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Dinosaur Jr : ‘Freak Scene’
Bug [1988] is the third and final pearl in the string of albums released by the original formation of Dinosaur Jr. The music here shows the band moving into ever more orderly realms of composition and structure, even as anecdotal evidence suggests that they were coming apart at their physical seams… (Or so they say.)

Sebadoh : ‘Skull’
Bakesale (1994). Robert Christgau doubted he’d hear a catchier indie album all year.

Mudhoney : ‘You Got It’
Superfuzz Bigmuff plus Early Singles (1988). Compiles their first stellar EP, plus their debut anthem “Touch me I’m sick”, the original studio version of their longest live favorite, “Hate the police”, and much more. Essential. (Or so they say.)

Lazy Cowgirls : ‘Who You Callin’ A Slut?’
Ragged Soul (1995). If The Ramones had been a road-tested biker gang instead of pop-obsessed cartoon speed merchants, they might have sounded something like The Lazy Cowgirls. (Or so they say.)

Yo La Tengo: Sugarcube
1997. Um…

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