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Justin Sheridan on Media Watch

ABC1: Monday 9:20pm; repeated Wednesday morning 12:25am. See also : Justin Sheridan in Canberra // Justin Sheridan : Australian of the Year.

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Justin Sheridan in Canberra

Tim Noonan of Today Tonight has struck a real blow for justice with his earlier report on Justin Sheridan, an unemployed man from Byron Bay. Such is the seriousness of Noonan’s crusading act of investigative journalism, questions have been raised … Continue reading

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Justin Sheridan : Australian of the Year

Huh. It’s been a while since tabloid TV done a hatchet job on teh unemployed. (Well, probably not, but not that I’ve noticed, anyway.) Last night, Frontline Today Tonight aired a segment devoted to Justin Sheridan, a 36-year-old bloke from … Continue reading

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