Reverse Racism on Today Tonight

See also : F___ Off I’m On Today Tonight! Or: Reverse racism. (February 16, 2010) | Too late for Labour to stop the BNP, IWCA, February 4, 2010: “New Labour’s sudden concern for the wellbeing of the ‘white working class’ is a product solely of the threat they feel from the BNP. Aside from its cynicism, this move is too little, too late. New Labour made the conscious choice to turn its back on the working class once and for all in 1994. They have sowed the wind, now they will reap the whirlwind…”

Oddly, bizarrely even, presenter Matthew White concludes David Eccleston’s report by saying “if you’d like some more information or you’d like to lodge a complaint you’ll find the relevant details on our website”. And on the website are links to a page on ‘Race Discrimination’ and ‘Lodging your complaint’ on The Australian Human Rights Commission site, a link to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (which the brains at TT have presumably confused with the CFMEU), and finally to the Australian Protectionist Party.

Speaking of the APP, and Hodges, he has some cross words for local terrorist Muslim Nazeem Hussain (Nazeem Hussain’s Jihad against white Australians., The Infidel Diaries, February 14, 2010) after Hussain declared a jihad! against White Australians, aka his authorship of an article (True colours, On Line Opinion, February 11, 2010) on the whiteness of commercial TV:

It was not until I returned from a trip to Europe that it dawned on me how white Australian television actually is. It’s an arduous task for me to recall five people on Australian television who are not white. The only people that come to mind are a couple of SBS news readers, and the guy who played the demeaning role of Bingo Commissioner with a ridiculous feigned Indian accent on the failed series of Sunday Night Bingo. Oh … and there are brown people on community TV, if you have reception…

See also : Whitewashing TV’s picture, The Age, March 13, 2008: “Anglocentric programming does not reflect the real Australia, Leah Vandenberg tells Greg Hassall.” | The Half a Billion Boo-boo, Media Watch, ABC, June 11, 2007.

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11 Responses to Reverse Racism on Today Tonight

  1. Ana says:

    Far out where is that union official’s head at, instead of attacking migrants why isn’t he having a go at the employers & companies?

  2. Bogan Josh says:

    God Damn, Janice Petersen is the dead set hottest woman on TV!!

  3. Ziggii says:

    i think every culture has racism people but ive been to job interview where everyone thats working their is australian and i havent got the job can only think its because im muslim i would love to see someone give me a job for my skills not my religion and background

  4. Vincent says:

    I haven’t seen the show (haven’t watched the link provided… yet) but I read the comments.

    All I want to say is that whilst this “reverse racism” can be talked about by the sensationalist media in order to stir and while it too often ends up being advertising for the far right, it “sort of” exists.

    I said “sort of” because I don’t like the term “reverse racism”. It IS racism. It isn’t “reverse”. It is just too often forgotten by the Left at large that racism isn’t just “white people against others”. There IS racism of Indians against other minorities or against europeans, of Africans against other minorities or against europeans, and so on.

    Racism is racism is racism.

    They should all be denounced and fought against.

    Also, it IS facts that islamists are a growing danger in our societies and in the whole world. The greatest danger in my opinion.

    And I accuse Muslims of not being outspoken enough against Islamists.

    Voila, my 2 cents…

  5. Fascist Troll says:

    I support the Anarchist’s right to free speech, why do they not support mine?

    And how would a positive reception towards white nationalism from the community hurt your idea of a evolutionary change?

  6. Fascist Troll says:

    No answer?

  7. DJ Kilo says:

    i live in america, i HAD rights, until the patriot act…guess ur better off in other countries…btw TROLL read ur comments about ian stuart, just wondering…how does [it] feel to be an incest baby?

  8. david cuthbert says:

    australia was settled as a christian country. we welcomed people from all over the world. a lot didn’t assimilate into the wider community, but they accepted our laws. these muslim groups don’t want that freedom for everyone. by trying to introduce their sharia law which is a joke as women under sharia law have no rights. if they do not want or accept our laws then they should leave and go where they have these laws which discriminate against the sexes. i am not racist but the attitudes of this group of society has no place in australia.

  9. Doug says:

    Insular communities are not a threat, tribalism is healthy human behaviour, normal people seek out the society of their own kind.
    Assimilation is the cause of friction between Muslims and Ethnic White Australians, it’s a policy pursued by deviants in the Elite groups who’ve installed themselves as our “Rulers”.
    These Elites operate their empires using ethnic conflict and scarcity (debt) as methods of control.

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