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Labour exploitation? No, it’s Asians taking Aussie jobs (and strawberries)

Frances Simmons and Brynn O’Brien work at the Anti-Slavery Project at the University of Technology Sydney, a specialist legal service for trafficked and exploited people. Referring to an upcoming episode of Today Tonight, they reckon it’s troubling that abuse of … Continue reading

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Leave Tim Noonan alone!

Now that Walkley Award winning journalist Martin King has swapped television for radio, his place in my ♥ has been taken by Walkley Award winning journalist Tim Noonan. Tim is a fearless independent documentary filmmaker, whose enormous and possibly unique … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to…

…the man accused of punching Today Tonight‘s Damien Hansen in the face? The Courier Mail reported that he was due to stand trial in January 2010 (Man to face trial after bashing Today Tonight reporter, August 23, 2009). ‘Police say … Continue reading

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Reverse racism?msicar esreveR

From the Department of “What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week (Which Can Be Interpreted As A Form Of Critical Intertextuality)?”: On Tuesday’s edition of tabloid current affairs TV show Today Tonight, David Eccleston filed a report on … Continue reading

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Reverse Racism on Today Tonight

See also : F___ Off I’m On Today Tonight! Or: Reverse racism. (February 16, 2010) | Too late for Labour to stop the BNP, IWCA, February 4, 2010: “New Labour’s sudden concern for the wellbeing of the ‘white working class’ … Continue reading

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F___ Off I’m On Today Tonight! Or: Reverse racism.

Pauline Hanson is fleeing to the UK. It’s disappointing, says The Mad Monk. LOL. Meanwhile, Walkley Award-winning former ‘A Current Affair’ turned ‘Today Tonight’ hack David Eccleston has located former meatworker Craig Whitney, CFMEU NSW Secretary Andrew Ferguson, Australian Protectionist … Continue reading

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Justin Sheridan : Australian of the Year

Huh. It’s been a while since tabloid TV done a hatchet job on teh unemployed. (Well, probably not, but not that I’ve noticed, anyway.) Last night, Frontline Today Tonight aired a segment devoted to Justin Sheridan, a 36-year-old bloke from … Continue reading

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