OMGWTF! YouTube producer on racist charge!

OMGWTF! A racist video on YouTube!

YouTube producer on racist charge
Gabrille Knowles
The West Australian
December 10, 2009

A Morley film producer who allegedly posted a video on YouTube mocking Aborigin[e]s has been charged under WA’s racial vilification laws.

Police allege Simon Charles Barker, 28, created a video in which the actors were portraying themselves as Aborigin[e]s and made derogatory comments about Aboriginal people.

Mr Barker claimed he had made the video [“Flubba Bubba Out Da Front”] as a humorous accompaniment to a song already on YouTube called Flubba Bubba Wubba Jubba Noongar and he was not being racist.

Mr Barker said he would fight the charge. The video was taken off YouTube after a police investigation.

“The video was taken off YouTube after a police investigation.”

That’s odd.

I guess this video must be on some other YouTube channel.

And I think that makes it — what — three charges under WA’s racial vilification laws?

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  1. kat says:

    Im aboriginal and I find it offensive, racist and ignorant. I have children that Im trying to raise with confidence and pride in themselves, and with all the racism we endure living as a minority I am trying to raise them to not have hate and be racist themselves against the white community. This video works against all my hard work in trying to raise good kids.

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