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And on the third:

Monthly death tolls of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan surpassed US military deaths in Iraq in May and June. Police say they believe the death of 16-year-old Will Berky Saturday afternoon was due to either a prior medical condition or perhaps accidental. Today Cundle of Bullrush Close, Walkden, near Salford, Greater Manchester was starting four years and three months jail after being convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, driving without a license and having no insurance and having defective tyres. The Newsday article “Menthol cigarettes linked to higher tobacco-related deaths” describes the results of a new study dealing with the higher death rates among menthol smokers. The proof was a death certificate provided by the morgue with a change of date coinciding with Teddy’s own car accident. Mrs Dell points out that prime central London is unlikely to suffer from a ‘crash’ because the majority of owners are affluent and unlikely to become ‘forced sellers’ (those who have to sell due to death, divorce or a change of job). A STABBING and a separate sudden death incident failed to dampen the party atmosphere as 80,000 music fans enjoyed the 15th T in the Park at Balado. Cyril Obinka was shot to death in his cab in St. Petersburg in May. ‘Lord of the Rings’ star Sir Ian Mc Kellen has once again received death threats for being open about his sexuality and supporting gay US bishop Gene Robinson.

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