Anders Högström… Come on down!

Former neo-Nazi leader Angers Hoegstrom ‘ordered Auschwitz sign theft’
Roger Boyes
The Times
January 8, 2010

A former leading European neo-Nazi has claimed that he was the middleman in the theft of the Auschwitz sign bearing the three most powerful words from the Holocaust: “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

According to Polish and Swedish investigators, the theft was organised by Anders Hoegstrom — who set up the virulently anti-immigrant National Socialist Front in Sweden in the 1990s. “My role was to get the sign in Poland,” he told the Swedish tabloid Expressen. “I was the middleman and was supposed to take care of the sale.”

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Computer says:

Högström, accommodation in Karlskrona, was the leader of the organization National Socialist Front before he was in December 1999 jumped to record and subsequently distanced themselves from Nazism. Högström was about to convert NSF to a party. Supporters greeted him with “Hail Högström.” After the defection Högström began to engage young people with problems through project Exit in Motala. He has also become well acquainted with TV personality Alice Bah. He was also able to reconcile with the alderman Fries that NSF had a far-reaching conflict. They played golf together, among other things. After the defection went Högström with the Social Democrats but then left the party and joined the Conservatives. Högström was later criticized for being together with the Board of Exit in Motala, acquired a gym with a value of 25 000 crowns and a rowboat with a value of 39 000 kronor. Rowing boat was taken over later by Högström yourself when Exit went bankrupt. Högström was charged 2007 for receiving stolen goods after he tried to sell stolen goods. Stolen antiquities found also in Högström’s home. Högström later acquitted of all charges of theft and receiving stolen goods. In August 2007 was sentenced Högström for doping offenses.

Ten years later: Remember Björn Söderberg!
October 14, 2009

On the 12th October it has been ten years since the Syndicalist Björn Söderberg was attacked in his home and killed by Nazis in a suburb of Stockholm. The context in which the murder took place, was that Björn acted openly and consequently against racism and Nazism at his workplace.

One of the Nazis who participated in the killing of Björn Söderberg was Hampus Hellekant, notorious in surveying leftist activists, journalists and others that he perceived as his opponents. Since his release from prison he has changed his name and, according to himself also his politics. But, as the Research Group reveals in this weeks’ issue of Arbetaren, he has never stopped his activities, he has never stopped his monitoring.

The results of which, as we’ve seen, can be severe.

Last December a Syndicalist couple and their two year old daughter were the victims of a Nazi arson in a suburb of Stockholm. The family escaped the flames by climbing down the balcony to the floor underneath. Some months earlier Hampus Hellekant had published pictures and addresses of the couple on a Nazi web page, displaying them as antifascists.

We are experiencing an increasing level of Nazi violence very similar to the situation of the nineties. The social setting of today, with a financial crisis, increased marginalization and bigger divides between classes and a growing sense of insecurity among people is also very similar to then.

But the challenge we as antifascist activists face, lies in finding effective means of resistance.

Read on and please spread and repost the article.

– We are always many more than the fascists are ever going to be!
– We are stronger than they will ever be!
– We will never forget Björn Söderberg!

In Solidarity,
the Embryo collective

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And remember Kids…

Hold Fast Body Art : “It’s (neo-Nazi) shit!”

The political decline of Anarchism in the ‘thirties was considered by many of its followers as a mere temporary setback in the long march towards the form of society that they dreamed of accomplishing. During those dark years of Fascist triumphs they believed stubbornly in the defiant words which end Malatesta’s pamphlet Anarchy and which, in the final analysis, prove to be historically relevant when applied to the anti-Fascist activities of Italian anarchists in Australia:

Whatever happens, we shall have some influence on events, by our numbers, our energy, our intelligence and our steadfastness. Also, even if now we are conquered, our work will not have been in vain; … If today we fall without lowering our colours, our cause is certain of victory tomorrow.

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