Bradley Trappitt, Combat 18 & The Weerheym Manoeuvre

I beg Odin to watch over you with his loving eye / If my life must end for you and my race then I will … give it / Your smile melts the most Iron heart, your holy body wrapped in the red, white and black of the Swastika flag…

~ ‘Aryan Princess’, Bradley Trappitt, May 22, 2005

Bradley Neil Trappitt and three friends, allegedly members of the local franchise of neo-Nazi network Combat 18, were apparently drunk on February 4, 2010, and so decided it would be both ace and grouse to fire three shots at the dome roof of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Queens Park in Perth. Trappitt was fined more than $9000 for his involvement in the shooting (co-accused, Jacob Marshall Holt, 24, previously pleaded guilty on similar charges and was given a seven-month jail sentence suspended for 12 months).

Trappitt was charged with wilfully damaging property, possessing an unlicensed firearm and unlawfully discharging a firearm from across the road.

In the Perth Magistrates Court on Monday, the 25-year-old was fined $5000 for criminal damage, $3750 for his part in the reparation costs for the mosque, $1000 for the two firearm offences and $62.60 in court costs.

Magistrate Steven Heath said the fine needed to be a “substantial one to reflect the seriousness” of the crime.

He said Trappitt’s involvement could be distinguished from his co-accused as a “lesser role” and accepted that he co-operated when he was questioned.

But he said it was still a “foolish decision” to participate in the crime.

Trappitt’s lawyer Curt Hofmann said his client drove the car to the mosque but never got out of the vehicle.

He said Trappitt was trying to show “bravado” among his friends and was acting out of “stupidity”.

~ Mosque shooter fined more than $9000, The Age (AAP), August 23, 2010

Bradley is innocent until proven now considered guilty, obviously; curiously, he’s also friends with Welf Herfurth, the (former) ‘leader’ of the dwindling ranks of ‘national anarchists’ in Australia. (Herfurth now appears to prefer to spend his time organising grown-ups in the local franchise of the neo-Nazi Volksfront network in Sydney.) Along with Herfurth and a range of other fascist creeps, Trappitt is BFF with the Sydney-based Creatard Chris Smith.

Despite this, “Trappitt’s lawyer Curt Hofmann had earlier told the court the shooting wasn’t racially motivated but just a stupid stunt by four friends who wanted to show off after they had been drinking.”


‘Combat 18’ originated in the UK in the late 1980s as a militant, anti-anti-fascist network dedicated to causing terror among neo-Nazism’s political opponents — “left-wing bookshops, gay pubs and anti-apartheid activists” — and to defending the organising activity of its parent networks ‘Blood & Honour’ and the BNP. Those involved also referred to Combat 18 as ‘Terror Machine’, and took great delight in the fear and loathing its activity was intended to generate. Like many other stories on the fringes of the far right, however, it ended in tears: former leader Paul ‘Charlie’ Sargent one of two Aryan Supermen convicted of murdering kameraden Christopher Castle (by sticking a knife 20cm into his back) in 1997.

Since then, C18 — which, while also gathering a reputation as a state-sponsored honeypot, cultivated links with Loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland/The Six Counties — grew and expanded overseas. Currently, C18 appears to eke out a sporadically violent existence nestled among broader fascist networks in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, while also remaining closely tied to one of two splinters in the neo-Nazi network ‘Blood & Honour’. In Australia and New Zealand, B&H is aligned with non-C18 elements, and in particular the local franchises of the US-based Hammerskins network. Their principal bonehead rival is another local franchise of yet another US-based group called Volksfront. In the US (and elsewhere) the rivalry between the two groups can be quite intense, even bloody, but locally it’s all sunshine and lollipops, and the two, otherwise antagonistic groups have learned to play nicely with one another.

Or at least, nobody has stabbed anyone in the back.


Like seemingly ever other Jew-hatin’ Australian, Trappitt (‘Aussie_Knight’) posted on the White supremacist website Stormfront (joining in November 2004), contributing some very moving poetry [] while also taking the opportunity to riff on some neglected aspects of modern German history: “You want to know who started the War… THE JEWS[!]” [].

The Boys from Brazil Australia maintained a website — — taken over from the Norwegian C18. It’s closed now, and the archive wiped, but it used to advertise neo-Nazi merch and contain occasional announcements regarding the group’s infrequent activities. If I was a defence lawyer, I might characterise it as not racially motivated but just a stupid site by four friends who wanted to show off after they’d been drinking. In any case, the site was registered to a bloke called Jake. From Perth. Several years ago he, along with Stormfront moderator Paul Innes (‘Steelcap Boot’), helped spread David Lane’s ashes around town: David Lane being, of course, the dead neo-Nazi terrorist from the US who coined the ’14 words’.

As for The Weerheym Manoeuvre…

Six years ago, another small group of neo-Nazis found themselves on trial in Perth for similarly foolish and stupid behaviour / boys will be boys / ‘nigger’ and ‘sand-nigger terrorist’ are simply everyday discourse / Nine sisters twelve cousins and I’m fucking the lot / yadda yadda yadda.

Before he was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence this week, Weerheym’s lawyer, Michael Tudori, told the Perth Magistrates Court Weerheym was not interested in the ANM and had not wanted to take part in the graffiti…

Weerheym was not jailed because he was deemed to have played a much lesser role as the driver.

~ Paige Taylor, ‘Graffiti driver a secret white supremacist’, The Australian, August 7, 2004

History repeats.

The next two major fascist assemblies are the Sydney Forum over the weekend of September 18/19 (at which the Canadian neo-Nazi and Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm is expected to speak) and the following weekend in Melbourne, when Justin O’Brien of Blood & Honour Australia (and Hold Fast Body Art) will be helping to organise the 17th (?) annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig.

But moaron that later.

Speaking of tattoos

See also : Combat 18 / terrormachine clunks into Perth court (June 4, 2010) | C18 “terror machine” breaks down in Perth (May 25, 2010).

Law & Order

In Perth, Australia, Brendon O’Connell goes to court tomorrow today (Friday, December 11). O’Connell is accused of crimes under West Australian racial vilification laws. Also charged with offences under these laws is Simon Charles Barker. The two men are the first to be charged under these laws since an Aboriginal teenager was prosecuted in late 2006 (the charges were dismissed in her case).

The laws (amendments to the Criminal Code) were introduced in 2004 as a response by the WA Government to the re-emergence of the (now-defunct) neo-Nazi groupuscule the ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ (ANM), and the formation of a small gang called the ‘White Devils’, whose antics included spraying racist graffiti on property belonging to various Jewish, Chinese and African groups and individuals. (The ANM collapsed in a heap several years ago, and its former leader, Jack van Tongeren, now daubs paint onto a canvas for fun. His former arch-rival, Dr. James Saleam, now leads the ‘Australia First Party’, which has over 500 members and is scheduled to be registered as a political party early next year.)

The only member of the White Devils not to be imprisoned for his role in this and other nutty behaviour was a bloke by the name of Ben Weerheym. Weerheym was a nasty man who, in April 2007, wrote of my cat: “trust you to own a [deleted] cat you [deleted] limp wristed weedy little anarchist twerp. i[‘]d like to feed you[r] stupid pest to my dog, it just loves the flesh of anarchist wankers.” As a result of these and other such shenanigans, the keyboard hero eventually ended up losing his job, his house, his dignity, and fled the state.

He now lives under an assumed name.

To put it another way: “Andy from slackbastard is just a loudmouth leftie keyboard warrior and nothing to worry about” (ex-Thales employee and neo-Nazi organiser Nicole Hanley). (See also : Hold Fast Body Art : “It’s (neo-Nazi) shit!”, Boycott the Birmingham, November 12, 2009.)

FBI informant and Internet shock jock Hal Turner had his day in court on December 8. Accused of making death threats against three federal judges in Chicago because they wrote a ruling supporting gun control, a judge declared a mistrial. A new trial is scheduled for March 1, 2010 (Mistrial in Case of Blogger Accused of Threatening Judges, Mark Fass, New York Law Journal, December 8, 2009).

In Roanoke, Virginia, everyone’s favourite Hollywood Nazi Bill White has also been charged with making threats on the, uh, Internets. His trial is ongoing. (All-white jury to hear case against neo-Nazi Bill White, Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times, December 10, 2009). NB. The Roanoke Times gotta blog which is closely following White’s case.

In Tampa, Florida, neo-Nazi John Ditullio has appeared in the first episode of the hit new TV series Legal Eye for the Nazi Guy, as ‘Accused murderer John Allen Ditullio’s Nazi tattoos hidden from jury’ (, December 10, 2009). Ditullio is accused of stabbing two men, killing one. He is pleading not guilty.