Brendon O’Connell ~versus~ ZOG (w/- BONUS! Freddo Frog)

    Update : According to his supporters, O’Connell appears to have been arrested once again (“At 17:00 hours on Monday, 16th November 2009”) and faces further charges in connection with his case, the next scheduled hearing for which is this Friday. Jim Kerr — who has temporarily assumed control of O’Connell’s blog — writes: “Brendon O’Connell needs your support more than ever, and I call upon all genuine anti-Zionists and White Nationalists to join the fight. We must set aside any ideological, political and personal differences, and direct our focus exclusively upon our common enemy – racist, homicidal, maniac Jews and the stooges who serve their agenda.” Jim Perren and the ‘Australia First Party’ have rallied to the cause…

Googling “Brendon O’Connell” brings up various things, but first cab off the rank is this post: “Brendon O’Connell : Tool of the Week.” (May 19, 2009). For those of you coming in late, O’Connell is currently on trial in Perth, accused of racial vilification following an incident on May 2 of this year. Thus:

(1) On 2 May 2009 at South Perth Brendon Lee O’Connell, with intent to create or promote animosity towards Stanley Elliot Keyser as a member of a racial group engaged in conduct, otherwise than in private, namely pursuing Stanley Elliot Keyser and making a series of statements to Stanley Elliot Keyser.

(2) On 2 May 2009 at Perth Brendon Lee O’Connell, with intent to create or promote animosity towards a racial group engaged in conduct, otherwise than in private, namely recording himself making a series of statements concerning the Jewish people.

That was six months ago, and O’Connell’s trial has now commenced.

His case is interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that this is — to my knowledge — only the second time that the relevant provisions of the Criminal Code Amendment (Racial Vilification) Bill 2004 have been put into use by the state (see: Racial vilification in WA, September 15, 2006).

O’Connell has a blog — — in which he continues to educate the local Police and Judiciary of his fair city as to the Truth of the kult of judah et ecetera. One of O’Connell’s most vocal online supporters is Australia First Party member Jim Perren, whose blog, ‘Whitelaw Towers’, also educates the local White population of his fair city (of Toowoomba) as to the Truth of the kult of judah (et ecetera), and also why following a man of Lebanese descent is the White thing to do.

Lucky they’re not out stealing Freddo Frogs.

(See : Boy faces court over stolen Freddo frog, ABC, November 15, 2009 ~versus~ Freddo Frog charge to be withdrawn, Tim Clarke and Farah Farouque, The Age, November 17, 2009.)

Lucky YouTube can see the funny side of things!

NB. On October 2, 2009, Jesse & Co. (aka Deaths Head) played ‘Hammerfest 2009’ in Florida (USA). Jesse is also scheduled to prance about on stage in April 2010 on the Gold Coast.

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12 Responses to Brendon O’Connell ~versus~ ZOG (w/- BONUS! Freddo Frog)

  1. weez says:

    Bad Brendo. No Freddo.

  2. Brenton says:

    Case study on the reaction of the Jews and their Gentile slaves when presented with the truth.

    They insult, bully, falsely label, and try to silence anyone who dare speak[s] the truth about them.

    Stating such things as “the Jews were in fact victims to the Nazi’s” [no apostrophe] as they blindly accept the Jewish version of history.

    Calling this soft spoken and ultra polite gentleman a “Nazi”. Suggesting that he is “hateful” and turning things around and playing the ROLE of of the “victim” yet again.

    He stands in there though and does not cave in. Despite the fact that EVERYONE is rejecting the truth and insulting him the entire time. Like he pointed out, the more often people hear the truth, the more likely it is to finally stick. Eventually if they hear it from enough people they will no longer be able to reject it and will begin to look into things for themselves. At which point they will invariably come to realize the ONE and ONLY truth. They will be left wondering HOW it “escaped” them for so long.

    This man is leading by example. No need to scream, yell, and wear a “Nazi” uniform and no need for a crowd of supporters. Each and every one of us can do the same thing he did. Once a week. At one event. ONE by ONE we can enlighten people. Get them to start thinking for themselves and seeing the truth. Don’t wait for someone else to come along and save the day. DO YOUR PART and do it NOW!

  3. @ndy says:


    O’Connell appears to be convinced of the veracity of some very old lies (what you term ‘the truth’). In itself, this is not a crime. The crimes of which he has been accused relate to his behaviour. These charges are before the courts, and yet to be proven. His arrest on Monday, according to his supporters, may result in further charges being brought against him, relating (it appears) to some of his more recent, retarded outpourings, and his alleged interference with the police investigation. Again, I don’t claim to know the veracity of these accounts, or the exact nature of his (latest) charges: he is innocent unless and until proven guilty.

    Finally: I’ve not described O’Connell as a ‘Nazi’; his anti-Semitism seems to emerge from his subscription to some variant of Russian Orthodox belief. Naturally, his legal battles have brought him to the attention of neo-Nazis like Jim Perren, the ‘Australia First Party’, and various other cranks. Dr James Saleam, the leader of AF, came to understand that prancing about in a Nazi uniform was not a smart way to do politics, and abandoned his many years ago. Of course, that didn’t stop him — nor does it — from consorting with neo-Nazis, or from organising violent attacks upon his opposition.

    The moral of this story?

    It’s a funny old world.

  4. Brenton says:

    So I will point out the obvious here: IF this man was such a threat and was doing more than merely TALKING, then why has he not acted during the ENTIRE 10 years that they themselves claim he has been at it?

    It is obvious to me that this man posed no greater threat to them than his telling the plain and simple truth. BUT of course they need to LIE and claim that he posed an imminent threat on the “lives” of their poor little children, despite his NEVER harming a SOUL for 10 solid years! ALL he has done is spoke his mind and told the plain and simple truth about them, yet they have to portray him as some crazy, violent, and dangerous criminal in order to “justify” their CRIME against HIM for his merely speaking out on THEIR CRIMES against humanity.

  5. Brenton says:

    Well, we need to wash that right on out of our heads, now don’t we?

    I am not a “Nazi”, but neither are these Jews.

    Another thing I can point out as well. Brendon has bought into some of the Jewish BS himself. I heard him referring to Mike Delaney as a “White Supremacist” and that’s yet another example of a White man buying into the self hatred and false guilt that the Jew has forced on us, despite having the knowledge and insight to dismiss ALL other Jew lies. It amazes me just how thoroughly brainwashed so many White folks have become by this false guilt. Completely dismissing their own interests while condemning any of their fellow Whites that dare speak on an issue that specifically concerns them (such as immigration). Now I can’t comment on the specifics, but nothing that I have ever heard Mike say would lead me to the conclusion that he is a “White Supremacist”.

  6. Brenton says:

    ” O’Connell appears to be convinced of the veracity of some very old lies”

    There are no lies about it.

  7. Gaypers says:

    You’re such a Poof @ndy.

    BO’s a smelly Gentile anarchist,,,whereas you’re a Kosher Anarchist that belongs to that exclusive club of the singularly magnificent.

    Whereas the Gentile Anarchist doesn’t want to come out and play “Noachide”, the Kosher “Anarchist” is in the employ of the Rabbi, and wants to play with us whether we wants it or not.

    I’ve heard that slackbastard’s a bigender operation and that you’ve got a Girl there.

    I like Girls.

  8. @ndy says:

    Oh boy.

    I’ve got some live ones here.

  9. Lumpen says:

    It’s written in titanium, Andrew. You’ll only have your bigender operation (and a Girl) to comfort you now.
    Seriously. These dudes are giving Kinkyboy a run for his money.
    PS Poof. LOL.

  10. @ndy says:

    I’ll have you know that I belongs to that exclusive club of the singularly magnificent, and I wants to play with yous whether yous wants it or not.

    Actually, the Circle Jerks explain it best:

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