t00t t00t! All Aboard The Australian Protectionist Party Failboat!

In bad news for Australian Protectionists, the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ has confirmed its reputation as the most pathetic party to be formally registered with the state. While boasting over 500 members and five years of political activity, just five people bothered to attend their anti-refugee rally in Sydney on Saturday. At first called in order to demand that the Australian government ‘Torpedo the boats’ carrying asylum seekers to Australia, a week before the rally the organising slogan was amended to ‘Torpedo the government boats policy’. The shift in rhetoric appears to have resulted from pressure applied by the party’s nominal leader Andrew Phillips; the failure of the rally, and the party generally, to have resulted in the resignation of de facto party leader Darrin Hodges (below right).

In good news for the APP and its supporters, no torpedoes were required in order to sink a boatload of asylum seekers just days prior to Saturday’s fail. Judging by the commentary on the now-deleted Facebook Events page for the rally, many champagne corks were popping at the news of the many dozens of men, women and children who appear to have drowned at the scene. In any case, the dumb, drunk and racist antics of the APP are further documented in ‘Episode Two’ of Joe Hildebrand’s Dumb, Drunk and Racist; some further consideration is given to the Australian government’s own role in failing to avert the disaster in Decency all at sea as another boatload sinks, Michael Bachelard, The Age, June 24, 2012.

See also : Anti-Immigration Party to March Against Refugee Welcome Rally, Nicholas Sauer, Tharunka, June 2012.

Australian Protectionist Party officially endorses mass murder of asylum seekers… or does it?

For those who’ve come across the sea
We’ve boundless plains to share

In one of the more bizarre chapters in the annals of local far-right politicking, in late May Darrin Hodges and Nicholas Hunter-Folkes — two of the leading, Sydney-based members of the NSW branch of the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ — declared on Facebook that they would be attempting to disrupt a gathering of people they described as ‘refugee lovers’ on World Refugee Day (Saturday, June 23). Bad enough, perhaps, that the pair and their handful of supporters might try to spoil an otherwise innocuous party. But Darrin and Nicholas decided to add further insult by declaring that, not only would they oppose attempts to welcome refugees to Australia, they would do so by organising a counter-rally, one which would publicly demand that the Australian government ‘Torpedo the boats’ upon which some asylum seekers have attempted to enter the country.

As well as possibly being contrary to state and federal laws regarding racial and religious vilification, this public demand for the mass murder of numerous men, women and children naturally attracted to the Facebook event page a range of quite sordid discussion regarding the allegedly sub-human characteristics of those seeking asylum in Australia, supplemented by dark mutterings regarding the traitorous elements deemed responsible for allowing some small fraction of refugees to find asylum on our shores. In the name of the APP, Darrin and Nicholas appealed to Facebook users to:

…come out in support of your future, your children’s future and your country and send the message to the refo huggers, Labor and the other socialist s-bend intellectuals, hand-wringers and assorted bed-wetters, that we don’t want their pets in our country:


Such brazen appeals to the murderous hatred some sociopaths feel for asylum seekers is rather disturbing if taken seriously, and so I was somewhat surprised to learn that Darrin and Nicholas claimed that the rally had actually been endorsed by their party. Oddly, the party’s official website [http://www.protectionist.net/], which is routinely used to publicise the party and its activities, contains no reference to the event. So I thought it would be wise to put it to the party via another mechanism: Twitter. The first response I received (June 9) denied that the party endorsed the rally:

Perplexed — after all, both claims (the rally has been endorsed by the APP/the rally has not been endorsed by the APP) could not be correct — I again asked Darrin if the ‘Torpedo The Boats’ rally had received his party’s support, adding that I’d received a denial via the party’s Twitter account. Again, Darrin replied in the affirmative. And so I again put it to the party that somebody was lying. The response I received (June 13) again contradicted Darrin, the party denying any official endorsement.

Apart from having clarified the fact that, while APP National Chairman Andrew Phillips endorses the contents of a Twitter account he does not in fact read, the back-and-forth between the party and its two leading members suggests that the APP is in reality divided on the subject of the mass murder of asylum seekers. Further, that the possibility of anybody taking the party seriously is almost zero while it maintains such a bizarre and frankly psychotic public image. Finally, that while Darrin’s political career first came to the attention of the public via his participation in White supremacist forum Stormfront, it’s fitting that it should end, at least for the time being, in further appeals for political violence. Over six years ago, following the Cronulla riots, Joe Hildebrand (White supremacists casting a black cloud’, The Daily Telegraph, December 20, 2005) wrote:

Via a series of electronic footprints, anti-Nazi campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau has linked [Stormfront user] “Infidel” to Engadine local Darrin Hodges.

Hodges, who runs a website for a sex toy distributor, yesterday admitted to being a member of the racist Australia First Party but denied being a member of any white nationalist groups or a contributor to Stormfront.

His alleged alter ego is not so shy.

“Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” he wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots.

Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”.

Infidel also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which Henderson-Hau believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla.

Posted on Saturday, it had been downloaded around 400 times by yesterday afternoon.

It follows an earlier video credited to “White Nationalist TV” and dubbed “The Battle For Cronulla”, which was released on the Stormfront website on the night of the riots and has since been downloaded 1700 times.

After several minutes of footage showing skinheads emblazoned with the iron cross and three-bladed swastika taking part in the Cronulla “gathering”, the video finishes with the words “Not white, not welcome in Cronulla”.

If there was any doubt as to what Infidel and his ilk stand for, consider one of his earlier posts on Stormfront in which he states: “I’m more interested in the purer form of fascism… and while I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘worship Hitler’ thing, his comments on multiculturalism and politics in general are still just as relevant today as they were 70-odd years ago.”

See also : Oh, Darrin! (2008 profile on Hodges by English blogger Denise G) | Your Mission Australia, if you choose to accept it, is: Torpedo the Boats! (June 6, 2012).

Your Mission Australia, if you choose to accept it, is: Torpedo the Boats!

Further Update (June 13): On Facebook, rally organiser Darrin Hodges claims that the event is officially endorsed by the APP, making its National Chairman, Andrew Phillips, a liar (below).

Update: The APP has denied endorsing Darrin and Nicholas’ protest, as well as the effects of torpedoing boats.


Credit where it’s due: the two leading members of the Sydney-based ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ — Darrin Hodges and Nicholas Hunter-Folkes — have seized upon one of the latest controversies surrounding “Smugglers’ Paradise – Australia” and declared that on Saturday, June 23, they’ll be rallying Australians to demand that the government

Torpedo the boats!

The dynamic duo’s publicity stunt feeds on the publicity stunt spearheaded by ‘Mission Australia’, which has declared June 23 to be a Day upon which Australians should assemble and declare ‘Welcome to Australia’. Their Mission in this instance is

Cultivating a culture of welcome in Australia. Providing practical opportunities for everyday Aussies to give asylum seekers, refugees and other new arrivals a warm, positive and dignified welcome to Australia. Obtaining millions in government subsidies for tax-exempt religious institutions to micro-discipline the poor…

Formed by disgruntled former Australia First party members, disillusioned Tories and those seeking to emulate the once-successful BNP, the microscopic forces of the APP have two main selling points: hatred of Muslims and hatred of refugees. Included among its recruits (of which, at least on paper, there are over 500) is Joel Buckley. Joel is (or was) a very proud member of the Australian Navy, and would presumably be appointed captain of whichever Acheron-class torpedo boat the Australian government assigns the APP should its campaign succeed. Also certain to be there on The Day is Martin Fletcher, whose re-publication of the video game Muslim Massacre and the board game Cronulla 2230 (as well as Nazi cartoons) was indeed memorable but since supplemented by Darrin Hodge’s Refo Invaders.

Silly games aside, since its establishment in 2007, the APP’s success has been severely limited, partly because of the calibre of their cadre, mostly because xenophobia is an over-saturated market. Thus voting tallies have been feeble and public support minimal. Where the APP have been able to assemble more than a handful of (radically inarticulate) dissidents, it’s been because of a temporary alliance with similarly microscopic groups such as the quasi-mythical ‘Australian Defence League’. In summary, I haven’t been paying much attention to the antics of the APP of late: they’re non-existent in Melbourne, and elsewhere there’s been little activity of real interest to comment on. (Well, until now.) That said, the observations I made about them (and their rivals in AF) back in February still seem accurate, and unless a local mentalist commits an atrocity, I can’t see much changing.

In any event, the Facebook page promoting the mass murder of asylum seekers is Troll City, so as Rambo might say, go for it.

Australia First ~versus~ Australian Protectionist Parties: Sutherland Shire

It’s history in the making as Australia’s two premier White nationalist political parties go head-to-head for the first time ever, in a ding-dong battle for the much-coveted ‘Ward D’ seat on the Sutherland Shire Council. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they have prepared political programs never tasted before.* And if ever a challenger wins over the Establishment, he or she will gain the people’s ovation and fame forever. Every battle, reputations are on the line in Sutherland Shire, where master tacticians pit their political creations against each other. What inspiration did yesterday’s challenger bring? And how will the Political Establishment fight back? The heat will be on!

Who takes it? Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

At this stage it appears that the honour goes to…

The Australia First Party!

Full results are available here, but in brief, Darrin Hodges (APP) got a total of 584 votes (2.5%), while Matt Hodgson (AF) got 931 votes (4.0%).

Congratulations to Matt and to Australia First.

For Hodges, the good news is that this is an improvement upon his previous effort: standing for the same seat in 2008, he received just 333 votes (2%). Further, as in 2008, in 2010 Hodges was unable to capitalise upon having the name of his party on the ballot.

(Oh, and the actual winner was some other bloke.)

Australia First vs. Australian Protectionist Parties (Sutherland Shire)

Above : Darrin Hodges as a member of the fascist ‘black bloc’ which assembled in Sydney on September 8, 2007 under the banner of the ‘New Right’ and under the leadership of Welf Herfurth; Herfurth has since gone on to lead the neo-Nazi skinhead group Volksfront.

The 2010 Sutherland Shire Council D Ward By-Election is almost upon us, and its proximity is making the thousands of citizens clustered around Engadine giddy with excitement. Scheduled for Saturday October 16, the By-Election has been called following the press-ganging of Liberal member David Redmond. Just 25km south of the CBD and only 20 minutes from Sydney Airport, “The Shire” as the area is affectionately known, delivers all the best Sydney has to offer: famous beaches; iconic waterways; rich bushland and memorable experiences.

Like being hit over the head by a drunken racist.

There are eight candidates jostling to take Redmond’s place, but only one is protecting Australia from The Asian Invasion, Lebs and/or Mooselems, porno shops and refugees while the other is putting White Australians first — ahead of Asians, blacks, Jews, and the forces of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism. The first aspiring Philosopher King is named Darrin Hodges (44) of the Australian Protectionist Party; the second is Matt Hodgson (35) of the Australia First Party.

This is Hodge’s second tilt at a seat in Sutherland. In 2008, he got 333 votes of approval for his efforts — about 2% of the total. In August, he asked the people of NSW to make he and and Nick Folkes Federal Senators, and to thereby help protect Australia from Communists, Islam, Greens, Muslims, homosexuals, followers of Muhammad and the Australia First Party. They got 1,844 votes (0.05%) for their efforts.