antifa notes (december 6, 2010)


Not exactly a roaring success for the Australian Protectionist Party in Newcastle on the weekend: just four anxious souls rocked up on Saturday to their protest against the Islamification of Newcastle, two of them party members. Spokesperson Nicholas Hunter-Folkes is pretty cool though; meathead held a sign reading “LISTEN TO THE MAJORITY NOT THE MINORITY” — all the while being outnumbered by a token number of counter-protesters.


Said one of two concerned local residents to attend the rally:

“We’re here to protest because we don’t I don’t like it I don’t [indecipherable] country being taken over by Muslims stupid politicians let them get away with everything it’s not right.”


Poor turnout for anti-mosque rally
Naomi Davidson
Newcastle Herald
December 3, 2010

A rally opposing a mosque in Elermore Vale was overshadowed by anti-racism protesters at Civic Park today.

But organiser Nick Folkes denied the Australian Protectionist Party was opposed to the mosque on race grounds.

Just four members of the party turned up to protest the proposed mosque.

The protectionist party handed out flyers with an image of a Muslim man holding a sign that said ‘‘Islam will dominate the world’’.

The flyer stated traffic and parking, 5am wake-ups, a drop in house values, migration into the area and extremist elements would be the effect of a mosque in the suburb.

A small group of anti-racism protesters stood behind the party armed with signs stating ‘‘It’s a cowardly racist who hides behind cars.’’

For unknown reasons, Perth plasterer Paul Innes has pissed off from convicted terrorist Don Black’s Stormfront website, for which august forum he was previously the token Aussie moderator (his place taken by a Damn Yankee). Presumably, Paul is too busy planting trees in his Pioneer Little Europe to persist in berating other bigots for misspellings… or something.

Otherwise, Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm is on tour, and will be speaking in Melbourne on December 11.


Australian anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman’s appeal against his unjust sentence is continuing. Please consider supporting Jock. For moar details see the Free Jock site.

Last week (December 2) Roma again were attacked by right-wing radicals (Rechtsradikale greifen in Sofia Roma an und verletzen einen schwer, AFP):

Radical right-wing skinheads have attacked in the Bulgarian capital Sofia two young Romas and, besides, one of them seriously injured. As the urban authorities informed on Friday, the attack occurred on the Thursday evening in a bus in the city center. The serious casualty has been delivered with a cranial break and a cerebral injury to the hospital, however, is not in mortal danger. The other victim has suffered no heavy injuries. Members Roma-[minority] have to suffer in Bulgaria from discriminations and are the purpose of violent raids over and over again.


Recent municipal elections in Athens witnessed widespread abstention–roughly two-thirds of the electorate didn’t bother to vote during a second round–and also an apparent swing to the left. In addition, for the first time a member of the neo-Nazi groupuscule Golden Dawn was elected. The ever-reliable and always-outrageous blog From the Greek Streets has loads moar on social struggles in the birthplace of democracy. Otherwise:

Attacks On Immigrants On Rise In Greece

1/12/2010- A wave of violent attacks against immigrants by suspected right-wing extremists has put Muslims and the police on alert in rundown parts of Athens with burgeoning migrant populations. Immigrants have been beaten and stabbed near central squares, and several makeshift mosques have been burned and vandalized. In the most grievous attack, at the end of October, the assailants locked the door of a basement prayer site and hurled firebombs through the windows, seriously wounding four worshipers. “The attacks are constant — I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Naim Elghandour, who moved to Athens from Egypt in the 1970s and now heads the Muslim Association of Greece. “I used to be treated like an equal. Now I’m getting death threats.”


Swedish nutzi Anders Hoegstroem has plead guilty to stealing a sign from Auschwitz (Neo-Nazi pleads guilty to theft of Auschwitz sign, Digital Journal, November 26, 2010) and will spend some months of quiet contemplation in a Swedish prison for his efforts. Also in Poland, members of reich ‘n’ roll band Tormentia were subjected to some harsh criticism by music lovers while on their way to a gig in October.


Charles Clover has written a lengthy article for the Financial Times on ‘The skinhead terrorists’ (December 3, 2010). Paying particular attention to the murderous antics of one gang of boneheads called the ‘National Socialist Organisation’ (NSO) (aka ‘National Socialist Society’), Clover notes that it was likely funded by some VIPs, and functioned with the state’s blessings, which fact is also meant to be surprising rather than mundane (The Other Russia is one source that provides copious documentation of the Russian state’s otherwise unremarkable gangsterism; the recent Wikileaks of US State Department dox gives the official seal of approval). Clover quotes one former fascist leader who gets straight to the point:

…the problem that the authorities have with groups such as his is not their violence, but the prospect of the political competition they present. There is an implicit contract between bonehead gangs and the authorities under which the state turns a blind eye to violence by bonehead groups, in exchange for their not getting involved in politics.

A few weeks ago the fifth anniversary of the murder of Russian anarcho-punk Timur Kacharava took place (Five Years On, Antifascists Mourn Kacharava’s Death
Sergey Chernov, St Petersburg Times, November 16, 2010):

As antifascist activists marked the fifth anniversary of the murder of the 20-year-old antifascist activist and punk musician Timur Kacharava on Saturday, they claimed that they are under increasing pressure from the police, while the threat of attacks from nationalist radicals has not decreased…

Other Russian antifa to have been murdered in the interim include Alexander Ryukhin (April 16, 2006), Ivan Yelin (January 15, 2007), Ilya Borodaenko (July 2, 2007), Ovanes Ajriumian (October 20, 2007), Fedor Filatov (October 10, 2008), Anastasiya Baburova and Stanislav Markelov (January 19, 2009) and Ivan Khutorskoy (November 16, 2009).

chtodelatnews is another good sauce of infos, as is The SOVA Center for Information and Analysis and Note that Russian police have somehow found time in their busy schedule to prosecute some artists for taking the piss.

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  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    What is it about these psycho Canucks who want to come here and have their meltdowns? First Andrew Fraser, now this idiot.

    Any chance of Fromm being denied entry?

  2. @ndy says:

    He’s already in: he spoke in Sydney on Saturday (December 4) apparently. As for him being denied entry… it’s unlikely. Holocaust denial is not a crime, he has no criminal record (that I’m aware of), he’s a fairly obscure figure and his tour is apparently short and has attracted zero publicity outside of fascist circles. So, even in the unlikely event Bowen and/or KRudd had heard of the bugger, I doubt he’d care all that much. I mean, he’s no Nick Griffin / Udo Voight / David Irving.

    Fact Sheet 78 – Controversial Visa Applicants

    All people who are not Australian citizens require a visa to enter Australia. One of the conditions for the grant of a visa is that the applicant must meet the legal requirements for entry to Australia and, in particular, the Public Interest Criteria.

    From time to time, visa applications are received from, or visas are held by, people whose presence in Australia may, because of their activities, reputation, known record or the cause they represent and propagate:

    * vilify or incite discord in the Australian community or a segment of that community
    * represent a danger to the Australian community or a segment of that community, or
    * be contrary to Australia’s foreign policy interests.

    Public interest criteria

    For such people, Public Interest Criteria 4001 (as it relates to Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958) and 4003 of the Migration Regulations require particular consideration.

    The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, or a delegate of the Minister, is the competent authority for determining whether a visa applicant, or holder, meets Public Interest Criterion 4001, while a determination under Public Interest Criterion 4003 rests with the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

    Profile of people of concern

    People of concern are those who may meet the following criteria:

    * the holding of extremist views such as belief in the use of violence as a “legitimate” means of political expression
    * likelihood of the Australian community or part of the Australian community being vilified or defamed
    * having a record of causing law and order problems, eg. when addressing public rallies
    * acting in a way likely to be insensitive in a multicultural society, eg. advocating within particular ethnic groups the adoption of political, social or religious values well outside those acceptable to Australian society
    * being active in political movements directed towards the non-peaceful overthrow of their own or other governments
    * having planned, participated in, or been active in promoting politically-motivated violence or criminal violence and/or being likely to propagate or encourage such action in Australia
    * being liable to provoke an incident in Australia because of the conjunction of their activities and proposed timing of their visit, and the activities and timing of a visit by another person who may hold opposing views
    * being a war criminal, or a person suspected or accused of war crimes or any association with a person or group involved in war crimes
    * being known to be, or suspected of being, involved in organised crime
    * posing some threat or harm to the Australian community or part of it
    * likelihood of the person’s presence in Australia being contrary to Australia’s foreign policy interests
    * claiming to represent a foreign State or government which is not recognised by Australia, or
    * any other credible material which may be relevant to Public Interest Criteria 4001 or 4003 of the Regulations.

    Making a decision

    Where the Department of Immigration and Citizenship becomes aware of an application from a person who may fall within these categories, the application must be assessed against the specific requirements of the Migration Act and Regulations.

    In appropriate cases, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship or the Minister for Foreign Affairs is asked to personally consider the application.

    In a very small number of cases, the relevant Minister will decide that the applicant does not meet the requirements for entry into Australia, and the visa application is refused, or in the case of a person already holding a visa, the visa is cancelled.

  3. Aurel says:


    Will there be a counter-demonstration or something organised in Melbourne?

    How many people do you think would attend such a meeting?

    I just noticed Saleam is organising it. I thought he was in SA…

  4. @ndy says:

    The venue for his address has not been publicly disclosed. If there is a counter-protest, it too is undisclosed. With regards attendance, I dunno. But based on previous such meetings, I would expect no more than a few dozen at most, and mostly drawn from Australia First and allied groups (Nationalist Alternative, a sprinkling of other racialists and anti-Semites of one sort or another). AF is tiny in Melbourne, its only public spokesperson being Alex Norwick, a veteran of the 1970s and ’80s White nationalist struggle. This is how Saleam describes him:

    Alex participated in the rebirth of the new Australian nationalism, working through National Resistance and Australian National Alliance (1977-80) and was a co-founder of National Action; he also worked in the 1980s with other patriotic groups. In the 1990s he worked with Australians Against Further Immigration and One Nation. He has written on Australian labour history. He joined the first incorporation of [the] Australia First Party in 2002 and the new Australia First in 2007.

    AF’s only Victorian candidate at the last Federal election, he stood for the seat of Deakin and got 295 votes (0.37%), placing last of seven.

    Saleam is not in SA… dunno why you’d think that. His HQ has been Sydney for most of his adult life (both in and out of prison).

  5. @ndy says:

    Bonus Whales!

    Welsh Defence League links with neo-Nazis are unmasked
    BBC Wales
    December 6, 2010

    Secretly recorded footage exposed racist and criminal activity among some supporters of the Welsh Defence League

    “An undercover investigation by BBC Wales into a group campaigning against Muslim extremists has found links with neo-Nazi supporters…”

    In other news: Pope Catholic; bear shits in woods.

  6. aussie says:

    What if noone gave these people any attention, no publicity, no media attention, what so ever. Does anyone think that would stop these guys going to these extremes, i mean, who gives a shit if people bitch between themselves. [E]ven if they did try make a [statement], personally [i] find it hard to have a dig at someone that just smiles back at me and walks away.

  7. Paul Supporter says:

    You don’t like Paul Fromm?

    Where has he ever made an incorrect statement?

  8. Piltdown says:

    Lol. He’s just like Keith Windshcuttle on acid.

  9. @ndy says:

    MuLtIcUlTuRaL mAdNeSs!

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