Tasneem Khalil : Justice, Bangladesh style

Dhaka-based journalist Tasneem Khalil has written “An investigative report on Rapid Action Battalion — a merciless death squad in Bangladesh that has tortured and killed more than 900 to date — published in the December, 2006 issue of the Forum magazine”. Note that in Bangladesh, “A lot of death threats are issued. Journalists are forced to keep quiet. There is a lot of pressure on them from local persons with links to higher authorities who want journalists to keep quiet.” See Bangladesh : Human rights defenders under attack, Amnesty International, August 23, 2005.

Weeks after their brother was killed in “crossfire” Rubi and Giashuddin visited the RAB-7 headquarters in Steel Mill, North Potenga. Belongings of Mohammad Mohimuddin Mohim, killed in RAB custody on November 29, 2004 were returned to his family with an unofficial and off-record apology from the RAB boss. “They have a license to abduct anyone, brutally torture, kill and throw the dead body right beside the highway. That’s justice, Bangladesh style,” Giashuddin told me as his weeping mother sat next to a portrait of her dead son.

Mohim — a central leader of BCL — is one of the 900 plus victims of an extra-judicial killing frenzy that is going on strong in Bangladesh, with absolute impunity.


A merciless death squad — clad in black: paramilitary uniform, bandana, wraparound sunglasses — was the Independence Day gift of Khaleda Zia and her 4-party alliance government to Bangladesh in 2004. March 26, 2004, Rapid Action Battalion was formed, weeks later, on the eve of the Bengali New Year, April 14, 2004, RAB started operating on the streets…

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  1. Comrade, thanks for the flag. Your support fuels me to run a few more yards every day 😉 And may I note, a journalist is NOT supposed to keep quiet, whatever the pressure is. If one does tape one\’s mouth shut, then s/he belongs to a different category: what Greg Palast calls media lamb.

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