008

Ultimately, the issue that Europe’s extreme right is focused on now is not Israel or Jews, but immigrants. During Berlusconi’s last government, Fini was coauthor with rightist Northern League ally Umberto Bossi of a series of severe anti-immigration measures, including instant deportations and requirements that foreigners must have a fixed job to remain in the country. The next time fascist nostalgics or neo-Nazis attack a defenseless man on the street, there is a high probability it will be an immigrant. Such assaults in the past have indeed been aimed at immigrants. And that too is part of Mussolini’s legacy.

Note that Mussolini’s black-shirted Fascists originally welcomed Jews as members, and it was (arguably) only under pressure from Il Duce‘s Coalition partner Hitler that the tide turned for Jews in Italy, both within the Party, obviously, but also without (and especially upon the introduction of anti-Jewish laws in 1938). See : Gary Foley, ‘Italian Fascism and Race’, 2001; Ethan J. Hollander, ‘Italian Fascism and the Jews: Brown? or Shades of Gray?’ 2003 [PDF].

‘Climate of hate’ fears after neo-Nazi killing
Malcolm Moore
Daily Telegraph
May 6, 2008

The mayor of Verona, Flavio Tosi, is a member of the Northern League, a far-right anti-immigration party that swept almost a quarter of the seats in the region. The Northern League has repeatedly called for violence against immigrants and socialists. According to the Italian Intelligence and Internal Security office, there are 63 neo-Nazi or neo-fascist groups in the Veneto region. “This is the area with the most Nazis in the country, inspired by the British [boneheads] of the 1980s,” an agent told La Repubblica newspaper.

You pick on the weak
You’re only strong in groups
Can’t do shit on your own
You pick on those who are few
Right winged scum
You have no place in our scene
Right winged scum
We’ll teach you what skinhead really means

You’re the sickness of our generation
You’ve infested almost every nation
You’re the plague of our society
You’re our most hated enemy

Listen what we have to say: Good night white pride
Only what we have to say: Good night white pride

Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride
Good night, good night, good night, good night white pride

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