F___ Off I’m On Today Tonight! Or: Reverse racism.

Pauline Hanson is fleeing to the UK.

It’s disappointing, says The Mad Monk.


Meanwhile, Walkley Award-winning former ‘A Current Affair’ turned ‘Today Tonight’ hack David Eccleston has located former meatworker Craig Whitney, CFMEU NSW Secretary Andrew Ferguson, Australian Protectionist Party spokesperson Darrin Hodges and Race Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes to provide the over-60s with soundbites on racism — in reverse.

Note that while Pauline ran a fush ‘n’ chup shop prior to landing in Parliament, Darrin was (is?) an online filthmonger.

Reverse racism
Today Tonight
Reporter: David Eccleston
Broadcast Date: February 16, 2010
Reverse racism. What is it and are you a victim of it?

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Drink spiking
Today Tonight
Reporter: David Eccleston
Broadcast Date: September 9, 2009
Drink spiking. What is it and are you a victim of it?

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