ELF vs Gunns?

Apparently, an ‘anonymous communique’ has been sent on behalf of the ‘Earth Liberation Front’ to the US-based zine Bite Back, “a 36 page magazine, full of direct action reports, prisoner news, stories and photos. Get your copy today!”:

On the morning of Thursday the 31st of July, the Earth Liberation Front attacked the Victorian office of Gunns Ltd. This was an act of economic sabotage and resistance against the proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill, an ecocidal project which would cause disastrous and irreversible damage to the ancient and precious ecosystem of Tasmania.

This mill’s hunger for woodchips would mean a doubling of the already immense current rate of wood-chipping[1], ravaging the native forests of the North-East of the state. It would bring the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle, the Spotted-tail Quoll and the Giant Freshwater Crayfish to the brink of extinction[2]. It would spew 30 billion litres of dioxin and furan laced effluent into the Bass Strait every year[3], consume up to 40 billion litres of fresh water[4], and contribute greatly to climate change[5].

We will not accept Gunns’ continual assault on Tasmania’s old growth forests, wildlife, water supplies and carbon sinks. More extreme forms of ecocide call for more extreme forms of protest.

We will not cease until Gunns abandons its controversial Tamar Valley Pulp Mill.

In defense of our Earth,

Earth Liberation Front.

[1] Gunns Ltd. Bell Bay Pulp Mill, Draft Integrated Impact Statement.
[2] Gunns’ referral under the EPBC Act, April 2007.
[3] University of Melbourne and Forestry Tasmania 2003; Bekessy transcripts, Wielangta court case 2006.
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The Hon Peter Garrett MP, a member of the party for working families and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Yartz, reckons the Mill is ace, and on April 2, 2008 — just a day too late — gave his personal stamp of approval to Module C of the Gunns Pulp Mill Project [PDF].


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Funny thing is, both my grandfathers were timber workers…

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  1. You may be interested in the action that TAP, Tasmanians Against the Pulp mill are taking.

    Restore democracy, Stop the pulp mill, Rally and march, City park, Launceston, Saturday, August 23, 2008.

    See http://tapvision.info/ for more info.

    Regards Mill Exterminator.

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