Angers Hoegstrom / Anders Hoegstroem / Anders Högström Goes to Gaol / Jail / Prison

Swedish neo-Nazi Angers Hoegstrom / Anders Hoegstroem / Anders Högström has been sentenced by a Polish judge to two years and eight months imprisonment for plotting to steal the “Arbeit macht frei” entrance sign to Auschwitz, supposedly in order to sell it to a collector.


A big hunk of metal, the sign apparently has some greater symbolic significance. If you believe in The Holohoax, that is. Which Paul Fromm–who recently completed a tour of Australia and New Zealand–does not. As for WWII, director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Australian Sex Party supporter and self-described “fascist” Richard Wolstencroft also dares to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy:


The Good News for Mister Hoegstroem is that he’ll be doing his time in Sweden, not Poland.

See also : Redwatch Poland… Goes To Jail (December 21, 2010).

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