2013 WA state election : far left and right

Update : The Tories won. In Fremantle, SA candidate Sanna Andrew currently has 1.1% of the vote; in Perth, Farida Iqbal got 0.9% of the vote (155 votes), a few hundred less but a better percentage than she gained in 2007 in Fraser; and in Willagee, Sam Wainwright has received 2.1%.

The Tories are gonna win.


Socialist Alliance

SA are running three candidates: Sanna Andrew in Fremantle, Farida Iqbal in Perth and Sam Wainwright in Willagee.

One Nation


One Nation in WA, that is. Not to be confused with confused pensioners in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.

Australia First


In May 2009 Australa First Condemned Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemned Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution, but like the pensioners in ONP, the radical right-wing party don’t appear to be running any candidates this year.

Speaking of Brendon O’Connell, he ‘retired’ from politics late last year. As a result, a number of blogs — brendonoconnell.blogspot.com, brendonoconnellincarcerated.blogspot.com, www.brendonoconnellincarcerated2.blogspot.com — dedicated to supporting Brendon have been closed, though there are others documenting his titanic struggle.


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  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    I keep getting Brendon mixed up with the new Immigration Minister…

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