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The anarchist movement in Greece traces its roots to a military junta that ruled the country between 1967 and 1974.

But, reports Malcolm Brabant for the BBC, “rebellion is deeply embedded in the Greek psyche”. The students laying siege to police stations “are undergoing a rite of passage”.

“They may be the iPod generation, but they are the inheritors of a tradition that goes back centuries, when nuns would rather hurl themselves to death from mountain convents than submit to the ravages of Greece’s Turkish Ottoman invaders,” he says.

~ Anarchy’s child, Mark Tran and Anthee Carassava, The Age, December 10, 2008


Greek general strike to go ahead
December 10, 2008

Despite pleas from the Prime Minister amidst the worst rioting in decades a massive general strike is set to take place later today, 10 December.

2.5 million workers in the GSEE and ADEDY general unions, comprising around half of Greece’s total workforce are to strike today.

They are demanding an end to cuts in public spending and attacks on pay and pensions.

Greece’s transport network in particular is set to grind to a halt, as many airlines have already cancelled all flights in and out of the country.

Tens of thousands of workers are expected to pour into the streets, already ravaged by days of clashes over the murder of a teenage boy by police.


In the western port city of Patras, local police forces have recruited fascists to help them quell demonstrations. “CONFIRMED: The anarchist bloc was attacked and chased by riot police and fascists. Demonstrators found shelter in friendly flats in groups of tens and twenties; fascists and undercover cops attacked them from the streets, smashing up windows. UNCONFIRMED: It is rumored that the fascists were transported from Athens and provided with tear gas by the police.” Corporate media is portraying the conflict as being one between rioters (bad) and concerned citizens (good). Thus: “…citizens trying to protect their shops came into conflict with rioters” (As riots continue, Greece faces political crisis, Rachel Donadio and Anthee Carassava, International Herald Tribune, December 9, 2008). Another alternative account (Anonymous, Update from Greece: Alexis’ funeral, terror strategy by the government, San Francisco Bay Area IMC, December 9):

The state apparatus pulled another of its cards today as it used the neo-nazis of Hrisi Avgi against protestors in Patras. A demonstration of 5.000 was hit by neonazis and policemen working in tandem. A still unverified report spoke of a demonstrator with a knife wound in Patras. Reportedly, the neonazis were brought in Patras from some other cities. The situation reminds of 1991, when again the New Democracy party used para-state teams in Patras to smash student uprisings. For the sake of history, that move backlashed and resulted in the death of 5 people and the retreat of the government.

Terror is the word that the state wants spread in peoples’ minds, trying to make part of the society close ranks around it. Reports are coming in from all over Greece that police are “advising” store keepers and home owners to watch out for vandals, keep their stores closed, etc. The neonazi attacks in Patras are being presented by mainstream media as “shop keepers defending their property”. Government uses again the magic word of “asymmetric threat”, as govt spokeperson Panagiotopoulos spoke of “dark motives” of those who revolt and Interior affairs and police minister Pavlopoulos wondered “which purposes those who revolt serve”.

Solidarity demo in Melbourne

    A solidarity demo/rally has been organised for this Saturday:

    Saturday, 13th December, 2008
    1:00PM outside the Greek Consulate
    37-39 Albert Road, South Melbourne (St Kilda Rd trams)
    Bring Greek music, friends, candles, flowers, etc.

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