Electro Hippies!

Ha. Electro Hippies. Am I a punk yet?

Farmer’s daughters crying, ’cause all the sheep are dead / Daddy took them one by one, knocked them on the head / Daddy said ‘It’s really quick – none of them felt pain!” / “But Daddy, if they died straight away, why hit them in the head again and again and again?” / Don’t kill sheep.

And remember Kids… Animal rights activists are terrorists!

Stuck 3 months in Iowa jail for refusal to testify
Abby Simons
Star Tribune
February 21, 2010

Having sat three months now in an Iowa jail, Carrie Feldman of Minneapolis is a hero to scores of animal-rights defenders around the world.

But to the U.S. government, the 20-year-old left-wing political activist is a potential witness who may know something about a daring break-in more than five years ago at a University of Iowa laboratory…

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