Fascist pomes

‘It[‘]s our England’ is an awesome pome by an “anonymous 16yr old female supporter” of the patriotik ‘English Defence League’. It is sure to swell your heart and bring a tear to your eye.

    Do you know what have you done, with your twisted dreams?
    How you ignore people’s heartache, ignored their screams[?]
    Did you feel any remorse as the planes hit the towers?
    Or did you get endless pleasure, during America’s darkest hours[?]

    You sent the innocents to their death without even a thought
    You’re [sic] crazy Koran; your book, it’s what you thought you were taught
    Did you join in the planning, the slaughter on seven/seven[?]
    Did you hold street parties during Ramadan to celebrate nine/eleven?

    You took advantage of tolerance, you under estimated the resolve of the [W]est
    You learnt [sic] the infidel the word HATE, and just how to detest
    You created bitterness and contempt disturbed the sleeping beast
    Gave us a new vocabulary on which we the infidel learnt to feast

    Extremist, [t]raitor, Allah Akbar [sic], words seldom used in our land
    But then you taunted our brave soldiers, and now you have forced our hand
    The time has come to draw the sword, now our eyes are opened wide
    We cannot, will not lose this war, you see we have England on our side

    We will try to protest peacefully, we do not want disorder for our street
    The infidel is no longer friendly; [e]xtremism and terrorism will be beat
    Oh don’t doubt our hatred for you; we won’t rest till you left [sic] these shores
    A message for [L]abour and Gordon Brown, we aren’t taking this any more

    Between you, you destroyed our country, our people afraid to have their say
    As soon as they have an opinion, well the race card comes out to play
    Our freedom of speech lies in the gutter; our people have their heads in the sand
    A message for UAF, [L]abour and Choudray [sick], we are going to take back England

    To EDL when things are tough, please keep this message in mind
    You are fighting for our England back, for every man, woman and child


So much for poetry. As for prose: preston boy (Sep 15th, 2009 at 10:53 pm) writes “i tell u what mate il come down there and ave u a 1-1,all that is shit what you said,we was well outnumbered you dumb prick give me your number and arrange a meet u little faggot”, while Youngy (Sep 18th, 2009 at 11:46 am) adds “@ndy, your account is so full of bullsh!t you’d win the award for the best fictional short story award of 2009! Now feck off ya little toe rag, you wer[e]n’t there cause you were getting your bum spanked by your mother!”

See also : Cronulla Says “Eureka” (The Story Untold), a pome by Ben:

    Wheels of momentum steel and fire,
    Caged in a prison of time,
    Unknown to the day in Jesus,
    In clothes not worth a crime;
    Conforming the world of a rotten law,
    Primitive and outdated in time,
    Confused in the might and power of war.

    Eternally dammed under a haunting
    Written hand – in a manual before born,
    Cursed to live a wasteful life untold,
    Bowing heads of a thorn.
    Ordered by belief, no feelings of thought,
    With freedoms of a slave,
    Brought about by altered wisdom,
    Lonely and confused unworthy to save.

    Mohammed’s men amounted fifteen,
    Armed a march to Cronulla’s Beach,
    In the new land travelled, all must
    Perish and burn in dieing blood of a leach,
    It was a planned conquest to
    Weaken the Australian sole,
    Force us in to a shell of fear,
    Shattering dreams of a whole…

[Et cetera.]

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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3 Responses to Fascist pomes

  1. Paul Justo says:

    “Weaken the Australian sole”

    Did he really write that?!!!

    My soles are well looked after cobber.


  2. veto says:

    That’s fucked.

  3. @ndy says:


    Yes, he did. Further, Islam seeks to rob Westerners of their footwear, to be replaced with sandals, manufactured in Mecca.


    Why is the Left silent about this?

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