Bradley Trappitt, Combat 18 & The Weerheym Manoeuvre

I beg Odin to watch over you with his loving eye / If my life must end for you and my race then I will … give it / Your smile melts the most Iron heart, your holy body wrapped in the red, white and black of the Swastika flag…

~ ‘Aryan Princess’, Bradley Trappitt, May 22, 2005

Bradley Neil Trappitt and three friends, allegedly members of the local franchise of neo-Nazi network Combat 18, were apparently drunk on February 4, 2010, and so decided it would be both ace and grouse to fire three shots at the dome roof of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Queens Park in Perth. Trappitt was fined more than $9000 for his involvement in the shooting (co-accused, Jacob Marshall Holt, 24, previously pleaded guilty on similar charges and was given a seven-month jail sentence suspended for 12 months).

Trappitt was charged with wilfully damaging property, possessing an unlicensed firearm and unlawfully discharging a firearm from across the road.

In the Perth Magistrates Court on Monday, the 25-year-old was fined $5000 for criminal damage, $3750 for his part in the reparation costs for the mosque, $1000 for the two firearm offences and $62.60 in court costs.

Magistrate Steven Heath said the fine needed to be a “substantial one to reflect the seriousness” of the crime.

He said Trappitt’s involvement could be distinguished from his co-accused as a “lesser role” and accepted that he co-operated when he was questioned.

But he said it was still a “foolish decision” to participate in the crime.

Trappitt’s lawyer Curt Hofmann said his client drove the car to the mosque but never got out of the vehicle.

He said Trappitt was trying to show “bravado” among his friends and was acting out of “stupidity”.

~ Mosque shooter fined more than $9000, The Age (AAP), August 23, 2010

Bradley is innocent until proven now considered guilty, obviously; curiously, he’s also friends with Welf Herfurth, the (former) ‘leader’ of the dwindling ranks of ‘national anarchists’ in Australia. (Herfurth now appears to prefer to spend his time organising grown-ups in the local franchise of the neo-Nazi Volksfront network in Sydney.) Along with Herfurth and a range of other fascist creeps, Trappitt is BFF with the Sydney-based Creatard Chris Smith.

Despite this, “Trappitt’s lawyer Curt Hofmann had earlier told the court the shooting wasn’t racially motivated but just a stupid stunt by four friends who wanted to show off after they had been drinking.”


‘Combat 18’ originated in the UK in the late 1980s as a militant, anti-anti-fascist network dedicated to causing terror among neo-Nazism’s political opponents — “left-wing bookshops, gay pubs and anti-apartheid activists” — and to defending the organising activity of its parent networks ‘Blood & Honour’ and the BNP. Those involved also referred to Combat 18 as ‘Terror Machine’, and took great delight in the fear and loathing its activity was intended to generate. Like many other stories on the fringes of the far right, however, it ended in tears: former leader Paul ‘Charlie’ Sargent one of two Aryan Supermen convicted of murdering kameraden Christopher Castle (by sticking a knife 20cm into his back) in 1997.

Since then, C18 — which, while also gathering a reputation as a state-sponsored honeypot, cultivated links with Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland/The Six Counties — grew and expanded overseas. Currently, C18 appears to eke out a sporadically violent existence nestled among broader fascist networks in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, while also remaining closely tied to one of two splinters in the neo-Nazi network ‘Blood & Honour’. In Australia and New Zealand, B&H is aligned with non-C18 elements, and in particular the local franchises of the US-based Hammerskins network. Their principal bonehead rival is another local franchise of yet another US-based group called Volksfront. In the US (and elsewhere) the rivalry between the two groups can be quite intense, even bloody, but locally it’s all sunshine and lollipops, and the two, otherwise antagonistic groups have learned to play nicely with one another.

Or at least, nobody has stabbed anyone in the back.


Like seemingly ever other Jew-hatin’ Australian, Trappitt (‘Aussie_Knight’) posted on the White supremacist website Stormfront (joining in November 2004), contributing some very moving poetry [] while also taking the opportunity to riff on some neglected aspects of modern German history: “You want to know who started the War… THE JEWS[!]” [].

The Boys from Brazil Australia maintained a website — — taken over from the Norwegian C18. It’s closed now, and the archive wiped, but it used to advertise neo-Nazi merch and contain occasional announcements regarding the group’s infrequent activities. If I was a defence lawyer, I might characterise it as not racially motivated but just a stupid site by four friends who wanted to show off after they’d been drinking. In any case, the site was registered to a bloke called Jake. From Perth. Several years ago he, along with Stormfront moderator Paul Innes (‘Steelcap Boot’), helped spread David Lane’s ashes around town: David Lane being, of course, the dead neo-Nazi terrorist from the US who coined the ’14 words’.

As for The Weerheym Manoeuvre…

Six years ago, another small group of neo-Nazis found themselves on trial in Perth for similarly foolish and stupid behaviour / boys will be boys / ‘nigger’ and ‘sand-nigger terrorist’ are simply everyday discourse / Nine sisters twelve cousins and I’m fucking the lot / yadda yadda yadda.

Before he was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence this week, Weerheym’s lawyer, Michael Tudori, told the Perth Magistrates Court Weerheym was not interested in the ANM and had not wanted to take part in the graffiti…

Weerheym was not jailed because he was deemed to have played a much lesser role as the driver.

~ Paige Taylor, ‘Graffiti driver a secret white supremacist’, The Australian, August 7, 2004

History repeats.

The next two major fascist assemblies are the Sydney Forum over the weekend of September 18/19 (at which the Canadian neo-Nazi and Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm is expected to speak) and the following weekend in Melbourne, when Justin O’Brien of Blood & Honour Australia (and Hold Fast Body Art) will be helping to organise the 17th (?) annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig.

But moaron that later.

Speaking of tattoos

See also : Combat 18 / terrormachine clunks into Perth court (June 4, 2010) | C18 “terror machine” breaks down in Perth (May 25, 2010).

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Note that the most recent fascist entry into the local metal scene was conducted by way of Gareth Sansom’s ‘White Noise Productions’ []. Despite the *nudge nudge / wink wink* name, normally, budding entrepreneurs of this kind have the noûs not to parade their views too openly, but Sansom made the mistake of promoting local neo-Nazi network ‘Blood & Honour’ on his MySpace page.


The fact that the Victorian organiser of ‘Blood & Honour’, Justin O’Brien, is the man behind the counter at Hold Fast Body Art in Burwood, or that he’s promised to violently put an end to my blogging activities, does not appear to have resulted in any significant downturn in trade, however, so maybe Sansom should have simply stuck to his guns… or is there really no Lebensraum for fascists in heavy metal these days?

See also : This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 on Facebook | Metalheads Against Racism | This Comp Kills Fascists | “What Will The Nazis Think?” (I don’t care!) (April 28, 2010) | N – – – – r lovers and faggots // Bullets in your head! (December 29, 2009).

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C18 “terror machine” breaks down in Perth

OK, so I said I was taking a break, and I am, but before I do…

Three men have been arrested in Perth, two charged with “shooting at a Perth mosque” on February 4 of this year.

The angry Aryans are allegedly members of the Australian branch of ‘C18’ or ‘Combat 18’, a neo-Nazi organisation. C18 (18 = AH = Adolf Hitler) has its roots in the late 1980s, and the UK branch of ‘Blood & Honour’, another neo-Nazi network: one specialising in the production and distribution of neo-Nazi agitprop, especially muzak. (B&H takes its name from a Nazi-era slogan usually associated with the Hitler Yoof.) C18 itself was formed partly as a response to attacks by militant anti-fascists upon B&H activities in the UK, and in particular its organisation of gigs: one, perhaps final turning-point for B&H being the disruption of a major event in London in 1992 (see : Ian Stuart : Zero of the White Race, Skrewdriver, and “The Battle of Waterloo”, September 25, 2006). Effectively booted out of London, B&H has gone on to bigger and better things elsewhere, including in Australia, which can boast of being the first country outside of the UK to have a local franchise of the group.

The organisation — a network of like-minded individuals with a tiny membership, but global reach — has had many ups and downs over the ensuing decades, with various forms of mayhem, including murder, generally accompanying its sporadic activity. Currently, C18 is probably at its strongest in northern and eastern Europe. In Australia, in 2006, Peter Campbell (of the now-defunct ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’) was responsible for distributing neo-Nazi agitprop sourced from a C18 magazine called The Stormer. (In 1997, English neo-Nazi Rob Gray was imprisoned for producing the magazine on behalf of West London C18: Der Stürmer (literally, “The Stormer”; or more accurately, “The Attacker”) was a weekly Nazi newspaper published by Julius Streicher from 1923 to 1945.) In the interim, C18 has apparently organised a few gigs (and other events), distributed neo-Nazi merch, and presumably engaged in all the other activities boneheads are known for.

Or at least, that’s what its website — — claims (a site previously utilised by Swedish neo-Nazis; note that ‘terror machine’ is one of the nicknames given C18 by its supporters). The site was most recently registered to a Perth bloke named ‘Jake’. ‘Jake’, oddly enough, was also responsible for ensuring that ashes belonging to US nutzi criminal David Lane were scattered in Perth: see nutzis are W E I R D : David Lane’s Ashes (February 13, 2009). Local bands featured on the site are ‘Indigenous Hate’, ‘Southern Storm’ (sample lyric: “Niggers Jews and Communists / Look out scum you’re on our list!”) and, most recently, the site boasted of “our latest band the High Wycombe Hooligans”. Curiously, one of those arrested is reported to have been from the Perth suburb of High Wycombe.

(In Australia, B&H regularly organises gigs, the most recent being on the Gold Coast last month, the next being scheduled for Melbourne in September. The Victorian organiser for B&H is Justin O’Brien, who owns Hold Fast Body Art tattoo studio in Burwood.)

Given the publicity surrounding these arrests, and given also the rather more prolonged campaign engaged in by the neo-Nazis belonging to Jack Van Tongeren‘s ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ or ‘ANM’ in the 1980s, it’s likely that the terrormachine site may be pulled.

Or maybe not: in these crazy, topsy-turvy times, who’s to say what’s right or wrong? In any event, the same merch — including the classic Freezer Full of Nigger Heads CD by Grinded Nig — is available for purchase from B&H by way of 9percent productions.

Probably the best published source on the origins of C18 is White Noise: inside the international nazi skinhead scene, edited by Nick Lowles and Steve Silver (Searchlight, 1998). A few tidbits:

    Following the “debacle” at Waterloo, in 1991 Combat-18 was formed: “Its leader was Paul Sargent, Charlie to his mates, a man with a long history in the right wing and an even longer criminal record. Sargent had become active in the late 1970s, where he mixed football violence and drug dealing with a skinhead adolescence. A close friend for much of this period was Chris “Chubby” Henderson, lead singer of the right-wing band Combat 84 and a prominent figure in the notorious football gang, the Chelsea Headhunters. An even closer friend was Gary Hitchcock, formerly manager of the skinhead band 4-skins, and another Chelsea “face”.”

    Steve “Jonesy” Jones, the lead singer of English Rose (now the lead singer of Tattooed Mother Fuckers) also gets a guernsey; the band were one of a number to eventually turn against C18, partly by aligning themselves with the British franchise of the Hammerskins. On C18, Jonesy wrote “There’s no room within our ranks for such pathetic fools, nor for the people who believe their lies and support their actions against racial brothers”.

    In October 1996, Wilf “The Beast” Browning went to Sweden. Three months later, his Swedish comrade Thomas Nakaba posted letter bombs to an English TV personality, AFA and the third to the guitarist for Squadron. “The bombs never reached their targets. The police had infiltrated C18 to its very highest level, with its leader, Charlie Sargent, and possibly also his brother, Steve, tipping off police about the bombing campaign.”

100 Per Cent WhiteA Diverse Production for Channel 4. Filmed, produced and directed by Leo Regan — is an excellent (Geraldine Doogue:) “fascinating” documentary film, examining the lives of several boneheads (including Neil Parish) 10 years after the filmmaker first encountered them, at a time when they were each actively involved in C18 and allied groups.

See also : Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour (April 12, 2009) | Blood & Honour / C18 in Australia (February 26, 2008).


Southern Cross Hammerskins… on Channel Ten

    When justice minister Amanda Vanstone said that the alleged Latvian war criminal Konrads Kalejs was “welcome” to stay in Australia, it was a revealing slip of the tongue. Since 1947, when the first Nazi war criminals arrived in Australia, “successive governments have knowingly allowed hundreds of men responsible for the cruel imprisonment, torture, rape and mass execution of tens of thousands of innocent civilians to make Australia home”. This is the damning conclusion of Mark Aarons’ book on how and why Labor and Liberal governments have allowed Nazi killers into Australia and protected them. ~ Phil Shannon, Why Nazis still call Australia home, Green Left Weekly, June 6, 2001

    133. dan – 2010-04-05 09:11:00
    love your work these niggers are out of control here in central QLD sniffing paint and being coons it’s about time we had a voice and a means to stop them cheers


Only a few weeks prior to the neo-Nazi gig on the Gold Coast (Saturday, April 17), ‘Blood & Honour Australia’ and the ‘Southern Cross Hammerskins’ have gotten a guernsey on Channel Ten news and on

Coast’s ‘white pride’ music festival probe
Ben Dillaway
April 5, 2010

POLICE are investigating a white pride festival planned for the Gold Coast this month, however they may be powerless to prevent it.

White supremacists from around the world are expected [to] converge on the Coast for the Hammered music festival.

The Queensland chapter of the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads is publicising the festival which is ‘proudly presented’ by Crew 38 and Blood and Honour, a race-hate group banned in Germany for spreading Nazi messages.

“Hell yeah, this is going to be one hell of a week! Sun, Surf and Racialist Music,” wrote tattooed-aryan on the SCHS website, but the venue for the festival was not named.

Gold Coast police superintendent Jim Keogh said officers were looking into the festival planned for April 17.

“There are anti-discrimination laws but that relates to specific comments, placards and things like that so it is a tricky one at law,” he said.

Mayor Ron Clarke said the council could not stop the event.

“The police and the government have to determine if it’s an illegal organisation,” he said.

• The event is being organised by two neo-Nazi groups: the Southern Cross Hammerskins and Blood & Honour Australia (‘Crew 38’ is the supporter/feeder organisation for the Hammerskins).
• B&H was founded in the UK in 1987 by dead boneheads Ian Stuart (Donaldson) and Nicky Crane; it infected Australia soon after. The Hammerskins were founded in the US in the same period.
• B&H is banned in Germany (also Belgium and Portugal), as are all openly neo-Nazi organisations. There has been a push to ban the organisation as a ‘terrorist’ association in the UK, but this has failed to attract any support. The Hammerskins have been declared an unlawful association in Spain, and in August last year a number of its members were jailed for weapons offences.
• There are two Australian bands scheduled to play the gig on April 17: Open Season and Ravenous (Melbourne).
• The international guest band has not been announced in order to ensure its members make it through Customs. This is not a difficult task as B&H and the Hammerskins have successfully toured a number of foreign bands in the past. Their most recent overseas guests, Kill Baby Kill, are (were) from Belgium. Dieter Samoy, the vocalist for the band, committed suicide in January of this year after being sentenced to two years jail for his part in beating Togolese immigrant Raphaël Mensah into unconsciousness in May 2006.
• In order to avoid potential police or other harassment, the venues for B&H gigs are never publicised. In Melbourne, previous venues have included the Birmingham Hotel* in Fitzroy (2006 and previous years), the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Sunshine (2007) and the Beaconsfield Hotel in Beaconsfield (2008). *Note that, following a community boycott, the fascist-sympathising pub manager left it in 2008.
• It seems highly unlikely that the neo-Nazis are breaking any laws, as neither association is unlawful, and the event is a private, invitation-only affair. An assault upon a black woman in Fitzroy during the course of one gig was unreported to police; reports of other racial assaults in connection to such events are anecdotal. Lyrics to the songs played by the bands are racist and viciously so, but depend upon ‘offence’ being caused to the listener for legal remedy via racial and religious vilification legislation, the use of which is exceedingly rare in any case.
• In addition to organising gigs, the Hammerskins and B&H also distribute neo-Nazi propaganda; principally by way of the 9percent productions website. In addition to muzak, the site also sells merch (B&H, SCHS, Nazi pins and the like) and propaganda (The Turner Diaries by “Andrew MacDonald” (dead US nutzi William Pierce) and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, among others).
• Police — especially the political police — monitor the activity of groups such as B&H and the Hammerskins, and if the identities of the parties responsible for organising Hammerfest are not known, this is not because the state is incapable of obtaining such information. The Victorian organiser for B&H, for example, is Justin O’Brien, who owns Hold Fast Body Art tattoo studio in Burwood (and who threatened to assault me if I didn’t stop blogging about neo-Nazis!).

See also : Local Anti-Racist Shot in Downtown Portland (April 2, 2010) | Blood & Honour : Crush them Reich now! (February 23, 2010) | Blood & Honour… in the ‘Sunday Herald Sun’! (November 1, 2009).


Greek Bombs

At the same that the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei/Nuceli of Fire Conspiracy has apparently disavowed responsibility for a lethal attack in Athens on the weekend, a group calling itself the ‘Revolutionary National Socialist Front’ has done gone and claimed it. Authorities still appear to be convinced It’s A Conspiracy!, however, and have pooh-poohed suggestions that it’s fascists what done it. In The Real World, meanwhile, an appeal will presumably be launched to provide financial support to the family devastated by the blast, as the Greek state takes advantage of the incident in order to justify its more general repression of political dissent; a necessity in light of new austerity measures currently being imposed upon the general population…

Greek new terrorist group claims responsibility for Sunday’s bomb attack in Athens
March 31, 2010

ATHENS, March 30 (Xinhua) — Greek terrorist group “Revolutionary National Socialist Front” claimed on Tuesday responsibility for Sunday’s bomb attack in the central Athens which caused the death of a 15-year-old Afghan boy and serious injury of his 10-year-old sister.

In a new development for local guerrilla groups which operate in Greece for years and mostly are anarchist and far-Left, the new terrorist group is pro-racist and targets immigrants on purpose, as well as political and financial targets. That is the first conclusion of counter-terrorism experts based on a statement released on an internet site.

“In Greece in 2010 we are in danger of ending up as foreigners in our own country … Greek governments have no policy on migration … We will not accept this situation. Not at Patisia nor anywhere else. For their sake and ours, foreigners leave every district,” said the statement which concluded with a warning that in the future no gathering in a mosque should be considered safe in Athens.

The perpetrators did not confirm police estimations that the Afghan teenager is a victim of a tragic mistake made by whoever is responsible, but stressed that they do not apologize for any death. “We are at war and in wars even minors die,” the statement said.

Greek police still have not confirmed the authenticity of the claim of responsibility, as just a few hours earlier on Tuesday another group “Guerrilla Group Lambros Fountas” also claimed responsibility for the same attack with a phone call to a Greek newspaper.

A Sale of Two Titties A Tale of Two Cities

In Barnsley, ‘Devil Bitch Tattoo’ in Wellington Street and ‘The Fleets’ pub in Smithies Lane have both closed for business according to Antifa UK. This follows their exposure as being closely associated with and strong supporters of the BNP. (“The Fleets was established in 1993 as the family owned, family run business that it is today. We pride ourselves on a friendly, efficient service…” and keeping the darkies at bay.)

In Melbourne, ‘The Birmy’ pub on the corner of Smith and Johnston Streets in Fitzroy was until mid-2008 under the management of Gary Wayne Kitto, a fascist sympathiser who provided a platform for members of the neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins for almost a decade. Despite resistance from local patriotic punks and skinheads, after a community boycott of the pub was initiated it changed hands, and is now a Nazi-free zone. ‘Hold Fast Body Art’ — a tattoo studio on Burwood Highway, Burwood — on the other hand, is still under Nazi occupation, in this case by Justin O’Brien, the Victorian state representative for Blood & Honour. Naturally, patriotic punks and skinheads continue to support the business, but whether or not this is sufficient to keep it afloat remains to be seen.


Richard Bartholomew has an interesting post on the subject of English Teabaggers: The EDL vs “COMMUNISM!!!!” (March 30, 2010). It’s all about the threat posed to England by COMMUNISM!!!!, and how the English Defence League is defending England from it (and Islam).

Speaking of COMMUNISM!!!!, the Socialist Alliance has thrown down the gauntlet to the Australian Protectionist Party (who, it should be noted, are no fans of COMMUNISM!!!! Or Islam). Thus in Sydney: Socialist candidates take on the racists (Peter Boyle, Green Left Weekly, March 27, 2010). Both the APP and Australia First have declared they will be fielding candidates at the upcoming Federal election: Tony Pettitt (Greenway) and Mick Saunders (Lindsay) for AF; Nicholas (Hunter) Folkes (Sydney) for APP. Unlike SA, neither AF nor APP are registered political parties.

“It’s unfortunate but thankfully he has his parliamentary pension to keep food on the table.”

For reasons which remain obscure, former One Nation Party MP David Oldfield will no longer be polluting the airwaves on behalf on 2GB. Aside from (allegedly) having sex with Pauline Hanson — who is (supposedly) pissing off to England at some point — Oldfield was also known for being pranked. “The silly kids who called in” to his show will no doubt be disappointed upon learning that he’s departed, but I reckon his replacement will be rather similar.

“hey everybody iam the bloke that put the [nazi] flag up”

In a shocking new development, the bloke what put the Nazi flag up in his backyard in Brisbane recently has announced he is a member of the Stormfront forum — the world’s leading White supremacist forum, the Australasian section of which is capably administered by Perth plasterer Paul Innes.

Re: White Nationalist forced to remove ‘Nazi’ flag 🙁

hey everybody iam the bloke that put the flag up in the first place the only reason i took it down is that i had threats against my children who were threatened with being stab and bashed and can you believe it by more whites then blacks or any other race work that out. it will be going back up as soon as the media […] off i have had channel ten, nine, aca 4bc radio and the courier mail hanging around still it is the 25th of march as i right this and yesterday it made the local papers again. […] i will fight for the rights of white people and my brothers and sisters but i will not put up with threats to my family and that is that. 14/88

Last edited by Steelcap Boot; 03-25-2010 at 03:52 AM. Reason: No profanity/Avoid racial eptihets.

Obviously, Paul is kept very busy removing profanities and racial epithets, but removing spelling and grammatical errors, logical fallacies and nonsensical assertions from Stormfront is a task he is ill-equipped for. As for ‘chopper 88’ (88=HH=Heil Hitler), he announced his fucking flag’s fucking presence back in January:

Re: Do you fly the Australian flag from your home?

i proudly fly the battle flag from the front of my shed at home and yes ?some people have had a winge about it, but i stand my ground and tell em to […] off its on my property.

Last edited by Steelcap Boot; 01-13-2010 at 03:01 PM. Reason: No profanity.

Poker Face Xtian National Anarchists Sieg Heil!

Poker Face. I thought I’d encountered that name before somewhere, and I had: it’s one of a tiny handful of ‘punk rock’ bands so patriotic they almost burst with pride, strength and honour (and anti-Semitism), and as such the band was interviewed by Portuguese bizarro Flávio Gonçalves, a ‘national anarchist’ who, like Sydney-based fascist Welf Herfurth, once mashed a keyboard on behalf of the bizarro site. In fact, in 2007, Gonçalves interviewed Poker Face for the site.

But who are Poker Face, and who cares anyway?

Well, a bizarro Xtian kult/crazy last-days war-gamers known as the ‘Hutaree Militia’ got themself arrest recently, and of them Poker Face wrote: “At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks. But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect government motives first, not the Hutaree… We pray that cooler heads prevail, and we are talking about ALL sides.”

One People’s Project has lots moar on the plastic punks here.

Bonus humanism/neo-Nazism!

Free speech or hate speech?
Norrie May Welby
South Sydney Herald
December 2009

Riot squad, sniffer dogs and police on horseback gathered around the Humanist Society building in Chippendale on the first Friday night in November as a hundred local folk conducted a lively street protest against a neo-Nazi group that had planned to meet in the building.

The demonstration had been initiated by some local people who had been disturbed at the sight of Nazi icons on those apparently using the building for a regular neo-Nazi meeting. In an address to the crowd, one local resident told of his fear as a gay person at seeing people gathering with brazen displays of Nazi paraphernalia associated with murderous homophobia, racism and cultural intolerance. Other people from groups targeted by Nazis expressed similar concerns. Yet the second speaker, Chris Mansergh, a long-term truth and social justice activist, spoke in favour of the right of the neo-Nazi group to meet, on the principle of freedom speech.

Mr Mansergh told the SSH that he had gone to the Humanist Society building a few weeks previous for a meeting of another group, and he and his friends had then been terrorised by people attacking the building with baseball bats and smashing windows, not knowing until afterwards who those people may have been or what they wanted. It seems likely that these people had been trying to protest against Nazis, using the same techniques for which Nazis are notorious.

Kieran Adair, a local university student who came to support the rally, told the SSH: “I don’t want fascists in my city or my country. The Nazis started this way and it’s too dangerous to even let them plant their roots. Hate speech is not free speech.” Dale Mills, 46, a long-term member of the Humanist Society, told the SSH: “I think that freedom of expression is very important, but this is more about organisation, and far-right organisations coming together to organise and promote their policies. If their policies are racist and hateful, I think that leasing them a room to let them do that is a step too far.” He said the booking had probably been made without the nature of the groups being known.

President of the NSW Humanist Society, John August, issued a statement to that effect, explaining that a group called the Public Information Forum (PIF), banned from meeting at Humanist House in 2005, had returned under the name Klub Nation. At the recent AGM in August 2009, PIF/Klub Nation participants and supporters were elected to the Humanist Society’s management committee.