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The SUWA Show, Friday, October 24, 2014 : Australian Unemployment Union + #Kobanê

On this month’s edition of Floating Anarchy (The SUWA Show), Dr Cam and I talk to Owen Bennett about the recently-established Australian Unemployment Union and to Rafael Taylor about the situation in Kobanê and the Rojava revolution. Tune in this … Continue reading

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Jesus Goes To Centrelink

Plan A: “Coalition’s Speaker’s Notes”, July 1, 2012 (PDF, p.4): 3. We have introduced a four point plan to boost workforce participation that will significantly increase the numbers of workers and dramatically increase the strength of the Australian economy: • … Continue reading

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The Dole Army : “If it wasn’t real, it would almost be comical.”

LOL. “In fact, the legend of the Dole Army owes much to a new form of protest sweeping the world called culture jamming. It’s closely linked to the anti-globalisation and anti-capitalist protests we’ve seen in cities around the world in … Continue reading

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How to Make Trouble… // The Dole Army

Sarah is 29 and homeless. She lives on welfare. When she is not on the streets she is in rooming houses. At the moment she pays $160 a week for a single room in a house in the suburbs of … Continue reading

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Justin Sheridan : Australian of the Year

Huh. It’s been a while since tabloid TV done a hatchet job on teh unemployed. (Well, probably not, but not that I’ve noticed, anyway.) Last night, Frontline Today Tonight aired a segment devoted to Justin Sheridan, a 36-year-old bloke from … Continue reading

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