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Brendon Lee O’Connell found guilty of racial hatred

Update, January 31, 2011. Brendon O’Connell has been sentenced to three years jail for his crimes. O’Connell has the distinction of being the first person to be successfully prosecuted under WA’s laws against racial and religious vilification, legislation introduced following … Continue reading

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Darryl Potts : I’ve Got A Gun

From the Department of What could possibly go wrogn?: ‘White supremacist Darryl Potts wins right to handgun’ writes Joe Hildebrand in the Herald Sun (January 20, 2011). The story concerns an anti-Semite who works at Parliament House, and likes guns. … Continue reading

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Political Views of Arizona Suspect Jared Lee Loughner Related to Third Position or National Anarchism?

From the Department of I only have my right arm! Ernesto Aguilar has had a crack at sorting out the bizarro views of alleged mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner. Ernesto (see below) reckons that Loughner’s political perspective may be in … Continue reading

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“I absolutely condemn the placement of this information on the WikiLeaks website – it’s a grossly irresponsible thing to do and an illegal thing to do.”

Update : D’oh! PM tanks at home, Shaun Carney, The Age, December 11, 2010. Assange arrested by UK police. What’s worse, this information is being mirrored on over 9,000 sites! Not. Happy. Julian.

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Neo-Nazi sites hacked… again!

A few daze ago, for the nth time in recent mths and yrs (see Moar secret neo-Nazi documents published // Redwatch Poland. Again. | David Irving : pwned | Blood & Honour hacked | Hal Turner: White supremacist / FBI … Continue reading

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Racist YouTube uploader goes to jail

Strewth. There are tens of thousands of explicitly racist videos on YouTube calling for RAHOWA! and other nonsense. I guess Gareth just got unlucky… Man jailed for posting racist video clips on YouTube BBC November 15, 2010 A man has … Continue reading

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Return of the Son of Kitler : Australia First Goes to the Polls

HEIL KITLER! The ‘Australia First Party’ may place last on the ballot, but in NSW it’s obviously hoping to replicate Bruce Preece‘s success in Adelaide, and (angrily) sneak onto local council. Thus at the forthcoming Hawkesbury City Council by-election (June … Continue reading

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“My thought is that while violence is always regrettable…”

In the context of a successful, and now several years old, community boycott of a formerly fascist-friendly Melbourne pub, (The Worst) Scabs Don’t Prosper… is a proposition that has provoked a good deal of ire, not least from ‘a concerned … Continue reading

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Meeting Nutters on the Internet / coughlan666

ok so why dose everyone think they have the right to bash someone for being a nazi / Is this some kind of gay-skin blog or what? Shut the fucking gates and breed our own. Anarchy is a fag! Clenched … Continue reading

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F*&^ Off, We’re Not Darrin Hodges

Update #2 : Sadly, ‘Cheeky Darrin’s Abandoned Warehouse of Hate’ has been abandoned. But in other news, the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ has been evicted from its premises on Facebook by a Monster named Nessie… or possibly a ‘Son of Rage’?! … Continue reading

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