God Hears Pleas of the Innocent

is the title of an album by the greatest band ever, Killdozer (Touch & Go, 1995). By the way…

Jew-hating Doctor Jim Saleam is innocent!* Or so he reckons. He also reckons to have been battling to have his conviction for his role in a shotgun attack upon ANC representative Eddie Funde in 1989 overturned on the basis of an alleged conspiracy by the state to silence him and his then party, National Action. On Stormfront, the world’s leading site for white, racist, Jew-hating crackpots, Jim announces:

May 20, 2008
Join Date: Oct 2005

Help Sought To Overturn Corrupt Convictions


I seek from anyone who posts on this board, or who may view this board, two different items of information. Each is relevant to an application to the NSW Supreme Court (Crimes Act, Section 474) to gain an inquiry into two inter-related convictions won corruptly against me by ASIO / NSW Police Special Branch in 1991:

a. Is there anyone who was associated with, or knows someone who was linked to, the “Crystal Street Skinheads” (ie. Crystal Street, Petersham, in Sydney) in 1988 – 1989?

If so, you may be able to provide in some way, useful information concerning events around a Crown Witness in my trial, Mr. Michael George White.

I advise generally, that despite intimidation from Special Branch to accuse me of involvement in his crime, Mr. White reversed parts of this accusation and altered his testimony continually in court – obviously to obtain my acquittal with white-lie-perjury. Of course, he was unsuccessful. I currently have in my possession a signed confession from Mr. White exonerating me of the offences. I post that document here.

b. I am trying to locate two persons from the former Adelaide National Action who attended the home of Jason Roderick Frost in the Ryde area of Sydney, in March 1989. Whilst there, you would have been shown by Mr. Frost, a (legal) pump action shotgun.

One other person who was with you at the time has provided a Statutory Declaration concerning seeing this gun.

Mr. Frost denied in evidence ever owning or possessing such a gun.

It was Mr. Frost who nominated his actual co-offender in the matter (Mr. White), did a deal with Special Branch to avoid imprisonment if he would also nominate me and another man in his crime and who persisted with his perjury to the end.

Material on the case generally, under the title “Pardon Me: The Anatomy Of An Australian Political Trial”, can be found at:

www . alphalink.com.au~radnat/pardonme/index.html

Confidential contact can be made through this site (via private message) or via e-mail at [email protected]

J. Saleam

The site “J Saleam” refers “Readers” (why am I reminded of ‘Raffles the Gentleman Thug’?)** of white supremacist dribble to, and the material on his case, proceeds in pretty much the same direction as the above. Thus over nine years ago, Herr Doktor — ‘Pardon Me’ — wrote:

This is the first time an Australian has argued on the Internet that criminal convictions won against him, were the fruits of corruption. It is, at the time this document was placed upon the Internet, exactly 10 years since the original crime was committed. The author has served four years prison (May 14 1991 – May 4 1995).

I have no doubt that this case would make an excellent book. It has everything:

Spies, the kidnapping of a defence witness by secret operatives done to the movie script of Mississippi Burning, the mis-use of an informant whose code-name and purpose were analogous to the script of Betrayed, secret Australian Security Intelligence Organisation tape-recordings of the Defence’s trial preparations, the murder of my co-accused recorded as it actually took place courtesy of the same surveillance operation, a drunken, corrupt police officer discredited at the Royal Commission Into The New South Wales Police Service (1994-97) whose obsession to convict the accused created the parameters of the case, fabricated notebooks, wildly contradictory prosecution witnesses, some prosecution evidence which seemed to be re-run of the script in the Ananda Marga and the Hilton Bomb frame-ups, political pressure to win a conviction, a prosecution witness with an effective-indemnity for perjury, a Court Of Criminal Appeal ruling which said that I convicted myself at the Trial by leading certain evidence, facts which just don’t fit – and the crime victim, the Representative to Australia of the African National Congress.

I hope I have your attention.

Certainly. But pardon me if I quibble with Jim’s relentless, fourteen year long struggle for justice: Section 474 of the NSW Crimes Act (1900) has been repealed. Seven years ago. In which case, perhaps Herr Doktor would be better served pursuing legal redress via the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2001? And under the provisions of Section 78?

Applications to Supreme Court

78 Applications to Supreme Court

(1) An application for an inquiry into a conviction or sentence may be made to the Supreme Court by the convicted person or by another person on behalf of the convicted person.

(2) The registrar of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court must cause a copy of any application made under this section to be given to the Minister.

Dunno. Maybe I’m wrong. Like Jim, I ain’t no lawyer. But the issuing of such a statement regarding events and personalities dating back over twenty years is more than a little odd. Perhaps Jim is merely preparing for his bid for a seat on the local council later this year (September 13)?

Oddly, a ‘Michael George White’ stood as a BNP candidate in Thurrock in 2006.

    * On The Jewish Problem, Stormfront moderator Jackboot wrote:

    Insofar as Stormfront has a policy, or platform, that platform consists of three major planks:

    First, we share a racialist vision for the general prosperity, security, and betterment of our people.

    From that commitment flows our most important message: we name the Jew as the deadliest, if not the only, threat to our existence as a race. Forge this message in titanium…



    ** ‘Raffles, Gentleman Thug’ is a comic strip featured in adult comic Viz featuring a nineteenth-century nobleman given to ‘immense erudition and wanton violence’. The basic premise is a nod towards/ripoff of E. W. Hornung’s ‘Raffles the Thief’ character, the main difference being that this Raffles is very much a 21st century hooligan (despite his use of Victorian language). The strip parodies British yob culture, placing modern day situations in a Victorian/Edwardian setting, including considerable anachronisms, and Raffles himself uses antiquated or formal words in very informal or modern situations.

    For example:

    * ‘Bollocks to this’ becomes ‘Testicles to this’
    * ‘Fuck this shit’ becomes ‘Fornicate this ordure’
    * ‘Kick the little bastard’ becomes ‘Lapidate the little illegitimate’
    * ‘Tits oot for the lads’ (tag line of Viz character ‘Sid the Sexist’) becomes ‘Remove your decollétage from its corsetry for the delectation of the gentlemen present’
    * ‘Fanny magnet’ (when describing his new car) becomes ‘Vaginal lodestone’
    * ‘You big girl’s blouse’ becomes ‘You sizable ladies chemise’…

Finally, an excerpt from Leviathan by John Birmingham about a bunch of violent nutters in the ’80s, aka National Action, including a deserving case who comes to a sticky end:

[National Action] unexpectedly found itself called upon to explain its position. The party’s slack-jawed mouthpiece denied they were in any way racist. [They] didn’t believe in the superiority of one race over another. [They] simply believed that the Anglo-Celtic culture of Australia should not be endangered. As more people noted what they were saying… the party’s internal bulletin, announced that the time had come for taking it to the streets.

Student unions noted an escalating number of bashings of Asian students after dark, both on campus and in the clutch of inner city suburbs around the neo-Nazis’ favourite watering holes. There was a shift not just in the frequency of political violence, but also in its intensity and focus. The targets began to change. The party bulletin [Audacity?] featured a regular [column] in which critics of the party would find their name, phone number and address published with an invitation to the ‘curious and adventurous’ to dish out a little nationalist justice. Journalists such as Gerard Henderson, Andrew Olle and Adele Horin who covered the immigration debate or related topics in an unsatisfactory manner began to receive phone calls and death threats late at night. Academics and unionists found their car tyres slashed and graffiti daubed on their houses. Greenpeace and Community Aid Abroad shops were broken into and looted.

Violent overthrow of the dominant paradigm doesn’t come cheap, however, so in early 1984 the party leadership cooked up a scam to rip off the GIO and raise money to buy all the firebombs, balaclavas and nail-studded clubs they would need to make people understand the righteousness of their cause. A woman who rented a room at [National Action’s] headquarters came home one day to find the place ransacked, her jewellery gone and party fuhrer [James Saleam] shaking his head…

[NA] began working its way down the enemies list, widening their attacks from vulnerable students and the occasional journalist to gays, lesbians, Aboriginal, peace and anti-apartheid groups, academics, liberal congregations such as the Pitt Street Uniting Church, the Anti-discrimination Board, union activists and, somewhat recklessly, a couple of Special Branch cops who had been assigned to their case. Terrorising the wives and families of heavily armed secret police­men was not the Nazis’ first step on the happy staircase to success. After [NA] raided the meeting of a gay migration lobby group the hammer came down.

Having suffered through months of harassment the gays were ready for a fight. Their resistance seemed to unnerve the storm troopers and a handful of hysterical pansies and angry dykes proceeded to bitch slap them out of the room. Special Branch quickly obtained a search warrant and charged over to a house in Petersham used as an alternative headquarters by [NA]. They found a tape recording and photographs of the raid. Most of those who took part were arrested and charged. The cases were heard in Glebe local court and attended by observers from a resistance group called Community Alert Against Racism and Violence.

‘It was unbelievably pathetic,’ said CAARAV’s Betty Hounslow. ‘Shane Rosier, one of their big men, was just this really pathetic bloke in his late forties who was, you know, a bit chubby. He wore these brown trousers that kept riding up the back and an old yukko-looking brown cardigan. They found a lot of weapons in his house… coshs, chains, and studded balls. And his story to the magistrate was that the weapons were part of his collection. He’d always been interested in weapons, he said. His grandfather was a famous gun collector. He and his dad had always wanted to have a gun collection just like old Granddad’s, but they’d never had enough money to collect guns so they had to collect cheaper, working-class weapons. And this was why he had all these things. He said the tape of the raid was left on his doorstep one morning. Like a little abandoned baby.’

The pressure told and the Nazis turned on each other as deeply repressed suspicions and rivalries burst through to the surface. Everybody seemed to accuse everyone else of being police spies and sexual deviants. The final slide into ignoble collapse was marked by the gunshot murder of Wayne ‘Bovver’ Smith in [NA’s] headquarters at Tempe a few years later. It was an almost perfect example of the hapless farce which so often attended the adventures of Sydney’s neo-Nazi elite in the 1980s. Bovver, twenty-five years old and already weighing 108 kilos thanks to the three or four stubbies of beer he’d consume for breakfast each morning, was shot eight times with a sawn-off .22 rifle by Perry Whitehouse, ten years his senior but less than half his size, during a drunken, confused and basically pointless argument. When Whitehouse blew him away, Bovver was wearing a singlet bearing the message: Say No To The New Gun Control Laws.

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