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Violence breaks out during Greek teen’s funeral

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Riot police fought running battles with mourners Tuesday after the funeral of a teenager whose shooting by officers triggered Greece’s worst rioting in decades… “Everyone has let our children down … Every day I see that students are becoming more hostile toward us and figures of authority,” said Christos Kittas, who resigned as the dean of Athens University after the rioting spread to campuses…

Mourners and police clash at Greek schoolboy funeral
Mark Tran
December 9, 2008

Officers battle demonstrators outside parliament as pressure mounts on government to call early election

…With many struggling to make ends meet, and one in five living below the poverty line, there is growing discontent over the tough fiscal policies of a government determined to reach the prescriptive benchmarks set out by Brussels and rein in budget deficits. The disaffection has been exacerbated by allegations of corruption and a series of scandals implicating members of Karamanlis’s inner circle.

Secondary school students rushed to join the protests, throwing stones at police in clashes in front of the Athens parliament yesterday, and on islands and mainland towns nationwide.

“A lot of teenagers identify with Grigoropoulos,” said Christos Mazanitis, an Athenian journalist. “There’s a whole generation out there who see their parents in debt and feel they have nothing to look forward to in the future. Fear and despair are what these riots are about.”


    There is a planned rally/vigil for Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Melbourne – the city with the biggest Greek population outside of Greece:

    Saturday, 13th December, 2008
    1:00PM outside the Greek Consulate
    37-39 Albert Road, South Melbourne (St Kilda Rd trams)
    Bring Greek music, friends, candles, flowers, etc.

Teacher Dude’s Grill and BBQ: Random thoughts on teaching EFL/ESL and living in Greece is a really neat sauce of info (mostly on Thessaloniki, where the d00d lives and teaches); some further disco here.

Statist reactionaries are calling for a massive police crackdown on the rioters. If this occurs, it may well require a declaration of martial law, and the army may be called in to smash a sufficient number of heads. In such circumstances, the possibility of another fatality occurring would certainly increase, and the political costs to the state be escalated further as the struggle widens to embrace other groups, and the ghost of ’74 assumes an Earthly visage.

Someone get on the phone to Fukuyama.

Meanwhile, in Oaxaca, Mexico:

Political & Cultural Space in Oaxaca Raided, Fired On, Angry White Kid, December 8, 2008:

To the people of Oaxaca
To the people of Mexico
To Section 22
To the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca
To the media

In the early morning of Monday, December 8, 2008, murderer Ulises Ruiz’s Oaxacan state government, through its Preventative and Municipal police, on board various police pickup trucks and motorcycles, violently attacked those who live and work in the political and cultural space of the house located at 408 Crespo Street in the historic center of Oaxaca, “Oaxacan Autonomous Solidarity House of Self-Sustaining (Autogestive) Work” (Casa Autonoma Solidaria Oaxaquena de Trabajo Autogestivo – CASOTA)…

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