Update (October 19) : Poor old rich young Bill get arrest: Va. supremacist arrested, Associated Press: “A white supremacist has been charged with threatening a federal juror. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Bondurant says William White was arrested Friday and charged with obstruction of justice. White is commander of the Roanoke-based American National Socialist Workers Party. Bondurant says the charge involves threatening the foreman of a Chicago jury in the case of Matthew Hale, who was convicted in 2004 of soliciting the murder of a federal judge. Hale was the leader of the World Church of the Creator, which held similar neo-Nazi beliefs as White’s organization. White told The Roanoke Times that he had posted information about a juror on his Web site, Overthrow.com, but that he had made no threats. White was being held without bond on Saturday.” Neo-Nazi arrested, jailed on federal charge: “William A. White of Roanoke has been charged with obstruction of justice, an assistant U.S. attorney says”, Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times.

Western Civilization Teeters on Brink as Zionist Occupation Government Acts to Suppress The Voice of the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party Et Cetera Et Cetera Et Cetera.

In other words: White’s Web site closed by FBI: Overthrow.com has been off-line since federal officials seized computer equipment. “Oct 17, 2008 (The Roanoke Times – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — Federal agents have reportedly seized computer equipment from a Roanoke-based white supremacy group, at least temporarily shutting down a Web site used to spout racist rhetoric. Overthrow.com, which is run by William White, the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, has been off-line since last weekend…” No doubt William will be back to his old tricks in a few days.


On a related note, because the ANSWP asks whether that “nigger” Obama oughta be killed — and well I saw it on the television…

“Niggers Ain’t Gonna Run This Town”: Militancy, Conflict and the Sustenance of the Hegemony in Bogalusa, Louisiana
Seth Hague

The battle for civil rights in Bogalusa, Louisiana was a struggle for power, but it was different from the prototypical struggles in the agricultural South during the 1960s. Industrialization is the main reason for this difference, as the black laborers met challenges distinctly different than the problems associated with the struggle in the agricultural South. Oppressed rural black populations were much more inclined to follow the leadership from groups like CORE and SNCC, whereas the laboring class of blacks in industrialized towns such as Jonesboro and Bogalusa fought themselves for power and demanded that outside coalitions like CORE follow them. They exercised militancy, embedded in them as the result of the rigid class-consciousness imposed by an oppositional white power structure, through an armed self-defense organization they created known as the Deacons for Defense and Justice. The efforts already made by the Jonesboro black laborers, entrenched in a similar situation in another industrialized Louisiana mill town, further inspired militancy in Bogalusa. Once Crown-Zellerbach laborers A.Z. Young and Robert Hicks assumed leadership of the (all-black) Bogalusa Civic and Voters’ League, the community came to embrace the militant rhetoric of the Jonesboro Deacons. Many violent conflicts ensued under this ideology and culminated in a climactic summer in 1965. Consequently, the black workers’ militancy threatened not only the power of the middle class blacks, but also the political and economic hegemony of the white power structure in Bogalusa. Except for a few noteworthy courtroom “victories” versus Crown-Zellerbach, threatening the power structure was virtually the struggle’s only effect as the white power structure subsumed the militancy and rhetoric of the revolutionary Bogalusans…

See also : The Education of Lance Hill, Allen Johnson Jr, Gambit Weekly, July 6, 2004 | White Privilege // Whiteness Studies, October 7, 2008

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13 Responses to Overthrow.com

  1. Bailey says:

    Matt Hale is the biggest faggot ever! I live In East Peoria and these Nazi Fucks Always Have their “Nigger Hatin Rallys” outside of Hardee’s not the best place to get your hatred for blacks out. Go to the south end of Peoria and Give them your Nigger hating Propaganda. That is if you really Don’t like these people you could at least show some fucking conviction And Go to a place where black people might actually hear your bullshit message which is outdated and and thought to be a good idea in 1942 maybe but you would think people would evolve from there and they don’t.

    Hating people while hiding behind a computer You would think the suicide rate for these genetic mistakes would be higher but they keep amazing me. Matt Hale got his ass kicked everyday when he was in high school and to make it he found stupid weak people like William White and countless others to Keep alive The Ignorant Racist Obsolete. The Fact that These people aren’t thinking any Differently than those people hundreds of years before us should scare the shit out of Most People and I have Been to Iraq Twice!!! If you can’t think for yourself You’re already Dead You’re Useless and so much of our population is useless.

    Moral: Anybody visiting sites produced by William White Or Matt Hale Or any Other Thoughtless Retard Who happened to buy a Computer and Thinks his Opinions mean something Don’t Look For Jurors or People Who Don’t think like You to Kill, Kill Yourself.

  2. H. Turner says:

    Hate = telling the truth about blacks, Jews, homosexuals, et. al and speaking out against the destructive far-Left agenda from organized Jewry and their useful idiots, i.e., white liberals and white-hating blacks.


  3. Bill M says:

    well all the shooting and most of the killings here in boston are done by the niggas. They just love shootin and robbin each other. Unfortunately a 12 yr old got hit the other day but the nigs don’t care as in DON’T CARE AND JAIL IS JUST GETTIN YOUR OWN APARTMENT INSTEAD OF MOMS APT. IN THE PROJECTS. Just about all of them live with momma and the parents won’t call 911 and actually enable these pukes. They think the rapcrap is real. We won’t get into this RESPECT THING respect is earned not given but this mud thinks you gotta respect me ’cause I’m living at home no job no money all i got is this piece of crap gun with a taped handle, broken trigger guard, etc… this mud is garbage in its purest form like dog shit (sorry all dogs). The cops have to learn to shoot back, but from what I see they look scared to me. The line of able bodied mud cashin gov’t checks at the months beginning makes me sick come to the nig area bank and see. They are laughing in our faces. TIME FOR CIVIL WAR 2.

  4. dj says:

    Get a brain, MORANS!

  5. Paul Justo says:

    Here Andy, do a post on these lads —


  6. Bryan says:

    HyTrplyfcknkdnppngsndnggrfggt. Yrmthrkdnppdmlngtmg. Yrmthrsnglymthrfcknbldhddpnsrtrd. HytrpleHyslptwthmnnChnndnwyrfckngVncMcMhnsdghtrtgt20wrldttlrgns. Stvstn, TrplH, ndVncMcMhnspprtthwhtfggtsndnggrtrrrstgrptSndbrgHghSchl. ZkKstkshllltsmrtrthnthprncplndSndbrgHghSchl…

  7. Bryan says:

    [Dear Bryan,

    Please stop spamming my blog.]

  8. Where do you truly want to spend enterial life says:

    I myself was a great sinner and had done more wrong than you could imagine.
    Think of Paul the appositle. He was the lead man of killing Christian. He was the next highest up to the Rabbi. Yet God blinded him to see the truth. You have to ask yourself why did this man from being the biggest killer turn to the most well demistration of love and forgiviness. You cant say guilt, because no one that sinful feels that.
    There is a deep sin battling within your soul and you need to have it cast out. We all get delt different hands in life, and all handle it differently. You have to understand that the devil is raging deep inside of you.
    Most of all it is others that lead us away from eternal life in heven. I know there is a way you could turn from it all.
    Regardless of your deepest sin, there is a man that DIED for YOU & all you have to do is turn to him and repent. ETERITY is a long time. You should invest in your future. What you have done can all be forgiven.
    Trust me, acting tough on this email, is not worth it.
    All you have to do is repent of your sins and turn to your savior Jesus Christ.

  9. Dr. Cam says:

    Eterity is the longest time.

    Please don’t act tough on this email, Andy.


  10. Niggapleaz says:

    What a joke…half of the racists on here can’t even spell to save their mothers life and they want to kill blacks and others? Are you fucking kidding me? Look assholes, stop with your whining and stereotyping, that shit is old as Abraham Lincoln’s beard is long. Get over it, blacks and other minorities aren’t going anywhere, you clowns AREN’T rising up to do SHIT and if you do, what makes you think you’d get far? You can’t kill us all and guess what, you never will. So, get out of your trailer parks, put the beer down, get a job, and stop blaming and complaining about black people. We don’t give a damn about y’all anymore. This isn’t 1832 and you don’t shake us. Call us niggers, skanks, porch monkeys, gorillas, whatever you can come up with. That shit is weak as hell, played out and useless. We run shit. Period.

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