New South Whales will NEVER have Sharia Law!

Or so says the Australian Defence League (ADL).

Lucky whales.

The Mother Country continues to inspire The Colonies.

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Of course, the “Australian Defence League” or ADL has a history (as does the ADL).

In 1936 [Harrison, Eric Fairweather (1880 – 1948)] had been a government delegate to the International Labour Conference in Geneva and in 1937-43 was president of the Australian Council of Employers’ Federations. As chairman of the Victorian branch of the Australian Defence League he was involved in the 1938 campaign to stimulate voluntary recruitment for the Citizen Military Forces. In World War II he was called from the reserve of officers and again appointed commandant of the R.M.C. on 1 August 1940 as an honorary brigadier; he was also responsible for a school for trainees seeking A.I.F. commissions. One of the Duntroon cadets named him ‘Banana Body’: it ‘may have been irreverent but it was apt; in profile Brigadier Harrison, an imposing figure, was not fat but noticeably convex’. He retired from the R.M.C. on 15 January 1942. In 1944 he became president of the Victorian Employers’ Federation and represented employers as a member of the Discharged Servicemen’s Employment Board. He was still holding these posts when he died in Melbourne on 15 April 1948; he was cremated with Anglican rites.

Bonus BS!

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