2013 WA state election : far left and right

Update : The Tories won. In Fremantle, SA candidate Sanna Andrew currently has 1.1% of the vote; in Perth, Farida Iqbal got 0.9% of the vote (155 votes), a few hundred less but a better percentage than she gained in 2007 in Fraser; and in Willagee, Sam Wainwright has received 2.1%.

The Tories are gonna win.


Socialist Alliance

SA are running three candidates: Sanna Andrew in Fremantle, Farida Iqbal in Perth and Sam Wainwright in Willagee.

One Nation


One Nation in WA, that is. Not to be confused with confused pensioners in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.

Australia First


In May 2009 Australa First Condemned Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemned Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution, but like the pensioners in ONP, the radical right-wing party don’t appear to be running any candidates this year.

Speaking of Brendon O’Connell, he ‘retired’ from politics late last year. As a result, a number of blogs — brendonoconnell.blogspot.com, brendonoconnellincarcerated.blogspot.com, www.brendonoconnellincarcerated2.blogspot.com — dedicated to supporting Brendon have been closed, though there are others documenting his titanic struggle.


Brendon O’Connell and The Campaign to Free Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant was FRAMED for the Port Arthur Massacre!
Brendon O’Connell has uncovered PROOF that Abe Saffron, working in close collaboration with The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, was responsible for the killings!
In order to keep the TRUTH from the public, ZOG arranged for O’Connell’s capture and imprisonment!

Free Martin Bryant!
Free Brendon O’Connell!

See also : Martin Bryant Facebook profile removed, ABC, January 19, 2011.

Brendon O’Connell has a fool for a client

Brendon O’Connell–slackbastard’s Tool of The Week for May 13, 2009–is finally having his day in court in Perth, WA. Some say O’Connell–who has stated, inter alia, that Judaism (or what he terms the Southern Judaic Death Cult) is “a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing”–is an anti-Semitic creep. Others (possibly less numerous than the first group) regard him as some kinda Volk hero: Adelaide-based Holocaust denialist Gerald Fredrick Töben, for example, has spoken out in defence of O’Connell.

Dr James Saleam’s Australia First Party (NSW) Inc.–which lost a recent court battle to gain access to membership dox belonging to the now-defunct Australia First Party Incorporated (‘AFP Inc’)–has declared that O’Connell is merely a Good and conscientious Xtian, engaged in little more than a spirited debate, his only crime being criticising Zionism. O’Connell’s prosecution for racial vilification, on the other hand, is “the very model of a KGB/Gestapo operation”; consequently, Saleam/Australia First Party (NSW) Inc. has called “on all patriots and advocates of freedom of speech to support Mr. O’Connell as best they can and in accordance with his wishes” (‘Australia First Condemns Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemns Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution’, May 15, 2009).

Mind you, Saleam/Australia First Party (NSW) Inc. also claimed that Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy‘s murder was the fault of the Victorian political police, and that in response the Party would demonstrate outside the Coronial inquest into his death.

See : Accused wants judge to face treason charge, Angie Raphael (AAP), January 17, 2011: “A man facing racial hatred charges has labelled a Perth trial a kangaroo court and told the presiding judge he should be facing treason charges.” Heated scenes at racial hatred trial, ABC, January 17, 2011.

Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys!

Brendon O’Connell is an hero. Word on the street is that, in-between battling ZOG in the courts, he’s also consorting with Nationalist Alternative, a source placing him at the abortive Nuremberg Rally staged by Nationalist Alternative in Perth last week.

In other news, a 43-year-old self-described white nationalist has made himself the talk of Daisy Hill by flying a Nazi flag at his home (Swastika spurs war of words, Mark Flack, Albert & Logan News, March 17, 2010). Neo-Nazis are usually loathe to go public, so big ups to the anonymous Logan resident for agreeing to be photographed. For those interested, further copies of the Nazi battle flag are obtainable locally from neo-Nazi distro 9percent productions, where you can also purchase the book that inspired Timothy McVeigh to blow up the FBI building in Oklahoma City and the album Freezer Full of Nigger Heads by Grinded Nig. If you’d rather buy direct, you can do so at the gig to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s being organised for the Gold Coast on April 17. Oh, anybody wanting a tattoo from a bona fide neo-Nazi business should visit Hold Fast Body Art in Burwood.

Law & Order

In Perth, Australia, Brendon O’Connell goes to court tomorrow today (Friday, December 11). O’Connell is accused of crimes under West Australian racial vilification laws. Also charged with offences under these laws is Simon Charles Barker. The two men are the first to be charged under these laws since an Aboriginal teenager was prosecuted in late 2006 (the charges were dismissed in her case).

The laws (amendments to the Criminal Code) were introduced in 2004 as a response by the WA Government to the re-emergence of the (now-defunct) neo-Nazi groupuscule the ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ (ANM), and the formation of a small gang called the ‘White Devils’, whose antics included spraying racist graffiti on property belonging to various Jewish, Chinese and African groups and individuals. (The ANM collapsed in a heap several years ago, and its former leader, Jack van Tongeren, now daubs paint onto a canvas for fun. His former arch-rival, Dr. James Saleam, now leads the ‘Australia First Party’, which has over 500 members and is scheduled to be registered as a political party early next year.)

The only member of the White Devils not to be imprisoned for his role in this and other nutty behaviour was a bloke by the name of Ben Weerheym. Weerheym was a nasty man who, in April 2007, wrote of my cat: “trust you to own a [deleted] cat you [deleted] limp wristed weedy little anarchist twerp. i[‘]d like to feed you[r] stupid pest to my dog, it just loves the flesh of anarchist wankers.” As a result of these and other such shenanigans, the keyboard hero eventually ended up losing his job, his house, his dignity, and fled the state.

He now lives under an assumed name.

To put it another way: “Andy from slackbastard is just a loudmouth leftie keyboard warrior and nothing to worry about” (ex-Thales employee and neo-Nazi organiser Nicole Hanley). (See also : Hold Fast Body Art : “It’s (neo-Nazi) shit!”, Boycott the Birmingham, November 12, 2009.)

FBI informant and Internet shock jock Hal Turner had his day in court on December 8. Accused of making death threats against three federal judges in Chicago because they wrote a ruling supporting gun control, a judge declared a mistrial. A new trial is scheduled for March 1, 2010 (Mistrial in Case of Blogger Accused of Threatening Judges, Mark Fass, New York Law Journal, December 8, 2009).

In Roanoke, Virginia, everyone’s favourite Hollywood Nazi Bill White has also been charged with making threats on the, uh, Internets. His trial is ongoing. (All-white jury to hear case against neo-Nazi Bill White, Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times, December 10, 2009). NB. The Roanoke Times gotta blog which is closely following White’s case.

In Tampa, Florida, neo-Nazi John Ditullio has appeared in the first episode of the hit new TV series Legal Eye for the Nazi Guy, as ‘Accused murderer John Allen Ditullio’s Nazi tattoos hidden from jury’ (news.com.au, December 10, 2009). Ditullio is accused of stabbing two men, killing one. He is pleading not guilty.