“Victory” for neo-Nazis and police in Salem

Swedish police apparently blocked the entry into Sweden of antifa crews from Germany and Denmark, on their way to Salem to help nutzis celebrate their (temporary) occupation of the town, a practice initiated in 2000 and constituting the largest neo-Nazi knees-up in Sweden, and one of the largest such rallies in Europe. In the end, police detained 470 (counter-)protesters, and approximately 700 neo-Nazis completed their mini-Nuremberg rally under the watchful eye of hundreds upon hundreds of police. NB. The few reports available online make it unclear precisely who was stopped from entering the town/country, why, and how many actually attended the event. It is known that neo-Nazis successfully destroyed an autonomous social centre in Stockholm but were unsuccessful in attempting to murder a union activist’s family a few days later.

Sweden: Fascism on the Rise Again, infoshop, December 5, 2008:

The situation today is starting to resemble the situation during the 90’s with financial crisis, a growing sense of insecurity among people and accelerated nazi violence.

…The same-same-but-different-card is habitually played every time anti-racists protest against marching nazis and should, once and for all, be unveiled as the false play it certainly is. If one claims that the twenty or so murders committed by nazis since the 80’s in Sweden alone, as well as the severe hate crimes, arsons, bombings and assaults they have carried out, is equal to the rock-throwing and street fighting of anti-racists, one lacks a sense of proportions. That should be obvious for everybody, at least since Nazis a couple of days ago in cold blood tried to torch a child because her parents are syndicalists and anti-racists…

Not according to some local (Melbourne) “punks”. But fuck ’em

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