Nutzis arrested in Croatia, Blue Max shot down, can the Strong Survive?

Bad news for fans of nazi muzak in Croatia, as a band with links to failed MMA clothing company Hoelzer Reich is arrested and another nutzi pop concert, organised by a fascist groupuscule known as ‘Hrvatskih Nacionalista’, is curtailed.

Zagreb – Authorities in Croatia have arrested and charged six people over an attempt to organize a concert of German neo-Nazi band, local media reported Sunday.

The band, Blue Max, were due to play in Krizevci, a small town in central Croatia.

The police banned the concert on Saturday night and arrested more than 30 people, including eight Germans and one Italian citizen.

The majority of arrested, aged between 20 and 30, were released after midnight, but six Croats were charged for displaying Nazi insignias, verbally assaulting police officers and not reporting the concert to authorities.

The concert was to feature two Croatian bands as well. – Sapa-dpa

Further reports in one of them foreign languages: Spriječen neonacistički koncert!, February 20, 2010 | Najavljen neonacistički koncert kod Križevaca, TJ,, February 20, 2010 | Glazbeno-desnoradikalna suradnja ne poznaje granice, Deutsche Welle, February 21, 2010 | Među privedenim neonacistima i Mauricio Tromboni iz Pule,, February 21, 2010.

See also : FOTO: ‘Ja sam Josip. Organizator, sto posto rasist i nacionalist’ for BONUS! photos or arrestees.

The Italian d00d appears to be some loser named Mauricio Tromboni.

The gig was intended to feature German oom-pah band Blue Max and a group of local swastika-lickers called Strong Survive. Funnily enough, the SS was scheduled to release a split CD with Polish nutzi band The Gits and Belgian nutzi band Kill Baby Kill in October 2009; sadly, the lead shouter for KBK, Dieter Samoy, committed suicide last month, after being sentenced to two years jail for his role in beating a black man unconscious during an assault in Brussels in 2006. KBK came, saw and conquered Australia in 2008 — those responsible for organising the whirlwind tour have organised another knees-up to take place on the Gold Coast in April, just a few days prior to Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Given their hatred of blacks and propensity to assault them, wrong-coloured members of the public touring the Gold Coast are advised to be alert but not alarmed on the neo-Nazi Big Day Out.

As for Hoelzer Reich, Ed from “We’re not Nazis” Westwall is a member of a super group V – G – C Strikeforce, which includes:

    V – G – C Strikeforce is project from German band Blue Max, Ed from BFG and Westwall and Croatian lads dedicated to expand patriotic music in Croatia conecting with Croats involved in patriotic scene around the world and spreading their message to our country, but also to introduce Croatia [tough?] music to world.

    Vocals: Maximus
    Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Big Ed
    Drums: Cottontail
    Backup vocals: Der Baron

    Vocals: Tim
    Guitar: Dennis
    Bass: Andreas
    Drums: Andre
    *members of Blue Max

    Vocals: Marko (Strong Survive)
    Backup: Grga (Strong Survive)
    Music: Blue Max
    Lyrics: Petar

    Influences : Westwall, Bound for Glory, Blue Max, Strong Survive.

Bonus Blue Max!

Extra bonus nutzis!

On the other hand…

See also : antifa // ultras (January 21, 2010) | Croatian fascism in Australia (January 20, 2010).

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8 Responses to Nutzis arrested in Croatia, Blue Max shot down, can the Strong Survive?

  1. Mauricio Tromboni says:

    i’m the italian that you say, by the way my name is not Mauricio Tromboni
    first you call police to arrest us and than pretend to do the rebels, fuckin faggots!

  2. @ndy says:

    You’re Mauricio Tromboni… but that’s not su nombre?
    I called the police?
    You’re from Rome, but you’re getting ready for home?

  3. 800 says:

    nazi punks nazi punks nazi punks FUCK OFF

  4. Poglavnikov Dragovoljac says:

    Die Antifas… you are not welcome in Croatia! Next time there will be armed squad ready for anyone who stands in way of Nationalists!

  5. Zerocool12 says:

    1. There was no violence out there, no nazi symbols that are banned.
    2. [Bone]heads beated less mens than fucking gypsies.
    3. I wish you all antifa pussys to be beaten by group of gypsies as i was a lot of times, even before i was nazi.
    You are scum, traitors of our people, and law is protecting you as much as gypsies, if gypsi punches me, and i give it back to him, i will be fault (believe me, i know it on my skin, police openly said to me that they believe me, but they must protect immigrants since law is protecting them).
    4. Multiracial, and multicultural society is mess, it leads to senseless violence and terroristical attacks.
    5. I love my race more than others, but it is racism, on the other side – group called “black panthers” are blacks who love their race ower others, but that is not racism? I just say screw you, you are twisting all our words, and jews in gowernment and in media’s are trying to put us in the ground…

  6. Piltdown says:


    (capitalisation makes it so much worse).

  7. Domoljub1941 says:

    Fuck all anti-fascists

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