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Former Minister for Immigration Kevin Andrews is a scumbag — and that’s official. In July 2007, Andrews, struck down with an advanced and seemingly incurable case of PotKettleBlack, conspired to keep Gold Coast doctor Mohammed Haneef locked up because of his alleged ‘poor character’. In October — just a few weeks prior to the Federal election — Andrews announced that the reason he was forced to reduce the intake to Australia of African refugees was because of the reasons they were seeking asylum in the first place. He even stooped to using the beating to death of a young Sudanese refugee to — somehow, bizarrely — ‘bolster’ his case. Naturally, Andrews’ unadorned bigotry attracted the support of the Wicked Witch of Ipswich; it didn’t seem to help HoWARd retain Gub’mint however.

MP ‘stirred up racial hostility’
Jewel Topsfield
The Age
May 31, 2008

RACIAL harassment of Africans increased following former immigration minister Kevin Andrews’ claims they were engaged in crime and failing to integrate, according to a confidential Immigration Department report…

The Age reported earlier this month that Mr Andrews had been acting contrary to advice from his department when he cited the failure of the Sudanese to integrate as a reason for cutting African refugee numbers.

In 2007-08, Australia allocated 30% of refugee places to Africans, down from 70% in 2004-05.

The Immigration Department maintained this was because of an improvement in some African countries and the need to help Iraqis displaced by war and Burmese refugees living in camps on the Thai-Burma border.

But Mr Andrews appeared to contradict this when he claimed, after the fatal bashing of Sudanese refugee Liep Gony, that the refugee intake from places such as Sudan had been cut amid fears that “some groups don’t seem to be settling and adjusting into the Australian life as quickly as we would hope”.

The chairman of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Sam Afra, said the documents obtained by The Age confirmed the group’s worst fears. “Some might consider polarising society to be a clever political tactic in the lead-up to an election, but these alarming findings reveal such ploys do not come without a cost,” Mr Afra said.

A cost not borne by Kevin, however, who remains in the seat named after HoWARd’s hero, aka Pig-Iron Bob.

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