Dieter Samoy goes to jail baby jail?

[Further update : judging by the amount and nature of the nattering on various neo-Nazi networks, it appears that Belgian bonehead Dieter Samoy really is dead. How and why is unknown. Given his sentencing last week, it appears possible that he killed himself in order to avoid undergoing two years imprisonment for a violent assault he committed in Bruges in 2006.

Samoy was 28.

Update : unconfirmed reports suggest that, at some point in the last few days, Samoy has committed suicide.]

In sad news for fans of Belgian reich ‘n’ roll band Kill Baby Kill, it’s been reported that its lead shouter and string-plucker Dieter Samoy has been sentenced to two years jail for his role in an assault upon Togolese immigrant Raphaël Mensah in May 2006. Mensah was rendered unconscious in the assault, hospitalised, and spent one month in a coma. He died a year later (of apparently unrelated causes).

On the bright side, you can listen to Kill Baby Kill on Myspace here, and their albums are available for sale through various neo-Nazi online distros, including Final Stand Records, Micetrap Distribution, NSM88 Records and of course Australia’s own 9percent.

Kill Baby Kill toured Australia in September 2008, playing a gig at the Beaconsfield Hotel, and recording a number of sing-a-longs with locals, one of which implores ‘Abos’ to fuck off and die.

Arf arf.

Note that Australian state and society is already doing a pretty good job of ensuring indigenous peoples die young, their life expectancy rating as among one of the lowest in the world: “In Australia, an indigenous child can expect to die 20 years earlier than his non-native compatriot. The life expectancy gap is also 20 years in Nepal, while in Guatemala it is 13 years and in New Zealand it is 11” (UN report paints grim picture of conditions of world’s indigenous peoples, January 14, 2010).

The tour by Kill baby Kill was organised by local neo-Nazi networks Blood & Honour (Australia) and the (Southern Cross) Hammerskins. The two are also organising an (aural) assault on the Gold Coast in April, featuring local reich ‘n’ rollers Ravenous and Open Season, as well as special guests from some-place-where-all-them-foreigners-live.

At a previous gig organised by the boys in Melbourne in 2006 (at The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy), a woman considered insufficiently white was confronted by several white racial/Australian patriots: ‘Blondien (not her real name) says she was walking alone to her car on Johnston Street the same night when she was surrounded by about seven men. She says the men screamed abuse at her, calling her a black c..t and forcing her to repeat the insults. “It’s disgusting that people would single out one person and you have to say stuff about your race to get out of it,” Blondien said’ (‘Victim of white supremacist abuse returns to join protest chorus’, Marika Dobbin, The Melbourne Times, October 18, 2006).

Disgusting? Maybe. But incidents such as this, hosting neo-Nazi gigs and groups for many years, and being a fan of Johnny Rebel, was not enough to prompt a number of local punk bands not to play the pub or to support its manager, Gary Wayne Kitto, following the call for a community boycott of his business. Nevertheless, and despite the Punky Brewster’s best efforts, the pub did eventually undergo a change in management. So when 2008 rolled around, Dieter had to goosestep on stage in Beaconsfield, not Fitzroy.


Skinheads veroordeeld voor racistisch geweld, Extreemrechts in Vlaanderen, January 11, 2010 [Machinetranslation]:

It has just as lasted but the skinheads who kicked Togolees because of its dark skin colour in a deep coma, was today nevertheless condemned then. Of the skinheads four years got effective cell sentence for assault and battery with permanent incapacity for work. Two kompanen of the violence ear must for three and two years behind the tralies. The attacked Togolees, Raphaël Mensah lay after the attack on 7 May 2006 more than one month in coma. He was afterwards transmitted to a hospital in Paris, where he died a year after the facts. Its Flemish friend who shared him that day accompanied also heavy in the slaps. fin penny Eggerick, the skinhead who was as first on the spot, were condemned to an effective prison sentence of four years; Jimmy Cludts got 3 years cell sentence to its trousers, and for the Samoy 2 years. For assault and battery, with racism as aggravating element. Pieter Huys and Bjorn Verkoeyen got each a work sentence of 200 hours because of guilty staff absence.


See also : Tot vier jaar cel voor skinheads die Togolees mishandelden, January 13, 2010 | N – – – – r lovers and faggots // Bullets in your head! (December 29, 2009).


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  1. webmaster says:

    We received some mails that D.S. hang himself today. The 2 years did it they say. We didn’t get any confirmation at the moment…

    Webmaster AntiFaNet

  2. @ndy says:


    At least one YouTube user — BulldogCourage — seems to agree. So if some pseudonymous racist music fan is anything to go by: yeah, Dieter’s dead.

  3. @ndy says:

    Skinheads krijgen zware straffen voor geweld op Mensah
    January 13, 2010

    BRUGGE – Vijf skinheads zijn in Brugge tot strenge straffen veroordeeld voor de klappen die ze uitdeelden aan Raphaël Mensah (52), bijna vier jaar geleden. Volgens de rechter lag racisme aan de basis van de gewelddadige lynchpartij.

    De correctionele rechtbank in Brugge heeft zware straffen uitgesproken voor een groepje skinheads dat in 2006 een zwarte man molesteerde in de buurt van het café De Kastelein in Sint-Kruis. De 25-jarige Vincent E. uit Zaventem kreeg vier jaar effectieve gevangenisstraf. Zijn vrienden Jimmy C. (26) uit Huldenberg en Dieter S. (28) uit Brugge moeten respectievelijk drie en twee jaar brommen.

    De drie zijn schuldig bevonden aan slagen en verwondingen met blijvende arbeidsongeschiktheid tot gevolg. Níet met de dood van Mensah tot gevolg, want de rechter ziet geen oorzakelijk verband tussen de lynchpartij en de dood van het slachtoffer, bijna een jaar later. Twee kompanen die toekeken tijdens de afranseling, maar zelf geen klappen uitdeelden, kregen een werkstraf van 200 uren voor schuldig verzuim.


    In de nacht van 6 op 7 mei 2006 wandelden Raphaël Mensah (52), een Parisien met Togolese roots, en zijn kameraad Alain Bouillon uit Ichtegem langs de Maalse Steenweg in Sint-Kruis. Niet ver van het beruchte café De Kastelein kruisten ze het pad van een groepje skinheads, die in het café een trouwfeest bijwoonden.

    Wat volgde, was een regelrechte lynchpartij. Drie van de vijf kaalgeschoren jongelui sloegen en stampten Mensah en Bouillon verrot. Bouillon was wekenlang arbeidsongeschikt. Mensah, de leider van een bekend gospelkoor in Parijs, belandde in een diepe coma.

    Na meer dan een maand ontwaakte Mensah uit die coma en werd hij naar Parijs overgebracht. Daar werd hij nog zes maanden lang verzorgd, waarna hij ontslagen werd uit het ziekenhuis. Een klein jaar later overleed Mensah plots aan een longembolie.

    Oorzakelijk verband?

    Maar de rechtbank is van oordeel dat het oorzakelijk verband tussen de slagen en Mensahs dood bijna een jaar later onvoldoende is aangetoond. Volgens de autopsie is Mensah bezweken aan een longaandoening. De rechter is er wél van overtuigd dat het geweld werd ingegeven door racisme, iets wat de beklaagden altijd zijn blijven ontkennen.

    De veroordeling voor racisme is een overwinning voor het Centrum voor Gelijke Kansen en Racismebestrijding (CGKR), dat zich burgerlijke partij had gesteld. ‘De beklaagden hebben altijd beweerd dat ze werden uitgedaagd en dat racisme er niets mee te maken had’, zegt advocaat Luc Arnou. ‘We zijn tevreden dat de rechter daar anders over denkt en dit weerzinwekkende geweld als racistisch heeft bestempeld.’

    Het CGKR kreeg net als de slachtoffers een schadevergoeding toegewezen. De beklaagden hebben 15 dagen tijd om beroep aan te tekenen.


    Skinheads gets heavy sentences for violence on Mensah

    BRUGGE – five skinheads have been condemned in Brugge to strict sentences for the slaps which they distributed suffered from Raphaël Mensah (52), almost four years. According to the judge was due racism to the basis of the violent lynchpartij.

    The correctional court in Brugge heavy sentences for a group skinheads have pronounced that in 2006, a black man molested in the buurt of the bar the innkeeper in crosscross cross. The person whose birthday it is fin penny E. from Zaventem got four years effective prison sentence. To be friends Jimmy C. (26) homage mount and for the S. (28) from Brugge must mutter respectively three and two years.

    Three guilty has been to assault and battery with permanent incapacity for work to consequence. Not with the death from Mensah to consequence, because the judge sees no causal link between the lynchpartij and the death of the victim, almost a year later. Two kompanen which looked on during beating, but himself dealt no blows, got a work sentence of 200 hours for guilty staff absence.


    In the night of 6 on 7 May 2006 Raphaël Mensah (52) walked, Parisien with Togolese roots, and are comrade Alain soup from Ichtegem along the Maalse Steenweg in crosscross cross. Far from the notorious bar the innkeeper did not cross them the path of a group skinheads, who in the bar attended a trouwfeest.

    What followed, was a straight lynchpartij. Three of five shaved youngsters beat and stamped Mensah and soup rots. Soup was for weeks on end incapable of work. Mensah, the LEADER of confessed gospelkoor in Paris, ended up in a deep coma.

    After than one month awoken Mensah more from that coma and he was transmitted to Paris. There he was looked after months still for six, whereupon he dismissals became from the hospital. A small year later Mensah died suddenly to a lung embolism.

    Causal link?

    But the court is of the opinion that the causal link between the battles and Mensahs has been shown dead almost a year later insufficiently. According to the autopsy Mensah have succumbed to a lung disorder. The judge is convinced much of that violence was motivated racism, something what the beklaagden are always continue deny.

    The condemnation for racism is a victory for the centre for equal chances and racism suppression (CGKR), which had put themselves civil party. ‘ The beklaagden have always claimed that they were defied and that racism nothing to experience had’ , lawyer says Luc Arnou. ‘ We are satisfied that the judge thinks about that differently and this has repulsive violence as racist bestempeld.’

    Damages got the CGKR assigned just like the victims. The beklaagden have enough time 15 days make a note of profession.

  4. @ndy says:

    29 years old
    West Flanders
    Last Login: 14/01/2010
    Mood: accomplished

  5. Henry says:

    glad this pig is dead

  6. Schmidt says:

    What’s so significant about this story?

    People get beat up all the time.

  7. CC says:

    This is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever read:

    Well, at least the part I was able to understand…

  8. @ndy says:


    The article — that is, Samoy’s lawyer as cited in the article — attempts to whitewash Samoy’s involvement in the neo-Nazi movement. The fact that he toured Australia in late 2008 (fully two years after beating Mensah into a coma), that the tour was organised by local boneheads belonging to Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins, that he recorded new material with local boneheads while here, would suggest otherwise. (And that’s leaving aside the nature of all his other documented activities in propagandising neo-Nazism.)

    But it’s far from being atypical.

    ‘For the could not live with stamp racist’
    Condemned skinhead makes end to its life
    Cedric Lagast

    NVT – one of the skinheads who was last week condemned in Brugge for the violent attack on the African Raphaël Mensah (52) in 2006, an hour has after he got the sentence under eyes made an end to its life. ‘He found the pronouncement onrechtvaardig’, the father of for the S. says (29). ‘He got no second chance, he saw no future meer.’

    ‘When he got last week hear Tuesday that he was condemned up to two years cell, he paid in’, its father tells. ‘He was desperate. We are with its lawyer on him continue talk into. That still profession possible there was, which he had cherish hope. But when he got Friday the sentence under eyes, something must be break there. He tried its dreams become teacher in smoke to go up. He could not live with the stamp of racist violence ear. My spouse was at him, but he its mother with an excuse has sent house. She had pick up its girlfriend Priscilla of school. When they came home a half hour later, they have him in the entrance hall hall gevonden.’

    Heavy beating

    Almost for four years are Bruggeling for the S. continue continue that he had not taken part in the beating of Raphaël Mensah and its West-Vlaamse friend in May 2006. Two passed bar along the extreem-right Kastelein in Brugge and got it to the stick with some skinheads. Mensah, a Parisian conductor with Gabonese roots, lay more than one month in coma. A year later the man died to a lung embolism. Although a link has always seen its family between its dead and beating a year rather, doctors have been possible show that never.

    Depicted as a liar

    ‘Those two other guys beat already separately, then for the kwam’, those-delicate one says lawyer fin penny Vereecke. ‘He has called that she had stop and he has drawn one of them of the victims. However, admits he that he afterwards has walked away, without ringing the help lines. Those other two confirmed that in the courtroom. But for as onbetrouwbaar, as leugenaar has depicted a Court psychiatrist. He was condemned because of assault and battery, with death to consequence.

    ‘For in the extreem-right environment has long stopped himself, but he has itself never with the political ideals beziggehouden’, its father says. ‘For the was passionate by hard music and he has this way arrived in that environment. Those men talents him podium.’

    The Bruggeling frequently acted at actions of the extreem-right Blood and Honour. At a searching became right hang out the flag, fascist reading and wine bottles with the photograph of Hitler found on. ‘Doubtful voorwerpen’, Vereecke admit. ‘He adored with that environment, but he has never be absorbedded in the ideology. He wrote no leaflets, he was no participant. He even never member has been of Blood and Honour.’

    After the violence on Mensah turned away itself for the S. slowly of the skinheads. ‘Easily was that niet’, Vereecke say. ‘Zowat all are friends came from that group. He was avoided by other people, exactly because he that environment ended up. But become with parent, wisdom came. He was appropriate even its music style aan.’

    ‘For the has tried its get life on the rails, but he has four years in uncertainty geleefd’, its father nods. ‘Each time he was faced with the tale. On the Internet obtained they are name by mud. He became depressively and did in 2008, a first zelfmoordpoging.’

    Worthless diploma

    ‘He tried obtain a diploma of teacher by means of part-time education. He learned know Priscilla by means of the Internet its Brazilian girlfriend, the little girl lives for some months in Belgium. They dreamed of it to move to Brazil, to take care of street children there. He has done a very good training period in Brugge as a teacher, but them him has also pressed afterwards with the nose on the facts: if he was condemned, its diploma worthless zijn.’

    The sentence arrived thus. In a mail to a friend empty for the day before its dead finger on the wound: ‘I never as a teacher with children am able work. I never as bandsman in the United States am able act. I Priscilla am able ensure. I have absolutely no future meer.’

  9. dragon says:

    “He wrote no leaflets, he was no participant. He even never member has been of Blood and Honour.’”

    well he certainly was a member of forum

    “hiya, can you please delete this video of the isd flanders gig, or at least take the pics of faustrecht and kill baby kill off? faustrecht contacted me, they asked specificly not to post any pics or vids as they are in trouble in germany cause of bh…. kbk same story.. cheers, Dieter”

    (check last year’s B&H forum hack for “kbk”)

  10. Fascist Troll says:

    Is this some kind of gay-skin blog or what?
    All who die is a tragedy.
    And “Henry” you worthless cunt should think about karma.
    Nuff said bitches.

  11. @ndy says:

    Karma eh?
    Is that what happens when you beat a man unconscious for being black, four years later get sentenced to two years jail for your part in the assault, then find yourself unable to cope and commit suicide?
    Nuff said.

  12. Fascist Troll says:

    [Racist abuse from Milwaukee.]

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