Informal Anarchist Federation… Again.

I think it was maybe a decade ago that the world last heard of the Informal Anarchist Federation, and by way of a very similar stunt… Oh, actually, it was more recent. Anyway, anarchism, terrorism and the Italian state have a history that is very long and quite tortuous (often literally), but Jane reckons ‘The Italian government identified anarchist-insurrectionalists as “the most active and dangerous” force on the domestic subversion scene in its report to parliament on intelligence and security policy for the first half of 2004. That continues to be the case as a heterogeneous galaxy of anarchist groups takes advantage of the political space left empty by the arrest of the latest generation of Red Brigades militants.’

Threatening letter with bullet sent to Italian leader
The Sydney Morning Herald [AFP]
March 28, 2010

Italy’s postal service intercepted a threatening letter containing a bullet addressed to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, while letter bomb sent to a minister caught fire, police said on Saturday.

A large envelope containing a letter addressed to Berlusconi with the threat “you will end up like a rat” was discovered on Friday in a post office in the Libate suburb of the northern city of Milan…

See also : Alfredo Maria Bonanno in trouble (again) (October 3, 2009) | Smash! Magnavox! Spectacle! Videocracy! (September 4, 2009) | “revolutionaries into secret agents and secret agents into revolutionaries” (August 12, 2008).

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4 Responses to Informal Anarchist Federation… Again.

  1. Jamie-R says:

    Informal Anarchist Federation… and you mentioned the Italian state! I once wanted to be Michael J Fox on the skateboard… HEY AT LEAST I DON’T LIVE IN MELBOURNE. Emo goth tools!

    Oh and Barry Hall!!

  2. Jamie-R says:

    GO GO GO THE DOGS. Western Bulldogs! I see the flag as I enter into Melbourne country from South Australia. Those Dogs! THOSE DOGS.

    On an aside, I looked up winning percentages since football begun to my disgust Collingwood was at the top. I think Victoria should include SANFL statistics, you know why? Victoria is not the world.

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