one: dead baby dead

One Peoples Project
January 17, 2010

This scumbag who was the lead singer of a Belgian Nazi oi! band assaulted a Togolese immigrant in 2006 and was doing a two-year stint for the crime. He couldn’t take it, and instead changed that into a self-imposed death penalty. Why, that would have been the most honorable thing this bonehead could have done, were it not for the fact that he took himself out simply because he was too much of a punkass that he couldn’t handle two years in prison. But such is the way of boneheads. We know one in Philly (let’s just say his name is Keith Carney) who cowered in his cell for much of the three years he spent in jail, and now is scared to death of one day going back. Anyway, our boy @ndy over at Slackbastard provides us with the story of how a fascist preyed upon innocents and died a coward’s death.

two: jelly… heads
January 17, 2010

The jellyheads anarchist collective ran an inner-city Sydney warehouse venue in the early ’90s. The venue had its own PA system as well as a vegan ‘eat the rich’ cafe.

Although the warehouse was only around for a little while, it inspired other collectives such as the vibe tribe, bands and other grassroots action in and around Sydney.

This site is an attempt to collect stuff from that time: photos, artwork, posters, fliers, newsletters, memories etc….

three: flag waving jerks

Flag Waving Jerks!
Musings from a Wreck Tangle
January 16, 2010

As Australia Day approaches (January 26th for those not from this Antipodean shore) there’s a resurgence of the, now ubiquitous, “flag waving jerks”. Rather than see this as “patriotic”, I see it as decidedly “un-Australian”.

My American friends may not be able to understand this, but believe me when I tell you, flag waving isn’t something this country has ever embraced… until now.

As a way of explanation, let me share with you an anecdote…

four: sexy

Australia – November/December 2009
Gabriel Kuhn / PM Press
January 11, 2010

…I had a very interesting evening with the incredibly sexy comrade who maintains the highly recommended slackbastard site, and a fellow anti-fascist activist…


Webbed Feet, Webbed Dog Log: possibly Cambodia’s first blogging ninja, from whom I have learned that the Khmer New Year is April 14–16.
imagining the real world: Erik W Davis is definitely not Cambodia’s first blogger, but a writer who has read far too many books than is good for him, and who is subsequently bound to get into a lot of trouble. Case in point: Haiti. It had a Bad ruler once, but that was years ago, and now The President and two men formerly known as The President are going to save the Haitians amirite?

unquantifiable: happiness

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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