LOL ADL : “Australian Defence League” Rally : Melbourne, April 9

    Update (March 28) : It appears that the ADL has decided that discretion is the better part of valour, as one of two Facebook Event pages promoting the mini-Nuremberg Rally has been cancelled (“This event is no longer available because it has been cancelled”).* Those left holding the bag are Glenn Anderson, Mark Hill, Zowie Hodgson, Brian McCrory and Robert Wills. Oh, and the APP and the SCS have offered their support, but what this means in reality is anybody’s guess. Presumably, a few older men in cardigans and some inebriated boys wearing the Australian flag as a cape may attend.

    *Following the publication of an article in the Herald Sun advertising the rally AGAINST IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAM, the ADL — a bloke from Perth called ‘Jack’ — has decided to go back to the drawing-board and, in a stroke of genius, re-titled the protest as one against Sharia Law, which is apparently about to sweep down upon Flinders Street Station. Or something. Presumably, the next step in the ADL’s ideological re-positioning will be the adjustment of its aim from the cleansing of Australia of all Muslims to defending Australia from ‘Islamic extremism’.

    Update : Far-Right white supremacists planning anti-Islam march on state Parliament, Padraic Murphy, Nick Leys, Herald Sun, March 27, 2010 | Keep racism out, [Editorial], Herald Sun, March 27, 2010.

Uh-oh spaghetti-oh…

It seems like the E, E, EDL’s last ‘victory’ in Bolton has finally inspired local bigots to organise a rally of their own. Sadly for this mob, This Is Boston, not L.A. Melbourne not Bolton, so the likelihood of any further ‘victory’ is pretty slim… although on the other hand, if the organisers can recruit local patriots from the local punk and skinhead milieu, who knows? At least then they’ll have a soundtrack.

In any event, three boofheads have nominated themselves as organisers of the event: ‘Jack’ from the ADL (Australian Defence League), Mark Hill and Robert Wills. It’s being promoted on Facebook (of course), and scheduled to take place on the afternoon of Friday, April 9 @ Flinders Street Station. The rally is then, it seems, supposed to march from Flinders Street to Parliament House on Spring Street, a process which is scheduled to take three hours.


Date: Friday, 09 April 2010
Time: 13:30 – 16:30
Town/City: Melbourne, Australia






Mad as cut snakes, obviously, but not necessarily unable to bring together a few angry young White men eager to demonstrate their masculinity against the enormous threat posed to them and their women by “DIRTY ARABIC BUTCHERS”. Further, given the disruption which has accompanied the antics of the Little Englanders in The Mother Country, the event is likely to attract the fulsome attention of state authorities — that, and the fact that the rally is scheduled to take place at the busiest public transport thoroughfare in Melbourne.

At a more general level, public hysteria, such as it is, regarding the supposedly corrosive effects of IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAM on Australian society is one, perhaps inevitable by-product of the relentless torrent of propaganda from the state and corporate sector regarding the threat posed by Islamists. While this is a message still strongly associated with the former HoWARd Government, which effectively used it, among other other phobias, to prolong its rule, it’s also a factor capitalised upon by the KRudd Government. Last month, KRudd re-emphasised the threat Islamists still pose to the Australian public (Homegrown terrorism an increasing threat, says Rudd, The Age, February 23, 2010) as a means of justifying, at least in part, policies which are only marginally distinguishable from his predecessor.

Leaving the context for such performances aside, the last occasion upon which local (Melbourne) bigots attempted to capitalise upon unease with the presence of Muslims in Australia was, by comparison to the antics of the ADL, relatively moderate, even if the action itself was exceedingly bizarre. Thus in December 2006, a handful of concerned suburbanites declared their intention to organise a contingent of bikini-clad women to descend upon a mosque in Brunswick; not unexpectedly, the organisers abandoned their plans soon after it became clear that: a) there was nobody actually willing to execute it and; b) a tiny number of local fascists declared their support for the proposal (see : It’s Official: ‘Chicks in Bikinis’ prefer Beaches to Mosques, December 10, 2006). In the end, the mosque declared an Open Day and hosted a community BBQ, no bigots were stoopid enough to march, and the day passed peacefully into posterity as one of the more bizarre examples of massively misguided community activism.

The ADL, then, has a difficult job ahead of it, which is partly why it’s attempting to secure support from, for example, racist yoof belonging to the Southern Cross Soldiers, and a myriad of other tiny bands of bigots. (Of course, it would welcome support from just about any quarter in the fight against IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAM.) Regardless of the level of support it does secure, local anti-racist activists have organised a meeting to discuss the event, and what might be the most appropriate response to it. Given that this is the first occasion upon which the ADL has attempted to organise such a provocation, it is also a unique opportunity to ensure that it is met with strong opposition.

    Meeting to plan actions against racist rally
    6pm, Tuesday, March 30, 2010
    Trades Hall, Cnr Victoria & Lygon Sts, Carlton


See also : Stunning victory for Scottish Defence League in Edinburgh (February 21, 2010) | EDL in Stoke (January 25, 2010) | New South Whales will NEVER have Sharia Law! (January 6, 2010) | Stop Islamisation of Harrow (in Defence of England)! (September 12, 2009) | English Defence League (September 7, 2009).

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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40 Responses to LOL ADL : “Australian Defence League” Rally : Melbourne, April 9

  1. kinko says:

    looks like these fellows listened to one too many repeats of Von Thronstahl’s “this is Europe not LA”

  2. Gabs says:

    Being executed in public would be less punishing than having to encounter one of these nutzis at the train station. Unless i had a bad-ass katana.

    And it’s interesting, my local arabic butcher doesn’t do female circumcisions. Or male circumcisions for that matter. Makes damn good sausages but, and only from historically clean animals.

    Good dude.

  3. Liam says:



  4. @ndy says:



  5. BashBackMelbourne says:

    Should there still be a few Antifa hanging around Flinders Street Station on the day just in case?

  6. @ndy says:

    In declaring war on all immigrants and Muslims, the bigots who’ve organised the event have managed to antagonise (given their general idiocy, almost certainly unwittingly) a very large and diverse group of people. So, I think it’s almost certain that anti-fascists will be present on the day, as will various others who don’t want the cretinous attitudes expressed by the racists who’ve organised the event to go unchallenged.

  7. gnwp says:



    None of those questions required yes or no answer…

  8. BashBackMelbourne says:

    Black Hoodies a-go-go then…

  9. Paul says:

    Antifa LOL.

  10. Justin Kaze says:

    I am doing my job quietly and it is driving Mohammedans against the wall. If you want to know more, read the novel “The Year of the Green Snake: The Year of Serendipity” about a solitary man’s personal war on Islam… Terror, that is.
    Thomas Justin Kaze

  11. Mohammed Ali says:

    Who ever is not happy with this country and the way it is now including the diversity of Muslims Christians and Jew and Others… Can simply go back to their original country… None of you is more Australian than the others… all of you are Australians no matter what color or religion you practice.

    Don’t think coming to this country 100 years before the other makes you more Australian, this country has a long history before you come and will have long future with you or without you.

    I am new Muslim migrant and Australia is my homeland… I am staying whether you like or not, so I believe it’s your problem and you have to deal with it.



  12. Free World says:

    You must be either blind or stupid or both if you cannot see what has happened in other countries is starting to happen here with muslims wanting their sharia laws brought in here.
    Have you ever seen an animal having its head cut off with a knife while still alive?
    Do you think it is ok? That is what takes place. That is what halal is.
    If you will not accept my word, do some research please.

  13. @ndy says:

    A few things.

    1. @Justin: baiting Muslims isn’t hard, but it’s hardly something to brag about. The last novel I read was by Stieg Larsson.
    2. @Mohammed Ali: cheers to you too.
    3. @Free World. Bollocks. Stop investing Muslims with magickal powers. Besides, I’m a vegetarian.

  14. Fascist Troll says:

    I have known mates who have been insulted racially by muslims. Andy, stop protecting criminal arses!

  15. Thomas says:

    A trades hall meeting? I thought the Communist/Socialist groups only used the Trades Hall for meetings. I find all this to be a little bit of a dumb joke that you guys need to think about a little more.
    ADL are pro-Jewish so how are they all the crap written here?
    It would appear that someone is having a lend of you Andy…hint, hint.

  16. Ron Burgandy says:

    There’s going to be a militant cultural revolution anyway its only a matter of when and who. Sooner the better to get it over and done with, or else, bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine. Sydney is a death trap already. Good luck.

  17. alex says:

    [Dear Alex,

    During the course of the last few weeks you’ve described me in the following terms:

    bourgeois reactionary prick;
    fascist, corporate capitalist bourgeois lackey pig;
    [having a] reactionary CIA, ASIO sucking arse;
    colonialist liberal rat fuck cunt;

    Apart from being mildly amusing, this fact suggests to me that you are vewy, vewy angwy.


    No doubt you’ll be even angrier now that I’ve edited your comment. But until such time as you apologise for being a) rude and b) a plagiarist, your comments will not be published.



  18. The Realist says:

    So if all is well and there is no problems with our new Muslim friends, can any of you head in the sand clowns explain why there are 23 Muslims currently serving sentences for terrorist plots to murder Australians on Australian soil?

    How about you mouth almighty “Muhammed Ali”? Care to tell us all why your brothers in religion want to murder Australians? Oh yeah, they weren’t plotting to murder Muslim Australians, were they?

    Apparently there is a difference. Some “Australians” are more equal than others. We are only infidels, right?

  19. @ndy says:

    Why are there 23 Muslims currently serving sentences for terrorist plots to murder Australians on Australian soil?

    Obviously, because they were charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. Dunno about the 23 figure though: in December 2010, Saney Aweys, Wissam Fattal and Nayef El Sayed were found guilty of conspiring to prepare for, or plan, a terrorist attack (Yacqub Khayre and Abdirahman Ahmed were found not guilty); Abdul Nacer Benbrika and six of his followers were jailed in February 2009 for the same crimes(s); Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho, Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rakib Hasan and Mohammed Omar Jamal got done for conspiracy a year later; while the first mentalist doing time in jail was Faheem Khalid Lodhi (sentenced in August 2006).

    That’s 16 by my count. Are there seven more Australian Muslims in jail overseas perhaps?

    Whether the number of Australian Muslims doing time in jail for conspiracy is 16 or 23, however, this figure needs to be placed in context, which is that there are something like 340–400,000 of the buggers running around. In other words, only around 0.0067% are your ‘problem’ (as you define it).

    Which is a pretty small figure, I think.

    So: dunno if you’re an infidel or not, nor do I care, but you’re a pretty silly troll either way.

  20. The Realist says:

    “Whether the number of Australian Muslims doing time in jail for conspiracy is 16 or 23, however, this figure needs to be placed in context, which is that there are something like 340–400,000 of the buggers running around. In other words, only around 0.0067% are your ‘problem’ (as you define it).”

    So where are the Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Copts, Buddhists, Shintos, Atheists and Agnostics serving time for attempting to murder Australians in terrorist attacks? Ooh that’s right its only Muslims, isn’t it? In that context, is not 0.000000001% far too many?

    See, quoting statistics is kind of double edged isn’t it?

    “So: dunno if you’re an infidel or not, nor do I care, but you’re a pretty silly troll either way.”

    I am not an infidel. I am a Christian. One who does not practice. And you still haven’t answered the question. Why is there even one Muslim in jail for plotting to murder Australians in Australia?

    Which seeing as you can’t, makes you a lot sillier than me.

    So as not to end our association on a bad note, Swan for the Brownlow and Pies Premiers in 2011.

  21. Lumpen says:

    I am not an infidel. I am a Christian. One who does not practice.

    What a coincidence. I’m a non-practicing billionaire. You might need to look up the definition of “infidel”.

    The case of the Barwon 13 is not without its controversies. My understanding of the case is that they were arrested and found guilty for discussing the possibility that terrorism could be justified in certain situations and possessing materials (instructions, plus materials provided to them by an undercover cop) that might have made this possible, not for actually plotting to kill anyone. I do think they are a bunch of dickheads, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say they were attempting to kill anyone.

    BTW, there’s a white guy awaiting to be sentenced for throwing his four year old daughter off a bridge. When will white people fix their culture? They’ve had thousands of years to fix the problem of filicide and yet they do nothing. How many white men are in jail for killing their children or their wives?

  22. Aussie says:

    So muslims can be bad people and come from a not so fortunate culture,ect, sounds true.
    Australians can be bad people and come from a very ignorant country,ect, sounds true.

    It is also more than likely muslims could be more dangerous than the everyday australian providing the background they come from, but if you step out of the perfect little world you live in and realise you are not more important than everyone else, you might be able to see the big picture, maybe/i hope.

    I think @ndys point is realist, to be realistic/in reality, the world and certain parts of the world are not to be owned and controlled. The world is and was only ever there for everyone to live on and for everyone to enjoy, despite its problems.

    I do see your point, there will be dramas along the way while humans try to fix their fuck up, but eventually (maybe) the world will work together not separate from one another, no more wars, no more hate, ect, ect, ect.

    I do think the government could help out a little more with different cultures intergrating, but what difference does it make if people like yourself do nothing? Is it one of those nobody else does it so why should I kinda situations or something?

    I used to think like you realist, then i woke up (literally), into reality.

    Not having a dig mate, just trying to help.

  23. Eric says:

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… ect, ect, ect!!

  24. @ndy says:

    First, Zoroastrians constitute a tiny minority (consisting of perhaps one or two or even three thousand individuals) of the Australian population; the same applies to followers of the Shinto religion, who are even less numerous. There are tens of thousands of Copts in Australia, as there are Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs; atheists and agnostics are the most numerous of these groups.

    Religious demography aside, the obvious point you’re attempting to make–quite clumsily, it seems to me– is that there is something intrinsic to Islam which lends itself to ‘terrorism’. As evidence, you cite the fact that during the course of the last decade, 23 (or perhaps 16) Muslims have been convicted of conspiring to commit terrorism.

    It’s not a very good argument.

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  26. deq blaque says:

    it’s sad that the big 3, and make no mistake about it, this is what the big 3 have forced australian’s to become. divisive. some of the comments written above are from treasonous elements within australia.


  27. @ndy says:

    are the big 3 related in any way to the famous 5?

  28. deq blaque says:

    thanks for censoring my comments clearly hit an open forum here

  29. @ndy says:

    1. read my comments policy.
    2. i take it the famous 5 are the power behind the big 3.

  30. Groompy Tom says:

    I’m going to assume the author hasn’t actually read the Quran.

    I’m right aren’t I?

    Either that, or he thinks it’s OK to support the teachings of a man who says it’s OK to kill another.

    I hope it’s the latter.

  31. @ndy says:

    I take it logic isn’t your strong point Groompy Tom.

  32. deq blaque says:

    use your imagination on the big 3. it’s staring you in the face with culturecide.

  33. Tallulah says:

    I have a couple of friends that joined the ADL at the rally. I know the views of these two friends well. They are not against all Muslims, nor do they want to kick all Muslims out of the country nor reduce them to 2nd class citizenship. They are only campaigning against the tactics of radical Islamism. On the ADL Facebook page (the one with Martin Brennan, not the fake one) the statement of the group states clearly that they are not against all Muslims.

    If you aim to be just – and the thing that is wrong with bigotry is its injustice – then you should be careful to distinguish those who actually hate Muslims from those who want to make sure that the Islamists do not succeed in their incremental efforts to move western countries toward Islamization. Such efforts by the radicals, when they are allowed to succeed, not only encroach on secular society, they also move society towards a backlash against Muslims in general.

    There are Muslims who agree with the concerns of the ADL. I recommend that you go to this website and watch the video at the top of the page, to the right:

    That is the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

    The concerns of the ADL and many other Australians do have a basis in reality. Shouting down those who take a public stand against radical Islamism is unjust, and it does nothing to change the minds of that segment of worried people among them who may be painting all Muslims with too broad a brush.

    If you want to do the just thing, rather than merely stoke your moral vanity by attacking those you designate (wrongly) as Nazis and fascists, then you need to clean up your act.

  34. @ndy says:

    G’day Tallulah,

    Yes. I obviously don’t know your friends, but I am aware of a number of public statements by Martin and other members of the ADL that they are not ‘against all Muslims’, just ‘Islamic extremism’; the ADL’s parent organisation (the EDL) and other such formations make the same claims.

    At best, I regard these and other such statements as being disingenuous; at worst, they are outright lies.

    Fear and hatred of Muslims–often termed Islamophobia–lies at the heart of these groups, and is what propels them into action.

    Now, not being complete and utter idiots, and having a rudimentary understanding that openly and honestly expressing this sentiment would likely alienate a wider circle of sympathisers (as well as generate greater hostility on the part of the wider public, media, and other social institutions, not to mention the law), these groups and individuals have learned to be more careful in their public pronouncements on the subject of Islam. But scratch beneath the surface and this fear and hatred is clear. Further, the issue is not just one concerning what these groups and individuals say, both publicly and privately, but what they do.

    In Australia, the ADL (Mark II) is still in its infancy. The rally on Sunday was its first public display of this kind (the earlier, non-rally in April not being organised by Martin). The EDL, however–whose leader, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, appointed fellow Englishman Martin to lead the local convicts into battle–has a longer, and well-documented history of open provocation and anti-social violence. Its numerous public rallies and marches have been aimed precisely at Muslim and Asian communities in England, and the behaviour of its frequently drunken members (the EDL invariably uses pubs as its meeting points) has resulted in hundreds of violent incidents. In targetting ‘Muslim’ and/or ‘Asian’ areas, the EDL is replicating the efforts of the National Front in the 1970s and prior to this Mosley’s neo-Nazi blackshirts in the 1930s, which organised marches through areas of London and other cities with large Jewish populations. Inevitably, there was conflict.

    Beyond this, a few points.

    First, the idea that Australia is under imminent, short, medium or long-term threat of an Islamic takeover is utterly ludicrous. Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, whom Martin nominates as being a serious threat to the Australian way-of-life-football-meat-pies-kangaroos-and-Holden-cars, is a publicity whore with bugger-all followers. He does, however, provide corporate media with good vision–hence his prominence.

    Secondly, “a backlash against Muslims in general” has been going on for some time, most obviously since 9/11, but arguably gaining pace ever since the collapse of Communism. To blame the handful of Islamic mentalists in Australia for this ‘backlash’ is simply mistaken. It also ignores a longer history of ‘terrorism’ within Australia committed by non-Muslim forces and which–in some instances, such as that of the Ustasha–actually received passive support from the Australian state. In any event, earlier and deadlier forms of ‘terrorism’ certainly didn’t result in the same panicked reaction.

    Finally, of course the “concerns of the ADL and many other Australians” do have some “basis in reality”: Australia does have a Muslim population, after all, and included in this population is people like Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon. But apart from their marginality, the obvious question that needs to be asked is: why target Muslim mentalists? (There are, after all, many more Christians in Australia, and many more Christian mentalists.) And why in this fashion? That is, why import into Australia an organisational model and ideology from England–one which has produced a good deal of anti-social violence–in order to combat the rantings of some bizarro from Sydney?

    It’s bollocks.

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  36. richard holroyd says:

    Islam has a world wide agenda to supplant and dominated whatever culture or country in which it takes root. It is a long term plan of years even decades . It will use any means available to accomplish its aim…the total Islamisation of that society. It will use stealth . If the society is one,like the West,with a Humanist agenda…the individuals “rights” are important…all the better. Islam sees this as weakness and to be used to its advantage . Dont kid yourself the “true believer” muslim has no real desire for “this world”…only for the things of Allah. They actually hate our life style and values…and one of the “stealth” weapons in use is Halal…where the “infidel” finances their own downfall…(large % of monies from halal goes to jihad). Unfortunately many people or most people are asleep to this. We are so APATHETIC . She,ll be right . with people like Andy ready to defend them agaist his own kith and kin not seeing (or caring) what is really happening. I say these things because I,ve looked into this. I also have a friend who converted to Christianity from Islam. As a zealous muslim he spent most of his time at the Mosque…after the Mosque many hours at private meetings with future and experienced muslims talking about the future ISLAMIC AUSTRALIA. They said he would be expected to raise his sons for Jihad…this is not a JOKE. For crying out loud wake up. If you think you will escape because you made it easy dont hold your breath…when it comes to the choice you either convert…or . in most cases die. Many have already and many will in the future…and if you have no faith to fall back on you will convert PS 3 Trillion $ ww in Halal

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