Brendon O’Connell has a fool for a client

Brendon O’Connell–slackbastard’s Tool of The Week for May 13, 2009–is finally having his day in court in Perth, WA. Some say O’Connell–who has stated, inter alia, that Judaism (or what he terms the Southern Judaic Death Cult) is “a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing”–is an anti-Semitic creep. Others (possibly less numerous than the first group) regard him as some kinda Volk hero: Adelaide-based Holocaust denialist Gerald Fredrick Töben, for example, has spoken out in defence of O’Connell.

Dr James Saleam’s Australia First Party (NSW) Inc.–which lost a recent court battle to gain access to membership dox belonging to the now-defunct Australia First Party Incorporated (‘AFP Inc’)–has declared that O’Connell is merely a Good and conscientious Xtian, engaged in little more than a spirited debate, his only crime being criticising Zionism. O’Connell’s prosecution for racial vilification, on the other hand, is “the very model of a KGB/Gestapo operation”; consequently, Saleam/Australia First Party (NSW) Inc. has called “on all patriots and advocates of freedom of speech to support Mr. O’Connell as best they can and in accordance with his wishes” (‘Australia First Condemns Western Australian Political Police Arrest Of Pro Palestinian Activist And Condemns Labor Party And Multicultural Industry Complicity In Thought Crime Prosecution’, May 15, 2009).

Mind you, Saleam/Australia First Party (NSW) Inc. also claimed that Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy‘s murder was the fault of the Victorian political police, and that in response the Party would demonstrate outside the Coronial inquest into his death.

See : Accused wants judge to face treason charge, Angie Raphael (AAP), January 17, 2011: “A man facing racial hatred charges has labelled a Perth trial a kangaroo court and told the presiding judge he should be facing treason charges.” Heated scenes at racial hatred trial, ABC, January 17, 2011.

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  2. modernity says:


    What is Brendon O’Connell’s background? Been looking around, but there’s not much.

    Was he simply a headbanger with a pet hatred for Jews? Or in any way, political?

    I’d welcome your view.

  3. Dr. Cam says:

    Russian Orthodox with a twist, if I recall.

  4. @ndy says:

    Or poss (ex-?) Catholic. I don’t know of any other political or religious commitments the guy has or had… and I’m not sure I could be arsed poring over his online stuff to determine it with any greater accuracy. I’m aware that he and/or his supporters has or have been engaged in some rather nasty online debates with other anti-Semites inre ‘who’s working for ZOG and only posing as a concerned Christian and who’s a genuine Believer’ and so on; he also has a particular concern over Israeli intelligence and technology being allowed to enter Australia and Australian markets and to subvert Our Democracy. What I think really distinguishes O’Connell from the rest of the mob is his fervency and his willingness to take it all the way (especially, as in the current case, by acting in his own defence). In this sense, he joins Volk like Töben. Fwiw, if his anti-Semitism may be considered religious in nature, he presents himself as a recent convert: ie, like other converts, he’s quite fanatical.

  5. inglourious_basterd says:

    Anti-semitism is not at all unknown in some of the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic churches, and also amongst conservative and traditionalist Catholics. If you can be bothered reading the SPX (Society of St Pius X) stuff it isn’t that far removed from the rants at Ratbag Towers.

    The Prods tend more towards Christian Zionism.

    I’d guess that Brendon may have had contact with a traditionalist/sede vacante sect. There is a whole nest of them in Queensland; no reason to think that WA isn’t contaminated with them as well.

  6. saint says:

    Brendon O’Connell is a mentally ill douchebag and doesn’t represent the views of the Catholic Church. According to the teachings of the Catholic Church the Virgin Mary was a Jew and so was her son Jesus.

  7. @ndy says:

    I agree that O’Connell does not represent the views of the Catholic Church on Jews (or on any other issue, for that matter), and certainly do not want to suggest otherwise. However, while the Catholic Church may teach that both Jesus and Mary were, inter alia, Jews, the history of the Church and its teachings on this subject are quite complex. In which context, Steven Katz is neat. Also, the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

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  9. Mary says:

    I know Brendon personally and find him to be a fine man. Contrary to popular belief, Brendon is not a racist.
    I have known Brendon for over ten years and know for a fact that he isn’t mentally ill and it’s funny someone should say that because he has helped me on many occasions with my personal problems, always there to talk to and counsel me when I needed it.
    I think it’s crazy that in this so called democracy we are not allowed to speak our mind. Coming from a mixed race background with the darker gene more dominant in my appearance, I have been exposed to countless attacks from racists. I never like what they said but I believe they have a right to say whatever they want without fear of breaking the law.

  10. @ndy says:

    In which case, I suppose that you may like to volunteer your services as a character witness when it comes time for Brendon to be sentenced.

  11. Kelly says:

    I do have to wonder whether Mr Peach & Mr Keyser are aware that Israel has been occupying another country for several decades?
    Having not seen the footage, I’d like to know if Brendan O’Connell actually attacked Judaism or Israel?

    From what I’ve read, Brendan O’Connell is anti-Semitic & I don’t believe that discriminating against someone because of their religion is right.
    I feel that ALL religions deserve to be persecuted equally!
    Almost every war has been fought in the name of – or under the guise of – religion.

    To hell with Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hindu, & every other mother-fucking religion under the sun! To hell with Misters O’connell, Peach, & Keyser, too.

  12. inglourious_basterd says:

    Just waiting for someone from O’ Connell’s fervent fan base to say

    Raymond Shaw Brendon O’ Connell is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

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