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Flubba Bubba Wubba Jubba Noongar NOT RACIST. And That’s Official!

LOL. Blackface is sweet. Nine sisters twelve cousins and I’m fucking the lot. Mister Barker was holding up a mirror to multicultural society. Aussie Aussie Aussie / Oi Oi Oi. Mister Ward who? Et cetera et cetera et cetera… ‘Racist’ … Continue reading

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Law & Order

In Perth, Australia, Brendon O’Connell goes to court tomorrow today (Friday, December 11). O’Connell is accused of crimes under West Australian racial vilification laws. Also charged with offences under these laws is Simon Charles Barker. The two men are the … Continue reading

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OMGWTF! YouTube producer on racist charge!

OMGWTF! A racist video on YouTube! YouTube producer on racist charge Gabrille Knowles The West Australian December 10, 2009 A Morley film producer who allegedly posted a video on YouTube mocking Aborigin[e]s has been charged under WA’s racial vilification laws. … Continue reading

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