Neo-Nazis, tattoos, stabbings and muzak… same old story.

Neo-Nazis, tattoos, stabbings and muzak.

Same old story.

Left to right: Gary Smith, Jean-Charles Tanzi, Will Browning and Daniel Jack of the band No Remorse which recorded the album Barbecue in Rostock (source: The album celebrates the events of August 1992, when a mob in Rostock besieged and burned a house for asylum seekers to the applause of 2,000 bystanders, and under the patient gaze of German police. See: Foreigners, Go Home!, Daniel Benjamin, Time, November 23, 1993. Also: Lars Rensmann, Confronting the New Germany: Neo-Nazi Violence and The State of Racism, Barricade Publishing, Melbourne, 1995.

I left group after stabbing, admits trial man
Jersey Evening Post
November 20, 2009

A JERSEY MAN accused of plotting to spread Neo-Nazi propaganda admitted to a London jury yesterday that he was a former member of extremist group Combat 18. However, William Browning (39), a former Les Quennevais School pupil, claimed that he was ‘just putting two fingers up to the establishment’. He said that he had left Combat 18 after a friend was stabbed to death in an internal feud because he felt that the group had ‘lost the moral high ground’. Mr Browning is in the dock alongside his old schoolfriend, St Helier tattoo artist Jon Denny-Mallen (40), at Southwark Crown Court. They are both accused of trying to incite racial hatred by importing racist hard rock CDs from Poland into Jersey. The albums, by band No Remorse, were a product of the so-called Blood and Honour rock scene and promoted anti-semitism in their lyrics, it is claimed. Mr Browning, who has addresses in Deptford and Almorah Crescent, St Helier, and Mr Denny-Mallen, of St Martin, both deny one charge of conspiracy to distribute material with intent to stir up racial hatred between 1 January and 13 July 2006. The trial continues.

In Australia, Justin O’Brien of ‘Hold Fast Body Art’ in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood is a tattooist and the organiser for Blood & Honour Victoria. On September 28, he and three of his kameraden paid an impromptu visit to the ‘Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre’ in Northcote, where the group proceeded to terrorise a meeting of a group campaigning against sexual violence. Subsequent weeks saw the front of the building daubed with swastikas.

Importing ‘No Remorse’ CDs into Jersey is apparently some kinda crime, but in Australia the band’s product is available for purchase from both Blood & Honour and Combat 18. From Combat 18 Australia — — you can buy the albums ‘Deutschland’, ‘Oi Monkey’ and ‘See you in Valhalla’; from 9percent — — ‘This time the world’. Both sites also flog neo-Nazi kitsch and propaganda (books, flags, hats, keyrings, patches, pendants, pins, t-shirts and zines).

‘No Remorse’ (1986–1996) also has the distinction of having had an Aussie — ‘Aussie’ Nigel Brown — play with the band; joining No Remorse in 1991, Nigel (a local boy) can also boast of having performed with Australian reich ‘n’ rollers ‘White Lightning’, members of which have since formed Sydney-based band ‘T.H.U.G.’.


See also : Aryan Martyrs’ Brigade Are Go! (August 6, 2009) | From Greensboro to Washington (June 14, 2009).

£2,000 ‘was for gigs, not racist CDs’
Jersey Evening Post
November 21, 2009

A JERSEYMAN accused of paying £2,000 to import racist CDs into Jersey told a London court yesterday that the money was for a series of hard-rock gigs in east London.

William Browning (39), a former Les Quennevais School pupil, claimed that he needed the cash to promote Polish [neo-Nazi] punk act The Gits and called the lead singer to give evidence on his behalf.

Mr Browning, who admits that he was member of violent right-wing organisation Combat 18, is accused of trying to incite racial hatred using neo-Nazi ‘Blood and Honour’ records.

In July 2006 Jersey Customs officers intercepted a package of 100 CDs sent from Poland and addressed to a tattoo parlour in Hope Street owned by his childhood friend and co-defendant Jon Denny-Mallen (40). The albums, entitled Deutschland and recorded in the 1990s by one of Mr Browning’s former groups, No Remorse, contained inflammatory racist and anti-Semitic lyrics.

The two men are in the dock at Southwark Crown Court accused of trying to incite racial hatred by importing the CDs from Poland into Jersey. Mr Browning, who has addresses in Deptford and Almorah Crescent, St Helier, and Mr Denny-Mallen, of St Martin, both deny one charge of conspiracy to distribute material with intent to stir up racial hatred between 1 January and 13 July 2006.


Members of Combat 18 were apparently involved in a brawl with members of the ‘English Defence League’ (EDL) recently. According to one anonymous source, two C-18 “wannabes” — Noel Barrington and Tony Carney — were beaten up following the EDL’s rally in London on October 31 (the incident supposedly occurred outside a pub — with the fabulous name of ‘The Lord Moon of the Mall’ — in Whitehall).

Added Bonus!

In Australia, the local Hammerskins and Volksfront franchises play together nicely; in Europe and the US, it’s a slightly different story. At one of David Irving‘s speeches in Florida recently, four neo-Nazis attacked another — the victim, John Kopko (43), stabbed one of his attackers, Christopher Nachtman (31): both were taken to hospital. Kopko is supposedly a member of ‘Crew 38’, the junior membership of the Hammerskins; Nachtman, on the other hand, has supposedly been aligned with Volksfront.

Or is it the other way around?

Anyway, in Europe, the Hammerskins have allegedly been cleaning house, evicting — or attempting to evict — the Volksfront franchise from Germany.

See also : Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour (April 12, 2009) | Blood & Honour / C18 in Australia (February 26, 2008).

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6 Responses to Neo-Nazis, tattoos, stabbings and muzak… same old story.

  1. Duncan says:

    I was very interested to see this, Will Browning has kept an exceptionally low profile for several years and now goes to court for such a trivial offence. Odd.

  2. @ndy says:

    “A JERSEY tattoo artist accused of trying to smuggle far-right hate propaganda into England was a follower of cult killer Charles Manson and even had a lock of his hair, a court in London heard yesterday.”

    That’s what I call odd.

  3. Dis says:

    What about all the rap cds that are sold everywhere. [They’re] full of racist lyrics against white people and the police [do] nothing about it! That[‘]s odd!

  4. @ndy says:

    Excellent point Dis.

    It’s about time someone in Australia organised a protest outside a music shop regarding the availability of rap (so-called) ‘music’.

    The British People’s Party did so in Leeds last October, and it was a roaring success.

  5. Terry says:

    Jon Denney-Mallen is Big Jacko of No Remorse. His name that has been cited in NR CDs is Daniel Jack. Sound familiar. Plus, other than some profile shots – there are very few new photos of Big Jacko online. Compare the above shot with that of the tattooed gentleman on his way to court. No Remorse are alive and well. Despite their legal troubles a new album has been recorded. The reason for the delay in the new album has been legal troubles. Go figure.

  6. NOT says:

    Jon Denney-Mallen is not the same Daniel Jack [?].

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