Darryl Potts / KinkyBoy gets the KinkyBoot?

Oh dear.

Darryl Pottsaka “KinkyBoy” — has been thrust into the spotlight once again. Consequently, the crazed anti-Semite faces the sack from his job at Parliament House in Canberra: Parliament crackdown as white supremacist and Jewish hater Darryl Potts faces the sack (Joe Hildebrand, The Daily Telegraph, January 21, 2011).

Whether or not he’ll actually lose his job is an open question at this point.

As KinkyBoy, Darryl Potts made over 100 comments on my blog, almost all of which in some way express fear, hatred or contempt for Jews. According to Potts, his phobia has its origins in the supposed intervention into his family affairs of a Jewish psychoanalyst. Beyond that… Adelaide hip hop artiste Vents pretty much nailed it when he wrote “KinkyBoy, you are f*cked in the head, c*nt!!!”, but for anyone who remains unconvinced, the following is a sample of KinkyBoy’s prose.

We’re required by law to be “friendly” in all circumstances, and to play our role as stoopid “Goyim”. Pathetic really, to believe that the Jew feels Gentile daughters of others are born into a state of “filth”. ~ 2007/09/27 at 8:00 am

And you think I’m crazy for describing an interpretation of JewHiss activism based on observation. Ever consider that Jews are a pious coterie of collectively psychotic sociopaths? ~ 2007/10/23 at 3:18 pm

My distaste for all things JewHiss is the direct result of a psycho-analytical BnaiBrith Kike sticking his proboscis into the affairs of my family. ~ 2007/11/14 at 8:17 am

The defilement of innocence is a JewHiss imperative. ~ 2007/11/26 at 8:06 am

More than any other, Jews have blood on their hands, and hatred of others in their cold hardened and jaundiced lying hearts. ~ 2007/11/29 at 9:31 am

Recently in the AJN “Pre-eminent anti-Semitism expert Dr (Wow!!!) Gregg Rickman” was quoted as dissimulating through thin lips and sharp teeth with flickering tongue that:

“Education is so critical because kids are blank slates. When they’re five and six and seven years old… they are able to form opinions and if you can inform them of everyone’s need to be treated equally and fairly it’s so important not only for Jews but for Muslims, for anyone.”

What a lot of hypocritical Kosher GoatShite from this grubby little peddler of the profane.

He’s talking about Goy Kiddies here folks. Perhaps we should have open book tutorials on the Talmud for these innocents who are implied to be little “racists” in waiting.

What Ghoul Rickmann wants to do is have access to the mind of innocents legislatively enforced so that he can induct the innocent stealthfully into the Jew/Goy paradigm. Their preordained role is to provide a debased reference point, worshipful in obeisant respect for supposed Jewish magnificence.

Rickmann is a type of intellectual paedophile who derives a sense of pleasure and power from stealing the innocence from those which, as a “Jew”, he knows he can never have. ~ 2008/02/19 at 10:11 am

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Bonus Kinky!

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