Russia : Two more anarchists stabbed by fascists

At around 6:30pm on December 10, in Furshtatskoy Street in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, a group of around twenty fascists attacked a group of seven anarchists. Most of the fascists had their faces covered, and shouted “Russians forward!” before launching their assault. The anarchists resisted, but eventually fled when the fascists brandished knives. Two anarchists were stabbed and wounded. One, a teenager known as ‘V.G.’, is in a hospital in Raufus; another, ‘O.S.’, was taken to Aleksandrovsky hospital from the metro Chernishevskaya. ‘V.G.’ has seven stab wounds, and his kidneys have been damaged. ‘O.S.’ is in a more serious, critical condition.

On anarchy in Russia : (English)

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3 Responses to Russia : Two more anarchists stabbed by fascists

  1. Mick Reyfield says:

    It’s just a shame that two people had to die over indifferences…

    I suppose we have only two options: we all mix; or we separate. This way, there can be no indifferences in communities.

  2. @ndy says:


    A few things:

    1) They’re not actually dead;

    2) I think you mean ‘differences’;

    3) They weren’t attacked because of some amorphous ‘differences’, they were attacked because they are anarchists and anti-fascists. Russia has a thriving fascist movement, one protected by Putin’s dictatorial regime. Anarchists oppose fascism, Putin, and the state. Two recent murder victims, two among many score, are the anarchists Timur Kacharava, 20 (November 13, 2005) and Aleksandr “Shtopor” Ryukhin, 19 (April 16, 2006).

    4) We have many ‘options’. One is to support the struggle against fascism. Another is to ignore it.



  3. Boohoo oh well who gives a toss. These are the sorts of ta[c]tics [antifa] commonly use against us.

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