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Talk back to the Police-Pope state!

World Youth Day in July 2008, costing taxpayers $86 million, is a city-stopping, Sydney-wide recruiting fair for the Catholic church with its own anti-democratic police powers legislation. What’s not to love?

Pope Benedict XVI is a zealous anti-gay extremist, in 2006 leading the Vatican’s successful campaign against legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Italy. He has used his popeship as a platform to insult queer parents, to demean same-sex relationships, and to fight civil rights for GBLT people in the church and in secular society. This continues an obsession of long standing. And just recently he reiterated the church’s absolute opposition to contraception of all kinds: keep this in mind when you discover who in government promotes the Catholic agenda.

Inspired to talk back? The NSW government’s new laws allow police to arrest and fine people for “causing annoyance or inconvenience” to World Youth Day participants and permit partial strip searches at hundreds of Sydney sites, starting July 4.

So this collection of artwork for free download and distribution is designed to help you stand and fight. The artworks are made to be downloaded, printed, passed on, emailed, plastered about, and ironed onto tshirts… or undies, in case you’re strip-searched.

It’s all FREE. You’re welcome, though, to give a donation to support art production. Any amount is wonderful. Thank you!

egg benedict dot org

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  1. (A)dam says:

    anyone wanna go up to shitney and hassle the pope? i’m driving up if u can/will chip in for petrol and eat vego while in the car i’m going up thursday night/friday morning (yet to be decided) and coming back sometime sunday

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