Angers Hoegstrom / Anders Hoegstroem / Anders Högström

On the eve of what may be the largest neo-Nazi rally in post-war Germany — a rally opposition to which is being sabotaged by German police — Angers Hoegstrom / Anders Hoegstroem / Anders Högström, the former leader of a Swedish neo-Nazi micro-party, has got himself arrest at his home in Stockholm (Suspect in Auschwitz sign theft arrested in Sweden, Malin Rising, The Washington Post (AP), February 11, 2010). Högström’s arrest follows the issuing of a warrant by Polish authorities earlier this month. They want to speak to Högström regarding the theft of the Arbeit Macht Frei sign from the Auschwitz death camp in December 2009.

See also : Anders Högström… Come on down! (January 9, 2010).

I don’t know what penalties are attached to whatever offences Högström may — or may not — be found guilty of, but following the suicide of Belgian neo-Nazi Dieter Samoy in January — which followed closely upon his sentencing to two years imprisonment for assault — if they exceed Samoy’s punishment, neo-Nazis will be very concerned. On a happier note, the neo-Nazis who organised Samoy’s musical expedition to Australia in 2008 are organising another performance on the Gold Coast in a few months, just a few days prior to Hitler’s birthday. Word on the street is that in preparation for the aural barrage, local Blood & Honour organiser Justin O’Brien is receiving a deluge of requests for swastika tattoos at his studio in Burwood, while on the Gold Coast itself… well.

Moaron that later.

I’d play a toon by one of the *s of the upcoming nutzi gig but sadly Open Season’s smash hit ‘National Socialist’ has been removed from YouTube. So instead, here’s a Swedish band (who happen to be touring Down Under in March).

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