Darryl Potts : I’ve Got A Gun

From the Department of What could possibly go wrogn?:

‘White supremacist Darryl Potts wins right to handgun’ writes Joe Hildebrand in the Herald Sun (January 20, 2011). The story concerns an anti-Semite who works at Parliament House, and likes guns. It naturally put me in mind of the rabidly anti-Semitic troll ‘KinkyBoy’, whose four year long campaign to test my patience finally came to an end in February 2010. KinkyBoy’s last unexpurgated comment occurred in November 2009 as he expressed solidarity with Perth-based Jew hater Brendon O’Connell (currently on trial in Perth for racial vilification). Prior to this, in June 2009, KinkyBoy wrote:

Hey @ndy,

Could you have a word to your mate Douglas Kirsner of the BnaiBrith at Deakin Uni, the same one who “tutored” my Old Man [in] the Special High Intensity Training of the JEW ?

Could you ask him to keep his Mossad Minions, the Art Peddlars from slithering about my family residence and the offices of my employer ? What is it you weasels fear ?

Perhaps while your [sic] engaged in a Masonic Circle Jerk, or what ever it is that you lot do.

Let him know I’m no physical threat to them, but that they confirm with their actions every single accusation made against them.

Let him know I feel at peace, and unthreatened by them, because I come closer to truth and discovery of what they are with every slithering deed that they do.

All you Jews have got is gloating at your ascendancy over dead people. A true death cult as Brendon O’Connell has identified. I like to think I know a little about you [sic] how you work. If you can’t silence decent people, you kill them, ’cause it[‘]s all you’ve got.

You’re dishonorably, spiritually weak as Piss… Just like the notional Judas.

I wouldn’t put it past you lot to have millions of your own “JEWS” killed just to make manifest a prophecy of magnificence.


Apart from the sheer ferocity with which he projected his monomaniacal obsession with The Jew and the often amusing and idiosyncratic nature of his language (the anti-Semite’s answer to Mary Daly) what I found most interesting about KinkyBoy’s komments was their origin: the Department of Parliamentary Services in Canberra ( and Further, after being ushered off slackbastard, KinkyBoy took up residence at Australia First Party member Jim Perren‘s blog ‘Whitelaw Towers’. There he wrote in response to a post concerning the annual fascist gathering known as the Sydney Forum (June 2009) “I’ll tell you a bit about my experience with the “Anarchist”. I used to foist myself upon him as “KinkyBoy”…” Finally, Jim inadvertently outed KinkyBoy after complaining that his blog was receiving visits from Canberra (ie, ZOG) whenever he wrote about The Jew: which, truth be told, is more often than not.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  2. Lumpen says:

    Andrew Bolt also reckons it’s okay to give KinkyBoy a gun. Surely this will not come back to haunt him in any way.

  3. @ndy says:

    By “anti anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist” I believe Bolt means “an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist” (or possibly “an anti-anti anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist”).

    The “alleged” domestic incident Bolt refers to actually resulted in a “real” interim Domestic Violence Order (DVO), and it was on this basis that Potts’ firearms were initially seized by police (and his firearms licence was suspended), not on the basis of Potts’ views. Potts’ views–and mental health status–came into play when he successfully applied to have his firearms license returned to him.

    Full decision: Potts v Commissioner of Police, NSW Police Service [2010] NSWADT 311.

  4. @ndy says:

    [email protected]
    2007/11/29 at 9:31 am

    Bad WhiteBoys aren’t they ?

    Let’s have a look at the YidCore website.


    Apparently, “They tried to Kill us. They Failed. Let’s Eat”.

    Subliminally, “We want you to attempt to Kill us, but will ensure you Fail, Let’s Eat”, in celebration of the use of our much publicised “intelligence” used to goad others into playing the role of the murderous Goyisch Amelek in our irreligious diatribes.

    This from a people who would be first to whine that words turn into actions and then use the “law” and all its totalitarian instrumentalities to silence the opinions of others and then celebrate that freedom of speech does not include “hate” speech, but we should all have the courage to care for the inclusion of others as part of our exclusive religion that demands we remain a people apart who decide what is evil and what is good.

    Who’s the Sicko ?

    Clearly the Jew wants others to attempt to harm them if we are to believe their lie.

    Pathetic really isn’t it. These coffin riding “Atheist” Jews are really closet religious extremists bathing in the blood of their kin and smearing the perceptive faculties of those societies they infest with it also.

    The Jewish Memetic Symbiote encourages and even lusts that the Amelek (that’s all us non-Jews who won’t Kiss Kike Arse) kill its host, the “Jew”. It feeds on victimhood because it gives it the excuse it needs to make its killing of others a “moral” event. The Jew lusts to kill righteously and in ways that make him feel good about the job.

    More than any other, Jews have blood on their hands, and hatred of others in their cold hardened and jaundiced lying hearts.

    No person wise to Jewish duplicity would ever try to kill the Jew, for he, the Jew, is a “victim” of his Memetic Symbiote “G_d”, and the Symbiote knows that the death of each and every Jew is a profitable historical event to be celebrated in sacrificial terms and used to beat the other senseless and then to death with guilt.

    The Jew is not to be killed… EVER, despite the fact that we Goyim are constantly baited and goaded to perform such a heinous act so that we manifest as the stoopid Goyim. Numerous attempts have been made to separate the biological entity from its Talmudic Symbiote, by banning, burning and prohibiting the dissemination of the murderous memetic virus of Talmudic, narcissistic exclusivism.

    So to the Pharisees, your music is not far removed those you accuse, only much, much more devious and subtle. You abuse yourselves silly that the gullible Goyim are two dumb to penetrate your ruse. Your entire religion is framed in the “racist” terms that you accuse us of, and for this you have and will continue to be known as the existential manifestation of the Pharisaic Hypocrite.


    Perhaps even become a Gentile Jew ourselves.
    I’m a Jew [too] now. Can someone, perhaps G-d, rubberstamp the event please, or perhaps a transfusion of ontologically exceptional blood may be required to make it so in a racial sense.

    But if we were all Jews, who’d we goad into attempting to kill us ?

    And tell us please, where are the religious codes of the Amelek that demand they kill you? The Amelek, the Goyim and all other lesser beings exist only in your religious scribblings. You create the very things you must despise, and goad others into despising you, because, as Dr Inanity has opined before… You Jews are NUTS !!!!!!

  5. @ndy says:

    The issue would appear to be one of distinguishing between “political and religious views and opinions”, on the one hand, and those which may be read as evidence of an “unsound mind”, on the other. Thus:


    FIREARMS ACT 1996 – SECT 29
    General restrictions on issuing permits
    29 General restrictions on issuing permits

    (cf APMC 4 (a), 1990 Reg cl 16)

    (1) A permit must not be issued unless the Commissioner is satisfied that the applicant is a fit and proper person and can be trusted to have possession of firearms without danger to public safety or to the peace.

    (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), a permit must not be issued if the Commissioner has reasonable cause to believe that the applicant may not personally exercise continuous and responsible control over firearms because of:

    (a) the applicant’s way of living or domestic circumstances, or

    (b) any previous attempt by the applicant to commit suicide or cause a self-inflicted injury, or

    (c) the applicant’s intemperate habits or being of unsound mind.


    Obviously, the fact that holding some political or religious opinion causes offence to someone somewhere is not relevant to determining whether or not someone is of ‘sound mind’ (in fact, it’s practically impossible for someone not to cause ‘offence’ to someone somewhere by virtue of holding any particular view). The complicating factor in this case is that “Information available to this office indicates Darryl Decourcy Potts has expressed white supremacy (sic) and anti-Islamic views that have raised concerns regarding his mental health”. In this instance, the implication is that bearing ‘white supremacist’ or ‘anti-Islamic’ views, or some variant of them, qualifies someone to be considered as being of potentially unsound mind, and thus unfit to be issued with a permit to bear firearms.

  6. A Kink says:

    As much as you might like it to yo Plebian and Slumpen Poletariat, it won’t hoit nobody, who is a member of a church of which I am not.

    Doey Joey does not have shaved balls, he has absolutely none ! and would make a wonderful Kapo, as is his predisposition. The fear in Australia grows ever more palpable with each passing day… Why is it so. Judaism ? Perhaps.

  7. @ndy says:

    Or; Memo to Michael Danby, Mark Dreyfus & Josh Frydenberg: Take the Stairs.

  8. THR says:

    So basically, it’s Sigmund Freud’s fault?

  9. Piltdown says:

    Siggy has nothing to do with it. Surely it’s his mother’s fault.

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